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Rebooting @RSE10


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Rebooting @RSE10

  1. 1. Reboot’ing THOMAS MADSEN-MYGDAL · @mygdal ·
  2. 2. Iptv Newmedia Interactive Digital Marketing E-commerce Digital consumer eGovernment
  3. 3. ABUNDANCE OF CULTURAL PARADIGM SHIFTS Industrialization Knowledge Static Dynamic Rational Human Mass media Masses of Media Consumer Participant Manipulation Relation Messages Storytelling Objective Subjective Control Trust Professionel Amateur Production Creation SOCIALSQUARE, 2006
  4. 4. WHAT WE REALLY ARE DOING Reboot’ing
  5. 5. RENAISSANCE; Reinvention of old concepts in a new context
  6. 6. Nothing is new, everything is new (actually, the context is new, our objectives and actions are the same)
  7. 7. MY ENLIGHTMENT Things need to really crash before we reboot them
  8. 8. OUR PROBLEM We need to reboot everything!
  9. 9. HUMAN
  10. 10. SOCIAL DESIGN organizing conversations sharing identity object flow reputation presence relations thomas madsen-mygdal, 2007 based on work by webb/butterfield
  12. 12. OPEN
  13. 13. “MYGDAL’S LAW” CLOSED BY DEFAULT open as the extra-ordinary decision
  14. 14. “MYGDAL’S LAW” OPEN BY DEFAULT closed as the extra-ordinary decision
  15. 15. THE PARTICIPATORY CULTURE 100+ million blogs 50+ million photosharers millions of podcasters millions of videbloggers millions of filesharers millions of recipe sharers millions of contact sharers millions of acticity sharers millions of wikipedia contributors
  16. 16. TRUST
  17. 17. "If you prevent people from doing bad things, you prevent them from doing good things, and it eliminates opportunities for trust." JIMMY WALES, WIKIPEDIA
  18. 18. FREE
  19. 19. ACTION
  20. 20. practical visionaries
  21. 21. BOOTSTRAP
  22. 22. COMMITMENT wikipedia contributors july 2001 to june 2006
  23. 23. Reboot Everything! across all of your life, living, work, community, country. it’s all we can do.