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Class 3 presentation for brain fitness activities


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This will accompany the 3rd online Brain Fitness class.

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Class 3 presentation for brain fitness activities

  1. 1. Brain Fitness Online Brain Training Activities
  2. 2. Best Activities to Challenge Your Brain1. They should teach you something NEW.2. They should be CHALLENGING, and demand your full andclose attention.3. They should be PROGRESSIVE, so you can keep your efforton the edge of your ability, as the "threshold".4. They should ENGAGE YOUR GREAT BRAIN PROCESSINGSYSTEMS. Make distinctions between what you see, hear orfeel and use this information to achieve goals which help yourbrain to grow.5. They should be REWARDING. This releases brain chemicalsthat contribute to learning, memory and good spirits.6. They should be NOVEL OR SURPRISING.
  3. 3. Additional brain activities:Improve your memory• Try to remember a shopping list instead of writing it down.• Link things together that you want to remember.• Use the “journey” method. Visualize a familiar route or routine and associate each stop in the route with an item that you are trying to remember. (AKA “Method of Loci”)Enhance brain fitness• Learn and play a musical instrument• Play complex board games• Dance• Pay attention and listen
  4. 4. Compare Dual n Back to Sharp Brains Checklist (on website):1. Based on scientific research? (Published, peer reviewed)2. Are there measurable claims and benefits? (Specific benefits, brain centered, structured on time/days required for results)3. Do they ensure cross training? (Vary and new)4. Exercise or entertainment? (Challenging & motivating)5. Good fit for me? (Fit own goals, lifestyle, something I will do)
  5. 5. Additional brain fitness challenges (on website)Luminosity: Face and Name recallFit Brains: 5 minutes with Dr. Uber BrainGames for the Brain: The Image QuizPositScience: The 60 Second Brain Game
  6. 6. Research just in: Click on the phrase for more information• Higher levels of openness predict a longer life, with less metabolic risk, higher self rated health, and more appropriate stress release.• Why exercise for brain fitness? Maybe because exercise cause testosterone levels to surge in men, which assists in cell growth.• Reduction in inflammation to muscles due to ingesting fish oil may also decrease inflammation in the brain.• Neglecting children can cause changes in myelin, (which forms a layer around neurons, resulting in an increase in behavioral problems.