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IxDA Hamburg Kickoff (part 1)

  1. IxDA Hamburg kick-off • 12-July-2010
  2. Test Question I do not have all colors. I am color-blind. It’ too hot. s I do not want to be photographed.
  3. Test Question
  4. Where do you come from? Hamburg Germany, other than Hamburg Europe, other than Germany Solar System, other than
  5. Where do you come from?
  6. Education Design, Graphic, Art, … Information Science, technical, … Social Science, psychology, … University of Live
  7. Education
  8. What’ on your business card? s Usability Design Information User Experience
  9. What’ on your business card? s
  10. What should be on your business card? CEO Superhero Guru Enlightened
  11. What should be on your business card?
  12. Size of your Enterprise Freelance Small & medium sized company Large corporation Student
  13. Size of your Enterprise
  14. Focus of Work Mobile and Apps Web-Design Real Machines & Tools Desktop - Mac/Win/Linux
  15. Focus of Work
  16. Tools Flow Charts Wireframes Mockups All of the Above
  17. Tools
  18. Community uxHH – UX Roundtable & UX Bookclub UPA – usability professional assoc. User Experience Forum @ Xing IxDA Discuss
  19. Community
  20. Feedback Cool! Fun session so far Yeah! But I am still color-blind. OK. But now we want to see Birgit. Lame. I wish I’ be sitting at the door. d
  21. Feedback
  22. Matthias Müller-Prove, 2010. Idea: Ole Qvist-Sørensen, reboot11, 2009. http:/ / IxDA Hamburg: http:/ /