0765572: The Former Yugoslavia Travel Guide


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My presentation is about the touristic potential the former Yugoslavia holds. The former Yugoslavia is a region in Southern Europe. This region is going through extensive progress, and is once again opening its doors to the touristic market. This presentation presents the touristic potential of the former Yugoslavia in its entirety. Each country provides a diverse and unforgettable touristic experience. The presentation outlines the local customs, attractions, general tips, and travel warnings within each country as well as an historical, political and touristic overview of the region as a whole.

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0765572: The Former Yugoslavia Travel Guide

  1. 1. A different side of European Travel
  2. 2. The Former Yugoslavia  Countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro  Languages: Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Albanian  Religions: Roman Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism  Background Information: The former Yugoslavia was a united state for the greater part of the 20th century. It was a large tourist centre in southern Europe. After the collapse of communism, and the civil war in the 1990’s the former Yugoslavia is once again booming with tourists.  Touristic potential: The former Yugoslavia is a region comprised of six countries that although close in proximity, are also immensely diverse. From Alpine ski resorts of Slovenia, to the crystal blue Adriatic coastline; the former Yugoslavia is a must see for all European travelers.
  3. 3. Slovenia  Local Customs: Folk Festival, Grape picking,  Attractions: Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Prian, Portoroz  General Tips: Postojna Cave, Lake Bohinj  Warnings: Correct Currency, clothing Lake Bled Croatia  Local Customs: Dubrovnik Festival, Dalmatian sea food  Attractions: Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Adriatic coast  General Tips: Croatian Islands, Diocletian’s Palace, Old town Zagreb, Slavonia  Warnings: Highways, Correct Currency, Politics Rovinj
  4. 4. Macedonia  Local Customs: Macedonian Folk Music, Folklore  Attractions: Lake Ohrid, Skoplje, Bitola, Tetovo  General Tips: Vardar river rafting, Macedonian hamlets  Warnings: Canadian Visa's, Greek-Macedonian Dispute Ohrid Montenegro  Local Customs: Montenegrin folk Dance  Attractions: Budva, Sveti Stefan, Herceg-Novi, Kotor  General Tips: Monastery Ostrog, Budva music festival  Warnings: Road conditions Budva
  5. 5. Bosnia and Herzegovina  Local Customs: Sevdah festival , Bosnian Kolo, Burek  Attractions: Mostar, Sarajevo, Jajce, Banja Luka, Medjugorje  General Tips: Old Bridge in Mostar, Bascarsija, Sarajevo Film Festival Mostar  Warnings: land mines, nationalism, politics Serbia  Local Customs: Guca festival, Exit Festival, Trubaci, Serbian Folklore  Attractions: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Zlatibor  General Tips: Kalamegdan, Belgrad night life  Warnings: Hoolagins, Nationalism, the Kosovar Novi Sad problem
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