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Presentation about restoring outdoor basketball courts in Sooke, BC.

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  1. 1. The Trevor Purdy Memorial Basketball Courts
  2. 2. Sooke, British Columbia Sooke is a small, blue-collar community located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Due to the town’s isolated rural location and relatively low population, it can be a rather monotonous, repetitive, and depressing place to grow up. In a town where everybody knows everybody, and options for leisure activities are extremely limited, it is important for residents to get involved in local events www.sookemyhome.bc.ca in order to avoid social isolation. The youth community in Sooke relies heavily on recreational activity and organized athletics to occupy their free- time and shape their social life. The favourite and most commonly observed activity of young people in Sooke has historically been basketball. www.sookeriverhotel.ca
  3. 3. Local Leisure Spaces Finding a place to play basketball was never a problem in Sooke until the year 2000. Broom Hill Park, a beautifully kept piece of property in Sooke’s residential core was home of the town’s thriving basketball scene for many years. The city saw this park as a detriment to the neighbourhood, as it attracted the presence of numerous youth at all hours of the day. Hiding behind claims of complaints from the community, the hoops were removed from Broom Hill Park indefinitely. This left local basketball enthusiasts without an ideal space to play, but not without an alternative option. The Journey Middle School outdoor courts sufficed for the eager basketball community of Sooke, until the area until the recently commenced a long-term construction process. This predicament would leave Sooke without a suitable basketball surface within 50 kilometers, and would surely have a critical impact on the town’s annual basketball tournament held at the JMS courts every August.
  4. 4. The Annual Trevor Purdy Memorial 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament This tournament has been a tradition in Sooke for many years. Originally named “The Sooke 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament”, it was renamed in 2004 after popular Sooke resident Trevor Purdy following his untimely death. An accomplished student-athlete and well- liked member of the community, Purdy lost his life in a drinking-driving related incident in the Summer of 2004. Proceeds from this event are given to a local scholarship fund under Trevor’s name, awarded to student displaying strong athletic skills, as well as a bold, outgoing personality- similarly exhibited by the late Sooke youth. www.facebook.com Without a proper basketball court, this tournament appeared to be in trouble.
  5. 5. Taking Action With the tournament’s status looking uncertain, the local high school basketball coach took the issue to the city, requesting permission to erect two portable hoops at the abandoned Broom Hill Park. The city denied this request, reiterating past arguments about neighbourhood disapproval. Discontent with the city’s lack of action and questionable values, the local coach took it upon himself to www.facebook.com remedy the situation. Two hoops were erected at Broom Hill Park in June of 2008 against the city’s wishes. These hoops remained intact for several weeks, and were used copiously by local residents.
  6. 6. www.facebook.com Local youths take advantage of the town’s new leisure space.
  7. 7. Neighbourhood residents show approval • In direct contradiction to the city’s expectations, residents of the Broom Hill area showed a very warm welcome to the re-addition of the hoops. The addition of the hoops not only established a leisure space for teenagers, but Sooke residents of all ages. Many families from the community stopped to show their appreciation for the new hoops, extending their gratitude to those responsible for helping to create a positive, healthy community. • With all the support being displayed by the community for restoring this area, the city had a hard time rejecting the request to use Broom Hill Park for the Purdy Tournament. The tournament ran without a hitch, and Broom Hill Park served as the perfect establishment for such an event. However, the hoops were once again removed by the city a few weeks later without sufficient explanation, and this beautiful, high-potential area is once again abandoned and useless. • With Sooke’s obvious lack of available youth activities, why would the city fight so strongly to oppose something as obviously constructive and good as this basketball court?The Youth of this town NEED productive leisure activities, and are being unfairly deprived by the city.
  8. 8. Estimated Youth Fun Rates *Estimations based on independent and unreliable research.
  9. 9. An Obvious Solution I propose a complete restoration of the Broom Hill Park basketball courts, and further recommend the courts be named after positive Sooke role model Trevor Purdy. These courts will serve to establish positive, healthy activities among local youth for years, and require very little upkeep. The area is currently abandoned, and contributing nothing to our community. One small, inexpensive compromise from City Hall will add immeasurably to the healthy upbringing of Sooke youth.
  10. 10. A mural dedicated to the late Trevor Purdy at Broom Hill Park, Sooke, BC.