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10 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using

  1. A MarketingProfs slideshow Illustrated and produced by Veronica Maria Jarski Text taken from folks who added brilliant comments after reading the 15 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using slideshow.
  2. World-Class “It’s been used to describe everything from service to eggs. (Honestly saw that in a restaurant in Florida!)” (Marcia SNBT)
  3. To Perfection “It’s an excuse for a lack of imagination. Still too often used to make a restaurant or entree sound good without wasting adjectives.” (Jay Clark)
  4. Taking Business to the Next Level “What? You mean ‘upstairs’?” (The Business of Women)
  5. Killer “Killer should be killed. Let’s help it find its way six feet under.” (Melanie Kissell)
  6. At the End of the Day “Unless you end this phrase with ‘it gets dark’ or ‘I go to sleep,’ I just want to scream, ‘ULTIMATELY. The word you’re struggling to find is ULTIMATELY.’” (Ken Wilson)
  7. Icon “These days, everyone is an icon, and everything is iconic.” (Lyn Meany)
  8. Take This Offline “In other words, ‘I’m about to look stupid in front of others’ or ‘This topic is an egregious waste of everyone’s time.’” (Eric Eisenberg)
  9. Solution “Arrrrrgh!” (Andy Gibson)
  10. Awesome “So many things cannot be awesome or they wouldn’t be awesome.” (Meredith Blevins)
  11. Out of Pocket “When I hear, ‘out of pocket,’ I think of a hamster that’s gone missing from the pocket of a kid who brought it to school.” (Cynthia B.)