The very basics


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The basics of computers, and computer technology for the beginner.

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The very basics

  1. 1. The Very Basics<br />What you should know before beginning this class<br />
  2. 2. PC vs. Mac<br /> PC<br />“Personal Computer”<br />Bill Gates <br />Runs Windows<br />Generally costs less<br />91% of home users use Windows <br />Used more in business<br /> Mac<br />“Macintosh”, AKA “Apple”<br />Steve Jobs<br />Runs Mac OS<br />Generally costs more<br />8% of home users use MAC<br />Used more for education<br />
  3. 3. What is an Operating System<br />Software which is loaded onto your computer<br />Essentially, the BRAIN of the computer<br />Examples: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux<br />The Operating System is what makes your “desktop” look the way it does!<br />
  4. 4. What does the OS do?<br />Organizes & controls hardware (like printers & cameras) & software (programs)<br />
  5. 5. What are programs/applications?<br />Instructions that are written to perform a specific task on the computer.<br />Examples:<br /><ul><li>Microsoft Office (install from a disk)
  6. 6. Adobe Reader (downloaded from the Internet)
  7. 7. Photoshop (install from a disk)
  8. 8. Internet Explorer (downloaded from Internet)
  9. 9. Viruses and Spyware (downloaded from Internet WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE!</li></li></ul><li>The bottom line<br />Windows 7 is a new operating system developed by Microsoft. It can do so many more things than previous operating systems.<br />This class will look at all of the things that you can do on your home computer using Windows 7.<br />