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  1. 1. Santhosh M P Mobile: +91 8892947838 E-mail: SUMMARY An ambitious and results-driven individual with strong academics combined with real world business experience and a diverse background of extra-curricular activities and interests. Possess strong leadership skills along with the ability to deal creatively and practically with legal problems/issues and interact effectively with colleagues and clients. PROFILE SYNOPSIS  A professional with 2.5 years of experience as Systems Engineer.  2+ years of experience on Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP .Net, MVC5, C#.  Knowledge on PhoneGAP, SenchaTouch and jQuery Mobile.  A sense of urgency, commitment and focus on the right priorities to develop solutions in a timely fashion with good quality.  An effective communicator with technical, reasoning and analytical skills. EXPERIENCE 1. MERCK [June’16 – Present] This project is about implementation of 30+ individual reusable & responsive components using angular js and bootstrap. These components were used in combination to create more than 200 sites. Each component can be controlled by content editors by using configurable properties. Technologies/Tools used: Angular JS, HTML5, SAAS, CSS3, bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AEM, SVN. Key roles:  Extensive use of Angular JS in building web components.  Requirement analysis based on Business Requirement document.  Sprint planning, Effort estimation and work allocation.  Creating css framework and development guidelines.  Implementation of Google Analytics.  Worked on enhancing performance of the site.  Peer code review.
  2. 2. 2. SunTrust [October’15 – JUNE’16] This is a responsive intranet website developed for the American banking giants SunTrust. This project involved implementation of various controls/widgets such as news, discussion boards, company announcements etc. using angular JS. Technologies/Tools used: Angular JS, HTML5, SAAS, CSS3, bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery. Key roles:  Requirement Analysis based on Business Requirement document.  Sprint plan based of project timelines.  Development of webpages.  Peer code review.  Design document creation. 3. METROLINX [Jan’15 – October’15] This is a responsive website created for a Canadian Metro - UPExpress. It’s a dynamic site with real time features such as train schedules and ticket bookings. Efficient data caching system is implemented to handle real time data and to enhance the server utilization. Technologies/Tools used: HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP .Net, MVC5, C#, Photoshop, Visual Studio. Key roles:  Creating responsive webpages.  Preparing Style guide using photoshop.  Creating Single page application to deploy content package to server.  Implementation of Redis distributed Caching mechanism to handle real time data and efficient server utilization.  Revamping peer code post review comments. 4. NURESKIN [October’14 – December’14] This project involved rebranding of an existing website to make it responsive and enhance the performance of the site. This website is implemented for Northeast utilities which maintains agency details and customer profiles to track personal usage. Technologies/Tools used: Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Visual Studio, Photoshop
  3. 3. Key roles:  Creating webpages as per designs.  Implementation of Google Analytics.  Deploying code packages to IIS.  Preparing style guide for page as per design. TRAINING Infosys [June 14 – October 14]  Grasped understating on Software Engineering and SDLC, basic OOP concepts  Trained on Web development technologies.  Trained on Hybrid mobile app technologies such as PhoneGAP, SenchaTouch. EDUCATION BE – Computer Science [June 14] with an aggregate of 72% PUC – PCME [2010] with 86% 10th – CBCE [2008] with 85.2% EXTRA CURRICULAR / PERSONAL INTERESTS  Organizing events and involving in social cause activities at Organization.  Participated in Football, Cricket and Table Tennis for Organization and clubs.  Volunteer for fests at college and organizations. I hereby affirm that the information provided above is true and correct. Santhosh MP