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10 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using


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World-class? Awesome? Killer? Yuck. Are you using those words in your copy? Thanks to folks who left illustration-worthy comments on our first buzzwords slide show (15 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop using), we created this sequel of buzzwords to stop using right away.

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10 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using

  1. 1. A MarketingProfs slideshowIllustrated and produced by Veronica Maria JarskiText taken from folks who addedbrilliant comments after readingthe 15 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Usingslideshow.
  2. 2. World-Class“It’s been used todescribe everythingfrom service toeggs. (Honestly sawthat in a restaurantin Florida!)”(Marcia SNBT)
  3. 3. To Perfection“It’s an excuse for a lack of imagination.Still too often used to make a restaurantor entree sound goodwithout wastingadjectives.”(Jay Clark)
  4. 4. TakingBusiness to theNext Level“What? You mean‘upstairs’?”(The Businessof Women)
  5. 5. Killer“Killer should be killed. Let’s help it find itsway six feet under.”(Melanie Kissell)
  6. 6. At the End of the Day“Unless you end thisphrase with ‘it getsdark’ or ‘I go tosleep,’ I just wantto scream,‘ULTIMATELY.The word you’restruggling to find isULTIMATELY.’”(Ken Wilson)
  7. 7. Icon“These days,everyone is anicon, andeverything isiconic.”(Lyn Meany)
  8. 8. Take This Offline“In other words, ‘I’m about to look stupid in frontof others’ or ‘This topic is an egregious waste ofeveryone’s time.’” (Eric Eisenberg)
  9. 9. Solution“Arrrrrgh!”(Andy Gibson)
  10. 10. Awesome“So many thingscannot beawesome or theywouldn’t beawesome.”(Meredith Blevins)
  11. 11. Out of Pocket“When I hear, ‘out ofpocket,’ I think of ahamster that’s gonemissing from thepocket of a kid whobrought it to school.”(Cynthia B.)