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The theme for this year's B2B Forum is Choices. Marketing these days is full of them, isn't it? And sometimes, we make terrible ones.

One of the best examples of cringe-worthy marketing is the late-night infomercial—the one you watch when you can't sleep. After an hour, it nearly convinces you that you do need a Magic Bullet. (How have you ever lived without it?!)

To honor this strangely beloved marketing genre, we present to you the first ever infomercial Slideshare presentation. So, for this limited time only ... ENJOY!

  • Good info in here. I'd recommend tools such as (Gmail plugin to send friendly follow-up emails) and Rapportive (verifying email) among some of the marketing strategies. Does anyone have any other B2B tools they'd recommend?
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  • Nicely done Ann!
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  • How are you able to show logos, etc. from other companies? Aren't there any copyright concerns?
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  • ShamWOW - amazing infomercial approach :) You had me at fuller hair. Attended last year, loved it! Hopefully I'll see y'all again this fall.

    p.s. chart on slide 8, fantastic
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  • I get the tongue-in-cheek approach, but I'm still annoyed that you didn't answer any of your own questions or back up your statements. WHY IS IT BETTER? WHY?!
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MarketingProfs B2B Forum Infomercial

  1. 1. The following is a paid presentationfrom MarketingProfs.
  2. 2. *depressing music*
  3. 3. Are you sick of B2C examples beingapplied to your B2B business?
  4. 4. Are you struggling to prove the ROI ofsocial media marketing for yourbusiness?
  5. 5. Do you wish your favorite marketingthought leaders could solve yourproblems in real life?
  6. 6. Are you sick of conferences where thespeaker list is also the sponsor list?
  7. 7. Thank you to our speaker!Thank you to our sponsor!
  8. 8. Are you overwhelmed withmarketing conference options?
  9. 9. Hi. I’m Ann Handley!
  10. 10. You may know me from such books asContent Rules
  11. 11. or…Content Rules.
  12. 12. I’m here to tell YOU about arevolutionary event happening inOctober.
  13. 13. *upbeat music*
  14. 14. The B2B Forum helped me increaserevenue by 400%!
  15. 15. I learned so much…and I met my wife!
  16. 16. As you can see, we have some verysatisfied customers.
  17. 17. Not convinced?!?!?!?
  18. 18. I’ve got 5 reasons why the B2B Forumis the best
  19. 19. Reason 5: Attending will make yourhair more full and luxurious
  20. 20. Reason 4: Attending the B2B Forumwill give you the tight abs you desire
  21. 21. Reason 3: The B2B Forum will energizeyou…and also contains Vitamin B
  22. 22. Reason 2: The B2B Forum keeps yourmarketing fresher, longer
  23. 23. Reason 1: The B2B Forum will improveyour credit score
  24. 24. STILL not convinced?!?
  25. 25. We asked these B2B marketing gurus,experts, mavens, influencers, andgenerally popular people if they agree
  26. 26. DJ Waldow Approved.
  27. 27. Nick Westergaard Approved.
  28. 28. Lee Odden Approved.
  29. 29. Laura Fitton Approved.
  30. 30. Steve Garfield Approved.
  31. 31. Joe Chernov Approved.
  32. 32. But how is the B2B Forum different?
  33. 33. It’s better.
  34. 34. Call in the next 45 minutes and we’llthrow in a ShamWow!
  35. 35. SEE YOU THERE!
  36. 36. This has been a paid presentation fromMarketingProfs.For more information on theB2B Forum