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Charles Barr Mahogany Furniture Collection


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Traditional mahogany solid wood furniture bought to you by Charles Barr -

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Charles Barr Mahogany Furniture Collection

  1. 1. MahoganyCollectionby Charles Barr
  2. 2. Charles Barr Collection The name of Charles Barr dates back well over 100 years to the latter part of the 19th Century. It was in 1861 that a chair maker by the name of Charles Barr set up a workshop in the parish of Shoreditch in London. With the assistance of his three sons the business flourished but it was the influence of Charles Barr’s youngest son Ernest that changed the company from a chair maker to a company specialising in what would have then been considered to be furniture of the period drawing inspiration from such Joint Managing Directors, Danny Bryan (left) and Kevin designers as Robert Adam, George Hepplewhite, Thomas Sheraton and Hutchins (right) Thomas Chippendale. With the passing of time the company faded into near obscurity and it was not until the late 1940’s that the name of Charles Barr was resurrected by a London businessman by the name of Wilfred Griffiths. Relying mainly on outside manufacturing sources the company grew and began once again to be successful, but it was the appointment of two key members of staff Bryan and Hutchins, together with the interest of a business entrepreneur by the name of Chris Stockwell that saw the business move to a new level. Two new factory sites were set up at Sandy, Bedfordshire and Wroxham, Norfolk. These production facilities saw the company increase its range of furniture which was now being designed and made in house by the Bryan and Hutchins partnership. In 1992 a Management buy out saw Bryan and Hutchins take control of the business and since this time the company’s product range has been significantly developed to incorporate the decorative traditional style that Charles Barr is known and renowned for. Supplying most of the better quality independent outlets throughout the UK the company also exports its furniture all over the world to countries such as the USA, Japan, Russia and Europe. With a standard range of furniture which is second to none the company also provides a complete bespoke service from the original concept and design stage through to final production and delivery.opulent Today with so many imports flooding the UK and the country’s manufacturing base on the decline the Charles Barr story continues. grandeur 4 Training schools have been set up at both Wroxham and Sandy factories tosophisticated ensure that traditional cabinet making and polishing skills are not lost. To these methods the company has added modern technology and innovations regal 20 ensuring that Charles Barr furniture is even stronger than an original andelegant more tolerant of changes in heat or humidity and no longer the exclusive preserve of the very wealthy. traditional 24stylish PLEASE NOTE: All dimensions on the following pages are rounded to the nearest centimetre or inch. trafalgar 32
  3. 3. Grandeur Charles Barr Collection As the name implies our Grandeur collection of furniture is the epitome of quality and decoration. Made from African mahogany solids and blind curl veneers, this collection of furniture includes rare and decorative olive ash bandings flanked by inlaid black and white boxwood lines which provide the perfect finishing touch to this impressive collection of furniture. All Grandeur pieces are finished in our special M4 light non-distressed mahogany finish. For further details on care and maintenance please consult your Charles Barr price list. G122M4 Twin pedestal two leaf dining table H 78cm (31") All Grandeur dining tables will store one W 305cm (120") loose leaf. Twin leaf dining tables will D 132cm (52") close fully providing the second leaf is Loose leaf size stored away from the dining table. Three 61cm (24") leaf dining tables will store one leaf but not reduce in size beyond a twin pedestal one leaf table length. Grandeur table pedestals are fitted with bayonet style glide castors that can be removed if you wish to stand your table on a timber or stone decorative floor. G289M4 Dining chair H 102cm (40") W 55cm (22") D 64cm (25") G289AM4 Armchair H 102cm (40") W 64cm (25") D 64cm (25")4 5
  4. 4. Grandeur Charles Barr Collection Grandeur sideboards come in three standard sizes as four door, three door and two door options. The four door sideboard shown above is complimented with a matching G7 mirror with pierced broken pediment, it also includes two handy double width top drawers whilst drawers on the three and two door versions are more compact in size. G22M4 Four door sideboard G522M4 Display cabinet H 89cm (35") W 192cm (76") H 236cm (93") Display cabinet shown with lights and touch D 45cm (18") W 192cm (75") dimmer, glass shelves and fabric back. This unique D 44cm (17") cabinet incorporates a four door base unit and two G7M4 Bevelled glass mirror large six pane bevelled glass top doors, a pierced with pierced broken Height without broken pediment and olive ash inlaid corner stiles H 141cm (56") pediment pediment W 95cm (37") 214cm (84") provides a truly Grandeur look to this unusual display cabinet. G20M4 Three door sideboard H 85cm (34") W 162cm (64") D 45cm (18")6 7
  5. 5. Grandeur Charles Barr Collection Open front or glazed, our corner cabinets provide useful storage space as well as being decorative. Both cabinets are decorated with olive ash banded base doors and corner stiles, and support Grandeur pierced broken pediments. G519M4 Corner cabinet H 205cm (81") W 84cm (33") Right angle depth 59cm (23") Height without pierced pediment 189cm (74") G520M4 Glazed corner cabinet shown with lights, glass shelves and fabric back H 205cm (81") W 84cm (33") Right angle depth 59cm (23") Height without pierced pediment 189cm (74") G760M4 Three drawer side table H 71cm (28") W 61cm (24") D 35cm (14") G14M4 Serving/console H 88cm (35") table W 147cm (58") D 50cm (20") This bow fronted console table has the added benefit of a central secret drawer which is easily opened when a small timber catch is released on the underside of the table.8 9
  6. 6. Grandeur Charles Barr Collection Designed for the modest sized dining room this collection of furniture features a circular table from our Trafalgar range inlaid with Grandeur burr olive ash bandings, and includes the unique Charles Barr leaf storage facility. G127M4 Dining table H 78cm (31") W 188cm (74") D 132cm (52") Table closed with leaf stored 132cm (52") diameter G521M4 Display cabinet shown with lights, glass H 235cm (93") shelves and fabric back W 104cm (41") D 44cm (17") Height without pediment 214cm (84") G21M4 Two door sideboard H 89cm (35") W 102cm (40") D 45cm (18") G285M4 Dining chair H 104cm (41") W 55cm (23") D 62cm (24") G285AM4 Armchair H 104cm (41") W 59cm (23") D 63cm (25")10 11
  7. 7. Grandeur Charles Barr Collection G759M4 Five drawer sofa table H 72cm (28") W 72cm (28") D 46cm (18") Width of table with flaps extended 122cm (48") G762M4 Circular occasional table H 69cm (27") W 71cm (28") D 71cm (28") G761M4 Circular lamp table G822M4 Oval coffee table G700M4 Nest of tablesH 56cm (22") H 51cm (20") This unusual coffee table contains all of the characteristics H 56cm (22") A bow fronted nest of tables decorated with olive ash bandingsW 56cm (22") W 150cm (59") associated with our Grandeur range of furniture, it has a W 61cm (24") on its top table. The smallest of the three tables is decoratedD 56cm (22") D 94cm (37") very chunky base and its curl mahogany top and angled D 41cm (16") with an olive ash front panel, whilst the legs on all three base corners are inlaid with olive ash veneers. tables are also inlaid with olive ash veneers.12 13
  8. 8. Grandeur Charles Barr Collection Unlike the amusements enjoyed in salons of the 18th and 19th Century homes, the accruements of modern home entertainment add little visual beauty to a room, the Grandeur pieces illustrated on the following pages provide all the storage you are likely to need for your Hi-fi and TV equipment. G596M4 G597M4 TV cabinet Hi-fi cabinet H 56cm (22") H 72cm (28") W 118cm (47") W 57cm (22") D 52cm (20") D 46cm (18") G735M4 Glass top coffee tableH 46cm (18") A true Grandeur coffee table, fourW 121cm (48") bevelled glass panes sit on top ofD 121cm (48") decorative olive ash bandings, a central square olive ash motif highlights the table top, whilst matching inlaid panels to the base of each leg and four large oblong olive ash panels mounted on each side rail completes this unusual coffee table design. G734M4 Glass top lamp tableH 51cm (20")W 61cm (24")D 61cm (24")14 15
  9. 9. Grandeur Charles Barr Collection Modern times require modern equipment, if you are looking for a cabinet to house your Plasma TV the Charles Barr Plasma cabinet differs from any other on the market. Forget those big and bulky cabinets that are best suited to board rooms, our compact cabinet houses your Plasma TV screen at the front of the unit, with a simple push button up and down switch located on the side of the cabinet, or if you prefer a key fob remote control, will allow you at the press of a button to raise and lower the TV via an electric actuator installed within the cabinet. As the TV rises so does the cabinet top with its two false drawer fronts, the side sliding bottom doors open to allow access to your cinema equipment, revealing ample storage space for DVD’s and videos via two banks of drawers as well as extra space in the top area set behind the TV. Our cabinet incorporates safety systems to ensure that the mechanism lowering your plasma screen will not operate when either of the doors is open. There is also a touch sensitive bar beneath the TV that will prevent damage to any object inadvertently left beneath it. G599M4 Plasma TV cabinet H 81cm (32") W 144cm (57") D 59cm (23")16 Height when raised 136cm (53") 17
  10. 10. Grandeur Charles Barr Collection Home study or period office, our furniture will enhance either room, it also meets the practical organisational requirements placed upon it, look closely at our bookcases and you will discover that they can incorporate useful filing drawers, or if you prefer extra cupboard space or perhaps full top to bottom shelving. G323M4 Partners desk Two capacious lockable back cupboards below three lockable top drawers provides H 76cm (30") W 187cm (73") all of the storage space you need on one side of this desk, on its reverse side you D 126cm (49") have a full nine drawer fascia to use with the top three drawers also being lockable. Blind curl side and top panels inlaid with olive ash bandings and a central leather working surface embossed with a 22 carat gold tooling provide the finishing touches to this truly executive partner’s desk. G421M4 Open bookcase unit with bottom cupboards H 215cm (85") These versatile bookcase units can be ordered in modular form enabling more than W 118cm (46") one unit to be locked together to provide ample storage for virtually any size of D 42cm (16") wall. If you require extra filing capacity, why not consider our G420M4 cabinet like our other cabinets it can stand freely on its own or it can be incorporated within a bookcase run of units. G322M4 Pedestal desk with filing H 76cm (30") W 155cm (61") drawer D 94cm (37") G320M4 Filing cabinet H 76cm (30") W 63cm (25") D 65cm (26") G420M4 Bookcase with four filing H 215cm (85") W 118cm (46") drawers D 42cm (16")18 19
  11. 11. Regal Charles Barr Collection Truly representative of its name our Regal collection of furniture is a step up in style and quality and is luxury personified. The finest mahogany timbers of African origin highlighted by careful use of exotic olive ash burr veneers flanked by rich tulip wood stringings set against gold highlighted acanthus leaf carvings in chair, table legs and corner stiles provide the perfect finishing touches to this highly decorative range of furniture all painstakingly crafted by hand. All Regal pieces are finished in our special M4 light non-distressed mahogany finish. For further details on care and maintenance please consult your Charles Barr price list. R188M4 Two leaf Regal dining table with leaf storage facility for one leaf H 78cm (31") W 330cm (130") All Regal dining tables are available in D 132cm (52") a choice of sizes. For extra seating capacity you might wish to consider our Loose leaf size 60cm (24") R190M4 Width: 470cm (185") or our R191M4 Width: 574cm (226"), both models include a centre table for added leaf support and length whilst still incorporating our leaf storage system. For further details please consult your Charles Barr price list. R288M4 Regal dining chair H 102cm (40") W 55cm (22") D 64cm (25") R288AM4 Regal armchair H 102cm (40") W 64cm (25") D 64cm (25")20 21
  12. 12. Regal Charles Barr Collection R88M4 Four door breakfront sideboard This Regal sideboard is available in four or five door options, the larger of the two cabinets has three centre cupboards with two glazed shaped bow ends, both versions come as standard with lights, glass shelves and polished back to the bow end glazed sections. H 87cm (34") W 186cm (73") D 62cm (24") R89M4 R584M4 Display cabinet shown with Five door modelH 231cm (91") polished back, lights and glass H 87cm (34")W 186cm (73") shelves W 233cm (92")D 62cm (24") Our four door breakfront Regal D 62cm (24")Height without display cabinet will grace anypediment home, its glazed bow shaped214cm (84") ends combined with two glazed centre top cupboard doors offer a superb display facility for your personal objet d’art. R789M4 Regal Coffee table H 45cm (18") This substantial Regal coffee table houses six drawers for storage. Like all Regal R18M4 Serving table W 140cm (55") pieces it is decorated with a figured blind curl mahogany top flanked with tulipH 89cm (35") D 140cm (55") wood inlaid stringings and rich burr olive ash bandings. A smaller version ofW 161cm (63") this table is also available which includes three drawers as K788M4.D 51cm (20") R788M4 Three drawer coffee table H 45cm (18") W 122cm (48")22 D 83cm (33") 23
  13. 13. Tr a d i t i o n a l Charles Barr Collection Mahogany has long been one of the cabinet maker’s favourite materials and as you can see Charles Barr’s craftsmen know how to emphasise its warm colour and varied graining. More in keeping with the style of the period, all tops in our traditional collection are constructed from solid mahogany, the use of olive ash bandings and inlays on both tops and cabinet fascias compliments and provides a perfect match should you wish to mix our traditional range with Grandeur or Regal pieces. All Traditional pieces are finished in our special M4 light non- distressed mahogany finish. For further details on care and maintenance please consult your Charles Barr price list. K112M4 Twin pedestal two leaf dining table with one leaf storage facility H 78cm (31") This traditional twin pedestal two leaf dining table is available in other W 290cm (114") sizes to cater for your seating requirements. Twin pedestal tables are D 114cm (45") available with one, two and three 51cm (20") centre leaves and should Loose leaf size your table length requirements extend beyond these standard sizes extra 51cm (20") pedestals can be added to this versatile design to extend table sizes even further, (for further details please consult your Charles Barr price list). K245M4 Country style Chippendale chair H 97cm (38") W 53cm (21") D 56cm (22") K245AM4 Country style Chippendale armchair H 97cm (38") W 61cm (24") D 61cm (24")24 25
  14. 14. Tr a d i t i o n a l Charles Barr Collection K109M4 Three pedestal two leaf dining table A large dining or Board room, our K109 three pedestal two leaf table is ideal for either, constructed from solid mahogany (without inlays). This table will store both of its 51cm/20" leaves to offer a choice in size to suit your seating arrangement. This style of table is also available in twin pedestal versions with one, two, or three leaves, (for further details please consult your Charles Barr price list) H 78cm (31") W 396cm (156") D 122cm (48") Loose leaf size 51cm (20") K277M4 Chippendale style claw and ball dining chair H 97cm (38") W 56cm (22") D 58cm (23") K277AM4 Chippendale style claw and ball dining armchair H 97cm (38") W 61cm (24") D 61cm (24") K606M4 Display cabinetDisplay cabinets and sideboardsalike in our Traditional range arecharacterised by matching ovalpanels flanked by olive ash burrveneers which offer a perfect contrastto our blind curl veneers used ontraditional style cabinets.H 229cm (90")W 162cm (64")D 43cm (17")Height without pediment 211cm (83") K65M4 Solid MahoganyH 84cm (33") top four doorW 211cm (83") breakfrontD 49cm (19") sideboard26 27
  15. 15. Tr a d i t i o n a l Charles Barr Collection All of our traditional solid mahogany dining table tops are constructed from figured crown mahogany timbers. At Charles Barr we are careful to make sure that each plank of timber used in our table top construction is from the same log, thus ensuring that many of the problems associated with movement on solid mahogany tables are avoided. K149M4 Twin pedestal single leaf dining table H 78cm (31") with leaf storage facility W 214cm (84") D 99cm (39") Loose leaf size 51cm (20") K228M4 Honeysuckle shield back dining chair H 100cm (39") W 55cm (22") D 60cm (24") K228AM4 Honeysuckle shield back armchair H 100cm (39") W 60cm (24") D 60cm (24") K60M4 Three door sideboard with solid mahogany top H 84cm (33") W 158cm (62") D 43cm (16")28 29
  16. 16. Tr a d i t i o n a l Charles Barr Collection K764M4 Solid mahogany top two drawer side table H 69cm (27") W 82cm (32") D 30cm (12") K748M4 Serpentine lamp table H 51cm (20") W 53cm (21") D 53cm (21") All of our traditional coffee and lamp tables have one thing in common, all of the tops are constructed from solid African mahogany inlaid with exotic burr olive ash bandings. Mounted on solid brass castors the splay leg underframes on each table depicts the true quality and style of our traditional range of furniture. K779M4 Coffee table H 43cm (17") W 122cm (48") D 122cm (48") K778M4 Lamp table H 51cm (20") W 56cm (22") D 56cm (22") K749M4 Serpentine coffee table H 42cm (17") K765M4 Solid mahogany top single drawer side table W 121cm (48")H 69cm (27") D 72cm (28")W 46cm (18")D 30cm (12")30 31
  17. 17. Tr a f a l g a r Charles Barr Collection A name well versed in British history, our Trafalgar collection has an almost galleon appeal to its design, its sturdiness and robust style is complimented by blind curl mahogany veneers highlighted with exotic ebony bandings and unlike our other mahogany collections the Trafalgar range is polished in a special M5 finish which incorporates a light antique distressing with subtle faded effects. Both single pedestal and twin pedestal dining tables in our Trafalgar range have leaf storage systems. Twin pedestal two leaf dining tables will close fully providing the second leaf is stored away from the dining table, whilst twin pedestal three leaf dining tables when storing a single leaf cannot be reduced in size beyond a one leaf table length. (For further details please consult your Charles Barr price list.) All Trafalgar table pedestals are fitted with bayonet style glide castors that can be removed if you wish to stand your table on a timber or stone decorative floor. T129M5 Twin pedestal two leaf dining table H 78cm (31") W 314cm (124") D 132cm (52") Loose leaf size 61cm (24") T200M5 Dining chair H 102cm (40") W 58cm (23") D 60cm (24") T200AM5 Armchair H 102cm (40") W 60cm (24") D 58cm (23") T455M5 Trafalgar display cabinet, shown with H 238cm (94") polished back, lights and glass shelves W 205cm (81") D 49cm (19") Height without pediment 218cm (86")32 33
  18. 18. Tr a f a l g a r Charles Barr Collection Our T455M5, T456M5 and T457M5 Trafalgar cabinets come as standard with a concealed pull out serving slide and a fitted baized right hand facing cutlery drawer. The bottom drawer of this cabinet is also made deeper by including the heavy Ogee plinth mouldings as part of the drawer face. T457M5 Trafalgar display cabinet with bar H 238cm (94") W 205cm (81") D 49cm (19") Height without pediment 218cm (86") T35M5 Sideboard H 84cm (33") As with the matching display cabinet this sideboard W 205cm (81") also includes a pull out slide, cutlery drawer and D 51cm (20") deep bottom drawer as standard.34 35
  19. 19. Tr a f a l g a r Charles Barr Collection Dining table, chairs, display cabinet and sideboard, all Trafalgar pieces match perfectly. The use of contrasting exotic ebony veneers throughout the range provides a co-ordinated effect rarely seen in antiques of the period. T127M5 Single pedestal dining table with leaf storage facility H 78cm (31") W 188cm (74") - table open W 132cm (52") - table closed D 49cm (19") T285M5 Dining chairs H 104cm (41") W 55cm (22") D 62cm (24") T450M5 Three door display cabinet with centre serving slide, shown with lights, glass shelves and polished back H 235cm (93") W 175cm (69") D 49cm (19") Height without pediment 218cm (86") T30M5 Three door sideboard with centre serving slide H 84cm (33") W 175cm (69") D 51cm (20")36 37
  20. 20. Tr a f a l g a r Charles Barr Collection T1M5 Console table Do you sometimes wish you had a larger coffee table for special H 88cm (35") occasions, our T630M5 Trafalgar coffee table provides the perfect W 137cm (54") solution, it stores its centre leaf which will enable you to increase the D 44cm (17") length of your coffee table for special occasions. As an optional extra Our Serpentine based console table we can also veneer your table leaf with a chequer board top. includes a secret centre drawer flanked by two full width drawers. Base and T630M5 Coffee table top are inlaid with Trafalgar ebony H 44cm (17") veneers. W 122cm (48") D 76cm (30") Extended width 178cm (70") T629M5 Lamp Table with pull out slide T766M5 Occasional table H 52cm (20") W 56cm (22") H 66cm (26")38 W 59cm (23") - diameter 39 D 56cm (22")
  21. 21. Charles Barr Furniture LimitedCountry Works, Sunderland Road, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 1RS Tel: 01767 681444 Fax: 01767 681397