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Social networks


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An overview of social networking, and a look at three popular social networks.

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Social networks

  1. 1. What is a social network? A look at : Social Networking
  2. 2. Objectives of lesson• Identify what a social network can do• Recognize the difference between members and groups within a social network• Compare and contrast three social networking sites
  3. 3. This is Bob isBob having a party He’s inviting a few people…
  4. 4. He is inviting… It will be a wild affair!
  5. 5. If Bob’s party is a social network, all of the people who come to the party are members.The members of a social network can also form groups Bob’s friends from work, his neighbors and his scuba friends all belong to groups.
  6. 6. Members can join any group.Members can invite others to join. Members can set up groups. In this way, a social network can bring together people from all areas and allow them to find others with common interests. But a social network can do so much more than this…
  7. 7. Share favorite websites List upcoming events Share photos & videosA social network can list upcoming events , or share favoritewebsites. You can share photos, videos and blogs. You can talk liveor you can use a forum to share ideas.
  8. 8. Three social networking sites…
  9. 9. FACEBOOK:• Find your “friends”• Create “groups”• Create “events”• Post messages to everyone• Post pictures of your own or others• Private messages to “friends”• “Like” comments, companies, groups• Fun with others using Apps• Targeted ads!
  10. 10. TWITTER:• Messages 140 characters or less• Can post notes, pictures and links• Can follow anyone (no permission needed)• Anyone can follow you (unless you have blocked it)• Lists let you put those you are following into categories for quick reference• Use “#hashtag” or “keyword” for specialized searches
  11. 11. PINTEREST:• New kid on the block!• Create boards of things you like on the web (such as recipes, favorite sites, books)• Share pins of others (called “repinning”)• View other boards• Used to promote products, websites by professionals• “Like” a pin• “Follow” someone’s board
  12. 12. 5 shocking facts about social media* 80% of Americans 74 million Americans 7% of Americans between the ages of are concerned about have not heard of 18 and 24 use privacy on social Facebook Facebook networks 34% of social media Social media has users have never become a major plus posted to a social for companies network