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Artist in Transit @RSE11


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by Benjamin Rabe and Jan Krutisch at 2011.
With the advent of powerful and tangible computers at the size of a mobile phone, creatives all over the world have started to use their in-between-time to create paintings, music and movies while commuting. they steady moments while in motion, thus defining a new form of urban mobile art. art created like that has made in into worldwide art shows and music channels so far. we will try and shed a light on this new way of creating in-between.

Published in: Design
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Artist in Transit @RSE11

  1. 1. <artist> in <transit>
  2. 2. 656.000.000
  3. 3. What do they do?  
  4. 4. Nothing  
  5. 5. Sleeping  
  6. 6. Reading(mostly papers nobody would admit  to read in public)
  7. 7. Listening (on headphones, if they are not confused teenagers with no sense  for bass)
  8. 8. Talking  
  9. 9. Nothing  
  10. 10. Consuming  
  11. 11. Lets see if we canchange that...  
  12. 12. In Trạn•sit;In the process ofbeing transported. Matts art:
  13. 13. Art by Matthew Watkins:
  14. 14. Stef Kardos paints on the way home. Stefs art:
  15. 15. Matthew Seydel Connors paints on the subway. Matts art:
  16. 16. Mia Robinson paints on the metro. Mias art:
  17. 17. Pat Villarroel paints during the breaks. Pats art:
  18. 18. Genre art?The idle servant by Maes 1634-1693, Nicolaes, Netherlands. Diego Velázquez: Old Woman frying eggs,ca.1618 at the National Gallery of  Scotland,Edinburgh. Genre works, also called genre scenes or genre views, are pictorial representations in any of various media that represent scenes or events from everyday life, such as markets, domestic settings, interiors, parties, inn scenes, and street scenes. (
  19. 19. street art?
  20. 20. What about music?  
  21. 21.   
  22. 22. Pocket studio  
  23. 23.   
  24. 24.   
  25. 25.   
  26. 26.   
  27. 27. One more thing  
  28. 28. <artist> in <transit>by @benjaminrabe & Jan Krutisch @halfbyte Raum Schiff Erde, Hamburg 2011