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My Virtual Identity


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short note at UX Roundtable Hamburg, April 2010

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My Virtual Identity

  1. 1. My Virtual Identity uxHH Roundtable • April 2010 Matthias Müller-Prove
  2. 2. Diskussion
  3. 3. since August 2000
  4. 4. Informations- Klempnerei
  5. 5. blog 1 blog 2 blog 3 ••• Y! pipe feedburner javascript target page
  6. 6. twitter raumschiff mprove UXForum uxhh hiforum erde Xing Desktop UXForum My Profile uxHH HIFourm reboot virtualization my Xing [uxHH] [HIForum] articles /yahoo Mail mprove LinkedIn .tumblr redirect profile Y! pipe blogspot virtual UX interface- ux hci-design uxooo metascript hiforum-ev culture management Strato raum schiff IxDA HH facebook naymz friendfeed .ning
  7. 7. My Home
  8. 8. …