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The Future of B2B Marketing


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The theme of the 2014 MarketingProfs' B2B Marketing Forum is "Marketing For What Comes Next." Lee Odden of TopRank decided to ask some of the brightest minds in marketing to make predictions about where marketing is heading. What he got ranged from realistic to ridiculous, but all were packed with insight.

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The Future of B2B Marketing

  1. Marketing for What Comes Next Dreams of the future ignite our imagination about what’s possible. They create anticipation for what’s next - from the latest gadgets to the newest trends in B2B marketing. A nostalgic look back at the 1950s brings to mind dreams of flying cars, moon bases and unlimited power from the sun. We may not have “flying saucers for everybody” yet, but advances in technology and media have made many futuristic predictions a reality. To spark your imagination about what’s next in B2B, TopRank Online Marketing and MarketingProfs bring you this Future of B2B Marketing eBook. It features predictions from 31 top marketers presenting at the B2B Marketing Forum, helping you to explore B2B like never before. From innovative technology to predictions so far out there that they’re science fiction, this eBook will inspire your thinking (and maybe your dreams) about the future of B2B marketing. Lee Odden TopRank Marketing !"#$%$& Ann Handley MarketingProfs
  2. Our B2B Marketing Futurists !"#$%$& Joel Book Michael Brenner Heidi Cohen Frank Days Gini Dietrich Susan Emerick Laura Fitton Steve Garfield Jim Greenway Ann Handley Tim Hayden AJ Huisman Doug Kessler Larry Kim Seth Lieberman Jennifer Sable Lopez Amanda Maksymiw Brian Massey Loren McDonald Jason Miller Jon Miller Kerry O'Shea Gorgone Lee Odden Christopher Penn Jeannine Rossignol Shane Snow Justin Steinman Cindy Valladares Viveka von Rosen Tom Webster Andy Zimmerman
  3. B2B On-Demand Available October 17 - $295 & Get Your B2B Marketing Smarts On-Demand! '()*+,('&,-./0&
  4. “In the future, prospects will react so positively to Precognitive Marketing, they will call you to ask for a sales call!” Justin Steinman @justinsteinman #MPB2B
  5. Precognitive Marketing !"#$%$& Justin Steinman @justinsteinman CMO at General Electric Healthcare IT #MPB2B Presentation: CMO Focus - Inbound Outbound Marketing: Using Content Across Paid and Earned Media Taking a page from the movie “Minority Report,” the future of B2B marketing is Precognitive Marketing -- a marketing engine that takes publicly available data about a prospect’sbusiness performance and challenges, and then shapes a customized sales and marketing approach. Precognitive Marketing includes a unique demo that proactively shows how your solution can address needs that prospects may not even know they have. Prospects will react so positively to Precognitive Marketing that they will call you to ask for a sales call!
  6. TL;DR Retired After a Long Run !#$%$ Ann Handley @AnnHandley @MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, Author of Everybody Writes #MPB2B Conference Emcee The Internet announced that its shorthand phrase TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) is being replaced with a new phrase: GR;LI (“Great Read; Loved It”). Smart businesses around the world celebrated the move as a victory for quality content that’s ridiculously useful and valuable – no matter the length. Pundits credited B2B marketers for leading the charge, and they celebrated by looting jargon and buzzwords from their content and burning them in public bonfires. Particularly flammable were words and phrases such as “value-added,” “impactful,” and “best-of-breed.” “I don’t understand what happened,” said Jonah Peretti, founder and CEO of Buzzfeed. “One minute the sole alternative to long, boring content was all cat pictures and listicles and useless quizzes about which Jaden Smith tweet best represents your soul… and then POOF, it’s gone.”
  7. B2B Future: Crazy, Creepy, Cool Tech !#$%$ Viveka von Rosen @linkedinexpert CEO at Linked Into Business #MPB2B Presentation: B2B Conversion Optimization Case Studies that Inspire The one thing I know about the future of B2B Marketing is that I don’t think we’ll recognize it! What will influence B2B Marketing in the future more – hardware design or software innovation? You see hardware like Oculus Rift and D-Wave’s Quantum Computer popping up seemingly overnight. Imagine what fully experiential quantum data integration will do to Marketing? And then you have folks like Dr. Mark Sagar who recently introduced the first fully responsive, CGI, artificial intelligence baby, evoking a very real emotional response from his audience. The future is here and the hashtag is #CrazyCreepyCoolTech!
  8. CMO: Chief Officer of the User Journey !#$%$ Joel Book @joelbook Director of eMarketing Education at Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud #MPB2B Presentation: Interactive Session: Creating Useful Personas and Tone of Voice Guidelines One of the biggest trends in B2B Marketing is the rapidly expanding technology budget for the CMO. Gartner predicts that, by 2017, the CMO will have a larger IT budget than the CIO. As Marketing, Sales and Customer Service functions converge, CMOs are being asked to shoulder responsibility for not only creating brand awareness and generating leads, but nurturing those leads by providing information that aids purchase, and delivering relevant and timely customer service communications. In short, “NextGen CRM” is all about personalizing and optimizing the B2B buyer’s product research, buying and usage journeys. And the CMO is rapidly becoming the company’s Chief Journey Officer!
  9. Marketing 3000: Customer Insights, Finally !#$%$ Tom Webster @Webby2001 VP of Strategy at Edison Research #MPB2B Presentation: How to Use Messaging to Build a Truly Differentiated Brand I think in the far, far future, when robots are doing my job, B2B marketers will know as much about their buyers as B2C marketers know about theirs. B2B customer research is more difficult, and at times more costly, than B2C research because you are trying to hit a much smaller target. But someday, maybe by the year 3000, a combination of lower costs and a greater need to differentiate will combine to make acquiring these kinds of insights mandatory. And I'll be toiling in the salt mines of Proxima Centauri until my implants give out.
  10. “The B2B Marketing organization of the future will be organized around data, content and technology.” Michael Brenner @brennermichael #MPB2B
  11. The Disappearing Silos of B2B !#$%$ Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael Head of Strategy at NewsCred #MPB2B Presentation: Content Marketing at Scale: The Big Hitters Panel Content is the 2nd largest marketing expense after advertising at the majority of large businesses. Yet most marketing resources and people are devoted to creating content that often goes unused, unread or unshared. The B2B Marketing organization of the future will begin to rapidly transform. Silos like branding, advertising, lead generation will all disappear! The B2B Marketing organization of the future will be organized around data, content and technology: data (for personalization), content (for target audience consumption) and technology (required to act like a 21st century marketing organization).
  12. Buyers Close Their Own Deals !#$%$ Steve Garfield @stevegarfield Investor, Writer, Humorist at #MPB2B Presentation: 7 Minutes of Awesome No Sales People: In the future, salespeople have been replaced by advisors to help guide buyers to a purchase decision. Think Tesla for industrial trucks. Buyers close their own RFPs: Companies will operate inside a huge Mylar bubble and when there are no more pods in the break room Nespresso machine, their Apple wrist device sends out an order. Confirmations are tweeted and posted to LinkedIn. Videos will be short: Under 6 seconds. Maybe 4 1/2. When you see a PLAY button, you know you'll waste only 4 1/2 seconds. Want to catch up on the latest Ann Handley presentation? That’s 666.66 videos in a row.
  13. Coming Soon: Google Cranial Implants !#$%$ Doug Kessler @dougkessler Co-founder Creative Director at Velocity Partners #MPB2B Presentation: Content Marketing At Scale: The Big Hitters Panel It's only in beta but Google Cranial Implants (GCI) use low-energy proximity sensing to trigger “B2B-neuro-content”' in the frontal lobe of the user. So if a male prospect who's in your funnel gets within 8-10 feet of a salesperson, he will involuntarily shout Bingo! and get an erection (you can opt out but who would?). The implant also allows Google to index your hopes and fears to serve more relevant native thought-vertising. Back in reality, I expect: 1) Immersive screen-based content (like Snowfall) to start replacing print-like content 2) Content personalization to come to B2B in a big way 3) Ann Handley to sell the screen rights to Everybody Writes and buy the New York Jets from under Gary Vaynerchuk's nose
  14. Mobile Commerce Takes Over the World !#$%$ Kerry O'Shea Gorgone @KerryGorgone Instructional Design Manager, Enterprise Training at MarketingProfs #MPB2B Presentation: The Science of Learning Mobile commerce will overtake traditional payment methods in the consumer space. B2B buyers will get used to that convenience, and will come to expect it from the vendors they work with. A recent Forbes study found that 25% of executives have already purchased a product or service for their business via mobile, and many used mobile to research purchases of $100,000 or more. B2B marketers will create mobile content that's easy to view, share, and act on, enabling mobile conversions. However complex a company's product or service offering, however niche their market, every business that lasts will embrace mobile.
  15. Websites Become Completely Dynamic !#$%$ Andy Zimmerman @AHZimmerman Chief Marketing Officer at Evergage #MPB2B Presentation: CMO Focus - Inbound Outbound Marketing: Using Content Across Paid and Earned Media We try to engage prospects with relevant content on our websites. Yet, with few exceptions, sites today fail to engage effectively because we treat all visitors the same way and show the same information every time. Imagine a world where your site is a blank slate. Then, based on how each person arrives (via search, AdWord, social, referring site, etc.) the content and navigation builds out automatically. And based on every action by visitors (what they click, search, download, read, etc.) the site continually builds out – always serving up the most relevant content on a completely dynamic basis.
  16. “The days of awkward manual number crunching and guesstimation are numbered.” Laura Fitton @Pistachio #MPB2B
  17. End of Days for “Franken Tools” !#$%$ Laura Fitton @Pistachio Inbound Marketing Evangelist at HubSpot #MPB2B Presentation: 7 Minutes of Awesome In the old days we networked computers together with floppy disks. Laughable, right? Similarly, today's marketers network all their digital tools together by pulling .csvs from different tools. In the future, all this compiling will seem just as laughable as floppies. In the future, marketing won't need to pull and combine sets of data from different tools to gauge funnel effectiveness. Whether by acquisition roll-ups, purpose-built all-in-one suites, or home-grown integration (hiring developers to stitch together the APIs of your preferred tools), the days of Franken tools are numbered. We'll spend less time measuring results, and more time actually getting results. The days of awkward manual number crunching and guesstimation are numbered.
  18. The New Information Source: Social Media !#$%$ Jim Greenway @wowjim Manager, Online Marketing at T.D. Williamson #MPB2B Presentation: The Science of Lead Nurturing/ Generation While generating leads will remain the top objective for B2B marketing, the method by which they are generated will shift. Industry and trade magazines are still important for most businesses, websites provide a basis for content, paid search provides a method for attracting new business, but they will no longer be enough. Digital channels and social networking sites will become THE source of information as consumers look for quick resolutions to problems and to meet their immediate needs. B2B marketing winners will be the companies that create strong social connections to the market and deliver the most relevant content. Companies that fail to adapt won’t have a future.
  19. Neural Interface Marketing Platforms !#$%$ Christopher S. Penn @cspenn Vice President, Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications #MPB2B Presentation: The ROI of Content Marketing Human-neural interfaces to computers are about 95% accurate. These devices allow computers to read brainwave activity. Once they achieve accuracy closer to 99.999% accuracy, marketers may start using them. Imagine being able to think a Facebook update, or look at a marketing analytics chart and rearrange it just by thought. Imagine being able to tie a neural interface to a device like Oculus VR, where a customer could control an experience with your brand through thought. That's the power of where human-computer interfaces are headed. Companies are already manufacturing headsets for commercial medical use, so a neural interface to marketing platforms may be a decade away.
  20. Liberty Act 2017: All Marketing is B2B !#$%$ Heidi Cohen @heidicohen Chief Content Officer, Riverside Marketing Strategies #MPB2B Presentation: 10 Search Social Media Tactics to Amplify Your Content Distribution Prediction: Following the economic crash of 2016, Congress passes the Living Is Business Economic Recovery This Year Act (aka The LIBERTY Act of 2017). Specifically, the government lowers the barrier for individuals to incorporate. The goal is to help the millions of unemployed marketing consultants start new businesses. In the process, consumers disappear because every purchase becomes a business expense. As a result, all marketing becomes B2B.
  21. Big Data: Future of Marketing Automation !#$%$ Jon Miller @jonmiller VP Marketing and Co-founder at Marketo #MPB2B Presentation: Metrics Analytics: How to Harness the Power of Data to Build Marketing Credibility Marketing automation today is primarily about tracking email and website behaviors, and then running email campaigns based on that behavior (e.g., lead nurturing). In the future, marketing automation will get (big) data from numerous sources, including mobile/location, social streams, and connected devices. It will use analytics to predict the right action to take at any time. And it will let companies interact with customers and prospects over various channels including email, but also mobile push, ad retargeting, personalized websites, custom social audiences, and more.
  22. “In the future there is no distinction between B2B or B2C – everything is marketed to individuals.” Jeannine Rossignol @j9rossignol #MPB2B
  23. B2B B2C Will Be Replaced by B2i !#$%$ Jeannine Rossignol @j9rossignol Vice President of Marketing at Xerox Global Services #MPB2B Presentation: Content Marketing At Scale: The Big Hitters Panel In the future there is no distinction between types of marketing, B2B or B2C is irrelevant because everything is marketed to the individual, and everything is controlled by your smart devices. When the alarm on your phone wakes you up, you hear a message about the latest traffic report and a reminder to leave early because your car is almost out of gas. As you listen to the news, through iHeartRadio on your phone, all the commercials are customized to you. You might hear a promo for a new coffee flavor that works in the Keurig you just bought, or you might hear a promo on a new product/service based on the Google search you did last night.
  24. Quality Crushes Quantity !#$%$ Seth Lieberman @sethwlieberman Founder and CEO at SnapApp #MPB2B Presentation: How NOT to Be a Content Marketing Zombie and Survive the Coming Demand Gen Apocalypse 1. CMOs will take the pole position for CEO promotions. As marketing becomes the single biggest driver of business growth CMOs will ascend to run the whole shebang. 2. Every Marketing Automation company with more than $10M of revenue will be acquired. Marketing Automation is increasing table stakes for marketers and large players who don’t have an offering, but will buy whomever is left to be a central piece of their marketing cloud offerings. 3. Quality will crush quantity in content marketing. The days of cranking out content to suck up SEO traffic are gone and marketers will increasingly spend time and money to deliver quality content and experiences that set them apart from the crowd.
  25. Employee Advocacy A Critical Imperative !#$%$ Susan Emerick @sfemerick Founder CEO at Brands Rising #MPB2B Presentation: Empowering Employees to Build Trust Advocacy in Social Media Employee Advocacy is picking up steam and will become the next big social mega trend as the C-Suite in B2B companies wake up to the importance of social business transformation and looks across the organization to integrate social into core business functions. Industry research continues to prove that employees and people I know are the most trusted sources of information online, especially when shared across social networks. As a result, the C-suite will increase investment in programs to equip employees to engage in social networking to support business goals. Early leaders are already seeing that companies with engaged employees outperform those without, by up to 202%.
  26. Big Data, Big Opportunity for Content !#$%$ Jennifer Sable Lopez @jennita Director of Community at Moz #MPB2B Presentation: Kick Your Social Strategy Into Overdrive: The Ins and Outs of Testing Social The idea of taking big data and turning it into real-time, relevant content for your community, should be a no-brainer for the future. We saw it recently when Jawbone wrote a post about how Bay Area sleepers were affected by the Napa Earthquake, based on real-time data it had from customers. Although Jawbone is B2C, I see the trend being the same. If you're not utilizing your data to create something meaningful for your customers and community, you're missing out on a huge opportunity for your brand. Make your data work for you!
  27. Predictive Analytics: Right Time Place !#$%$ Loren McDonald @LorenMcDonald Vice President, Industry Relations at Silverpop, an IBM Company #MPB2B Presentation: More Human Email = More Engagement The future of B2B marketing will combine a prospect’s social graph, online behavior, content interactions, demographic and firmagraphic information with scoring, predictive analytics and marketing, content and salesforce automation. When a prospect signs up for a white paper or Webinar, for example, explicit and implicit data will be fed into a predictive analytics engine that will score the prospect on authority, influence, vendors used, content they’ve interacted with, relationships with your company, etc. The analytics engine then will feed the content and marketing automation engine that delivers each content type in the channel the prospect is most likely to engage.
  28. “Imagine no competitors It isn’t hard to do We have won the business And no closed minds too Imagine all your customers Being wowed by you….” Cindy Valladares @cindyv #MPB2B
  29. Imagine !#$%$ Cindy Valladares @cindyv Director of Corporate Communications at Tripwire #MPB2B Presentation: How NOT to be a Content Marketing Zombie and Survive the Coming Demand Gen Apocalypse Imagine there’s no limit It’s easy if you try No budgets to stop us Above us all agree Imagine all decisions Lead by marketing… Imagine no competitors It isn’t hard to do We have won the business And no closed minds too Imagine all your customers Being wowed by you…. You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one I have a cadre of creative people And we generate revenue Imagine no more struggles I wonder if you can Sales will sing our praises Partners in success Imagine all executives Cheering your success
  30. Mind-Meld: B2B and B2C Share Insights !#$%$ Jason Miller @JasonMillerCA Senior Manager, Content Marketing Social Media at LinkedIn #MPB2B Presentation: Tactics and Strategies for Driving B2B Marketing Success Using LinkedIn B2B companies will increasingly hire B2C agencies for fresh perspectives, new ideas, and to learn how to better humanize their messaging and campaigns to better connect with their prospects earlier on in the buying cycle. In turn, B2C will start utilizing B2B’s technology for relationship building and more effective cross selling and upselling along the way. Both disciplines have something to learn from one another as forward-thinking marketers stop citing acronyms and start focusing on creating better overall marketing experiences.
  31. Business Meeting? Beam Me Up Scotty! !#$%$ Gini Dietrich @ginidietrich CEO at Arment Dietrich #MPB2B Presentation: 10 Search Social Media Tactics to Amplify Your Content Distribution Like many business owners, I spend a lot of time on the road. Meeting with clients in person is wonderful, but the TSA lines and manhandling, the airline delays, the crap food, scouring a hotel room for bed bugs, and the sleep deprivation aren’t so great. The future of B2B marketing will allow you to beam up —just like Scotty—to a client’s office, to a trade show, to a speaking engagement, even to the golf course for a little one-on-one time…all while sleeping in your own bed each night without making a TSA love connection.
  32. Master the Inbound Outbound Universe !#$%$ Frank Days @tangyslice VP of Marketing at TwinStrata #MPB2B Presentation: CMO Focus - Inbound Outbound Marketing: Using Content Across Paid and Earned Media The lines between inbound and outbound marketing continue to blur as mainstream media are being forced to change business models. Much like ecommerce versus brick and mortar retail ultimately morphed into multi-channel retail, I expect content marketing and traditional marketing to become fully-integrated and indistinguishable. B2B marketers who master the intersection of inbound and outbound marketing will thrive while others will get stuck in outdated silos.
  33. Ascend the Wall With Virtual Reality !#$%$ Shane Snow @shanesnow Chief Creative Officer at Contently #MPB2B Presentation: Growth Hacking for B2B Businesses and Brand Publishers Immersive virtual reality is going to hit the marketing industry like a surprise attack. But with Oculus Rift et. al. will come a massive opportunity for marketers to take storytelling to a new level. For B2B it will start with virtual in-person product and services demos (and likely kill clunky screenshare apps), and move into immersive storytelling experiences around values that brands care about (for top-of-funnel relationship building). This is going to really up the ante. Think the Game of Thrones Ascend the Wall thing.
  34. “Participation marketing for B2B is content marketing at scale – everybody wins!” Lee Odden @leeodden #MPB2B
  35. Content @ Scale: Participation Marketing !#$%$ Lee Odden @leeodden CEO, TopRank Online Marketing #MPB2B Presentation: Influencing B2B Influencers and the Magic of Co-Created Social Content Today, B2B buyers are 60-90% through the sales cycle before making contact with a supplier. But most marketers can’t keep up with content demand. To scale high-quality content that satisfies information and engagement demands of modern B2B buyers, marketers will focus more on co-creating content with their target audience, current customers, and industry influencers. Participation marketing delivers multiple benefits: •! Scale high-quality content •! Incentivize sharing and promotion •! Fast-track relationships with influencers buyers •! Invest buyer, influencer customer interests with those of the B2B brand – everybody wins!
  36. Complete B2B Predictability !#$%$ Amanda Maksymiw @amandamaks Content Marketing Manager at Lattice Engines #MPB2B Presentation: Facebook B2B - A Lively Discussion with Three B2B Brands Predictability is what is next in the world of B2B marketing. Marketers are already able to use sophisticated machine learning and data science techniques to identify which customers are most likely to churn, which prospects are most likely to buy and which products to pitch to existing customers. With time, this will expand to all aspects of marketing and marketers will be able to predict which content will perform best, which channels will convert the most, and which campaigns will be the most successful.
  37. Invasion of Real Life Buyer Personas !#$%$ Albert Jan Huisman @AJHuisman Director of Marketing Business Development at Kennedy Van der Laan #MPB2B Presentation: How NOT to be a Content Marketing Zombie and Survive the Coming Demand Gen Apocalypse At Kennedy Van der Laan Marketing Dept., we raise real-life Buyer Persona’s. We feed Jack Legal, Pam C-suite and Tom HR with Small Data, but no Big Data because they are on an information overload diet. Our lawyers interact with them on a regular basis. Besides that unfortunate incident when Harry from MA tried to date Pam C-suite, we are seeing great results. Our lawyers are directing their Marketing Business Development efforts towards the needs wants of their buyers instead of their own agenda. It makes our lives so much easier. Duh! Seriously: Seeing a great future for predictive marketing analytics heavy mining and modeling of the ever-increasing amount of Big Data to increase user experience and conversion.
  38. The Future of Marketing is Automatic !#$%$ Tim Hayden @TheTimHayden Principal at TTH Strategy #MPB2B Presentation: Success in the Age of Mobility Everything around you is now a “Web device, and you haven't had to remember to do too much of anything. Before you realize that you are running low on 3-D printer ink, a drone has dropped a fresh supply on the secure loading dock out back. You immediately receive an audio packet from your ink vendor, as the drone’s camera caught you with a “negative sentiment” look on your face. “Is everything OK?” it states. Before you can install the ink, a second drone delivers a Cuban cigar and cookies. The future of B2B marketing, customer service… automatic.
  39. Shocking! BP2BP Replaces B2B !#$%$ Brian Massey @bmassey The Conversion Scientist #MPB2B Presentation: The Chemistry of the Landing Page: How to Increase Your Conversion Rate In the coming year an in-depth study of corporations worldwide will reveal that businesses do not buy anything, but that human beings are actually the force behind decisions being made. This revelation will send shockwaves through the communities that sell to businesses. The B2B industry will be re-crowned BP2BP, or business person-to-business person. Thinly-veiled disciplines will be adopted from consumer marketing such as strategytelling, corpywriting, and bLearning. Copywriters will be liberated in their writing. Stock photo sites will see a sales plummet. It will be hard for some businesses to accept that business people come with the same hopes, fears and dreams that drive consumer decisions. At least one high-level marketing executive will be overheard saying, People. Who'd have thought?
  40. Death of Keywords; Rise of Keywordless Ads !#$%$ Larry Kim @larrykim Founder/CTO at WordStream, Inc. #MPB2B Presentation: Hacking AdWords: Winning at PPC the Weird Way The future of B2B marketing as far as PPC is concerned are keywordless ads. Keywords have served us well for over 15 years as a proxy for user intent. They’re still important, but will be combined with even more powerful signals like browsing history, past purchases, your emails, mobile location, the time of day, demographic data allowing advertisers to be much pickier – buying fewer, more qualified clicks, without ever having to specify millions of keywords! The death of keyword match types and the rise of keywordless ad formats like Google Shopping, AdWords Express, RLSA (etc.) are important milestones on the journey.
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  42. #MPB2B eBook Credits This retro, futuristic conference eBook was created by the team at: QJ7IO257M52R71464S42M568NO65N7?8KP12O For B2B Content Marketing Services Contact TopRank Marketing: EDFGGDFG%DHH%F IJ88J8KL42M568NO65N7?8KP12O QJJ4=28AJ8764,2M'68N65N7?8KP12O !#$%$