Are You Marketing Like a '60s Ad Man? [Illustrated Slide Show]


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Myriad marketers are still working with outdated info and approaches from the pre-digital era. To contrast marketing in the past and marketing in 2012, MarketingProfs wrote and illustrated the following slide show.

1960s Advertising
1. Focus all your efforts on one client.

Today's Marketers
Your clients (current and would-be) vary in their likes, wants, and approaches. Smart marketers develop personas to reach various buyers in various companies.

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1960s Advertising
2. Your team should be just art and copy.

Today's Marketers
Modern consumers expect more from ads. They want to be able to connect online with a brand, offer their opinions, share images, and more.

So, a smart marketer's team consists of folks who also know about search, coding, social media, etc.

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1960s Advertising

3. Rely heavily on last-minute brilliance.

Today's Marketers
Last-minute brilliance is fantastic when it happens... but last-minute thinking can also lead to last place in your customers' minds.

Smart marketers plan. They know their goal, form a strategy to reach the goal, then employ tactics to execute their strategy.

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1960s Advertising

4. Know that you are more important than anyone else on your team is.

Today's Marketers
Everyone on the team matters. Great marketers know that they need to play and work well with others to produce exceptional work. And excellent companies share the power with their people.

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1960s Advertising

5. Keep your knowledge focused.

Today's Marketers
Smart marketers today know that education isn't a destination but a journey. They keep learning and growing and discovering.

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1960s Advertising
6. Limit your choice of medium.

Today's Marketers
Smart marketers experment withy webcasts, podcasts, apps, slide shows, radio, TV programs, and cartoons, too.

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1960s Advertising
7. Persuade---don't engage.

Today's Marketers
In our digital age, conversations abound. Marketers need to engage in conversations, from the hesitant beginning of a buyer's journey to even after a purchase has been made.

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Are You Marketing Like a '60s Ad Man? [Illustrated Slide Show]

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