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Beyond email


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This presentation highlights some of the more interesting things that you might do with your computer and online.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Beyond email

  1. 1. Beyond e-mailDoing more with your computer
  2. 2. ObjectiveDiscover some different things that youcan do using your computer
  3. 3. Things you may already doTHE BASICS
  4. 4. Photos and videos Organize your photos on your computer and even store some online Edit photos and add fun elements Find interesting videos online to learn something new or for a good chuckle
  5. 5. Around the home Check your bank balance online, make deposit, even automatically back up to your home computer Cooking? Looking for inspiration? Try opening and typing ingredients into the search bar, then pressing enter. See what you find! Listen to music you like at
  6. 6. Improve your brain health Play bridge online (small fee for this site) Challenge your brain online Learn a new language Take a free college class
  7. 7. Improve your physical health Find valuable and reliable health information Monitor your own health records, refill prescriptions, leave notes for your doctor ndex.shtml Pets make us healthy! Find your next pet
  8. 8. Some different places to exploreOFF THE BEATEN PATH
  9. 9. Looking at things differently Learn about the Internet visually (press play) Discover your personality by choosing pictures which represent your lifestyle world/?LKCAMP=onl04m&MEDIA=onl04md_lkcamp aign71 Do you understand politics? html/leftvright_world.html
  10. 10. Knowledge is power Look at health and medicine data in a whole new light Medicine.html What exactly is the White House policy on seniors and social security? social-security Is that email really true?
  11. 11. Collaboration What are some of the big ideas out there which challenge your mind and may change the way you act? Working on a group project, and don’t want to travel all over town? Try an online collaboration site Or do you simply want to schedule a common meeting time for a group of people?
  12. 12. How do you find interestingsites? Use Google (or another search engine) to find links to things that interest you If you find an interesting site, make it a favorite Read technology news, such as and Use Twitter to keep track of new technologies, sites and trends
  13. 13. Questions? Comments? Email me at: