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Chronoscope Hamburg

Historical maps of Hamburg are warped on top of google maps. The project is a website and an iPhone/iPad webapp for Coding Da Vinci Nord 2016.

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Chronoscope Hamburg

  1. 1. Chronoscope Hamburg Matthias Müller-Prove ❊ Experience & Interaction Design Historische Hamburg- und Elb-Karten 803 - 1939 ≈ cc by 4.0 Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky
  2. 2. 1730
  3. 3. 18031694 1867 1905
  4. 4. Chronoscope Hamburg
  5. 5. License: cc-by-nc 4.0 Matthias Müller-Prove mprove experience+interaction design≈ Chronoscope Hamburg: Weitere Präsentationen≈ twitter: @mprove