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iPhone Treemo Labs

  1. 1. My iPhone Application Developer Proposal Presented by: TreemoLabs.com *Apple Reports 100 Million iPhone App Downloads In 45 Days
  2. 2. US iPhone Subscriber Growth
  3. 3. US iPhone Race/Ethnicity & HHI
  4. 4. About Treemo Labs Treemo Labs has enabled the following brands with social media solutions… What Is The Treemo Core? Treemo is a Real-Time Social Media Platform dedicated to sharing digital media seamlessly across Web and Mobile. Stand-out Projects: www.Seelebrity.com www.CBSEyeMobile.com Solutions: www.TreemoLabs.com/solutions Clients: www.TreemoLabs.com/clients
  5. 5. iPhone App Standard Features & Functions • Contribute: Photo, Text • Consume: Photo, Video, Audio, Text • Register • Account Profile *Editable • Opt-in for Additional Communications such as Mobile Alerts & Email Blasts • Share Media • Share Profile • Subscribe to Interested Profile for Instant Content Updates • Rate Content • Commenting • Location Tagging • Keyword Tagging • Supports both Professional & UGC Submissions • Integrated Advertising
  6. 6. Example: CBS EyeMobile Mashable’s Top 20 Key Events in 2008 http://mashable.com/2008/12/06/2008-year-end- review/ Citizen Journalism #5 - While citizen journalism has been around for a while now, it really took off with the introduction of services such as CNN's iReport and CBS EyeMobile showing up on the iPhone. Even Twitter turned into a bit of an ad hoc citizen journalism network as users broke stories the second they happened.
  7. 7. Example: Seelebrity Online Members within your community can publish, share & rate personal photos, videos, and text within their iPhone.
  8. 8. Example: Seelebrity iTunes App Store Profile
  9. 9. Application Consumer Models • Download for a fee • Free download w/ad support • Free download w/o ad support (Apvertorial) Apple Reports 100 Million iPhone App Downloads In Past 45 Days iPhone users continue to gobble up apps at a rapid clip. They’ve downloaded a whopping 100 million applications from Apple’s app store in the past 45 days, according to splashy ads that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) ran in both the New York Times (NYSE: NYT) and Wall Street Journal today. The full-page ads, which promote a number of new games and applications, say there are now 10,000 apps available, and that the company has hit a total of 300 million downloads. That means since July 11, when the store opened, Apple has averaged nearly 2.1 million downloads and 69 new apps a day. Of course, it’s worth noting that some of these applications are free—it’s unclear exactly how many of the 10,000 Apple charges for. Apple last provided figures on Oct. 21 during the company’s earnings report. At that time, it said it had 200 million downloads and 5,500 Apps. Since then, the number of apps has jumped by 45 percent, while downloads grew by 50 percent. The store has grown significantly since launching July 11. Initially, it had 500 Apps; within three days, there were 800 apps and 10 million downloads.
  10. 10. Service Value • Environment Setup • Artwork Integration • Campaign Suggestions & Support • Account Management & Maintenance • Hosting & Data Transfer • Monthly Reporting Total Service Value: iPhone applications average anywhere between $10k – 50k setup (varies based on requirements) + a recurring rev model (ad share, purchase share or CPD) to cover hosting, data transfer, account maintenance, management & reporting. *Please contact for a custom quote
  11. 11. Thank You & Next Steps Thank You for Your Time & Consideration Contact for Questions, Comments & Next Steps Lori Hamilton, Director Marketing Lori@TreemoLabs.com // 310.871.7699 Jeff Yee, COO Jeff@TreemoLabs.com // 206.297.0370 Brent Brookler, CEO Brent@TreemoLabs.com // 206.297.0370