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Business Meeting? Beam Me Up The Future of B2B Marketing


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Business Meeting? Beam Me Up Scotty!
Gini Dietrich
CEO at Arment Dietrich
#MPB2B Presentation:
10 Search Social Media Tactics to
Amplify Your Content Distribution
Like many business owners, I spend a lot of time on the
road. Meeting with clients in person is wonderful, but
the TSA lines and manhandling, the airline delays, the
crap food, scouring a hotel room for bed bugs, and the
sleep deprivation aren’t so great.
The future of B2B marketing will allow you to beam up
—just like Scotty—to a client’s office, to a trade show,
to a speaking engagement, even to the golf course for
a little one-on-one time…all while sleeping in your
own bed each night without making a TSA love

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