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Hell yeah, it’s rocket science! @RSE11


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Karsten Becker at Raum Schiff Erde 2011. The Part-Time Scientists are a bunch of guys who are working on accomplishing an unmanned mission to the moon.
As an official team on the Google Lunar X-Prize, we're going to send a rover to the moon and transmit HD images and videos back to earth. In the past 18 months, we have built several rover prototypes, some of which are already able to drive. We do rocket science, and we love it!

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Hell yeah, it’s rocket science! @RSE11

  1. 1. • Team Edison2 won the $5 million Mainstream competition with its four- passenger Very Light Car, obtaining 102.5 MPGe running on E85 fuel.• Team Li-Ion Motors won the $2.5 million Alternative Side-by-Side competition with their aerodynamic Wave-II electric vehicle achieving 187 MPGe.• Team X-Tracer Switzerland won the $2.5 million Alternative Tandem competition with their 205.3 MPGe faired electric motorcycle.
  2. 2. • $10 Mio USD until 4.10.2013
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