PR 2.0 Pakistan perspective


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What is PR 2.0 / Digital PR Online Social PR & Media ? ... Learn how to use it effectively and accurately esp in Pakistan.

Presented at British High Commission, Islamabd to its Communications team (Oct 2011)

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PR 2.0 Pakistan perspective

  1. 1. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspectivePR 2.0 (Online Social Media)Pakistan Perspective
  2. 2. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspective What is: Online Social Media?Online Social media is a direct-to consumer approach that allows audiences to drive thecommunication in their communities.In today’s ever-changing world Online Social Media has emerged as a new and direct marketsegment, where a brand directly interacts with the consumers. It provides 1:0:1 platform to thebrand and in return gives a personalized touch to its customers.•Web-Logs (Blogs)• E-Groups/Forums• Social networking• E-nfo-media•E-zines
  3. 3. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspectiveWHAT STATISTICS TELLS US? FACT: Asian internet users comprises of 44.2 % of the total world Updated Statistics – June 30, 2011 Copyright © 2011, Miniwatts Marketing Group.
  4. 4. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspectiveWHAT STATISTICS TELLS US? FACT: Almost 11% of Pakistanis are active online and that makes 2.5 % of the Asian online population
  5. 5. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspective WHAT STAISTICS TELLS US?FACT: Pakistan ranks 8th in the top Asian Internet countries with 20.4 million users
  6. 6. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspectiveHOW TO MANAGE ONLINE MARKET ?PR (2.0), Not Advertising, IS THE STRATEGY OF CHOICEInterbrand, a leading London-based consultancy and marketing research firm, has namedthe recipient of its Brand of the Year survey. In a landslide, the winner is…Public Relations.According to Al Ries, author of The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR, PublicRelations creates brands. Advertising defends brands. Advertising, no matter how clever,funny, dramatic or aesthetically pleasing, is self-serving. It is a pitch and no matter howcleverly disguised, we all recognize advertising as a pitch. There is no company inPakistan spending billions of rupees per year on PR. In advertising, there are morethan 25. There is no comparison in costs. Or, many would argue, in effectiveness.But in today’s social media world of Web 2.0, today’s PR is not like yester-year’s PR. Youcan now get better mileage from your PR rupees than you can from your advertisingrupees, particularly in today’s new media landscape.According to Deirdre Breakenridge in her book PR 2.0 – New Media, New Tools, NewAudiences, “PR 2.0 uses a combination of social media tools to reach and bettercommunicate with influencers and consumer audiences directly.”
  7. 7. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspective Strategy #1: BLOGS PRESENCEBLOGS (Web-logs):Campaigns focusing on blogs and social media sites can be great, low-cost or no-cost, ways to spread your messages and engage peoplewho are shaping public opinion.
  8. 8. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspective Strategy #1: BLOG PRESENCEOur experience:2006-07: We successfully placed our client Café Ciao on nearly all top relevant Blogs,resulting it to publicize a positive and personal image of the then-launched coffee house. Italso became the one of the most found search result for Karachi, coffee houses, Café,restaurant, reviews etc., as most of the search engines are linked to the blogosphere.
  9. 9. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspective Strategy #1: BLOG PRESENCEManaging what goes through:Blogs entries are controlled and in case of negative publicity can be rectified throughcounter-blogging or posting reply through positive comments;Following is an example; how a general post can turn negative, if not monitored &controlled.
  10. 10. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspective Strategy #2: E-Groups penetration E-GROUPS / FORUMS: TARGET SPECIFIC COMUNITIES E-Groups or Forums are an excellent platform to be in touch with your consumers. E-Groups are generally subject specific hence makes it easy to attract / engage the target market as per their subject of interest.The forums play the same role as of daily news and discussions on our TV screens – andthat gives us, the brand, an opportunity to mingle with our customer as a personality. Itprovides the feeling of a face-to-face discussion between two people, known to each other. Itcertainly helps the brand to retain the customer loyal to the brand.Following is an example of target specific E-Groups; Marketing-360 which started as ageneral marketing discussion forum; is now the biggest and most active Pakistan Marketingcommunity providing a platform for discussion to both marketing gurus and students.
  11. 11. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspectiveStrategy #2: E-Groups penetration
  12. 12. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspective Strategy #3: SOCIAL NETWORKINGSOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITES – The new place to be:FaceBook, Orkut, LinkedIn are now household names and the place to find friends, familyschool-mates, neighbors and work-colleagues. It is the place to learn about the likes, dislikesand interests of people around us. Pakistan has a very active presence on all top socialnetworking websites.FACT: Pakistan has ranks 9th on facebook amongAsian countries with 9% growth rate. Pakistan still ranks 5th on Orkut with almost 7% users worldwide.
  13. 13. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspective Strategy #3: SOCIAL NETWORKINGHere we share how we used orkut community & facebook group to get in touch with the targetmarket for our clients Café Ciao and New Horizons. Within weeks the groups attractedhundreds of prospective clients. And now they know who they are and what they like anddislike, they can market to them in the future. It was a campaign with a mutual purpose: getaccess to this group of people, form a community and share ideas, events, reviews and images
  14. 14. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspective Strategy #3: SOCIAL NETWORKINGPAKISTANI SOCIAL NETWORKING COMMUNITIES:Now we see many Pakistani Social networking websites active on the web. The mostsignificance part, of these communities, is the localization of the content e.g. classifieds ads,online mapping, buy & sell, and reviews of Pakistan based products. The notables are,,, is the newest entrant that has captured great interest from the online users andgenerated about 25,000 page views in May 2009. Its Online mapping facility for local interestsand businesses is a major cause of its increasing popularity
  15. 15. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspective Strategy #4: E-nfo mediaELECTRONIC INFORMATION MEDIA:Started as separate online tools; most of the E-info media tools are linkedwith the social networking websites and on the Blogs and are used as amix;A B2BOnline survey 2009 shows the marketing mix people are using:• 32.5% = Blogs• 29.2% = Podcast/Video• 17.5% = RSS Feeds• 14.2% = Social Networks
  16. 16. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspective Strategy #5: E-ZINESONLINE MAGAZINES:Updated on daily, weekly and monthly basis are online magazine ran by professional writers.The E-zines are a good place to have the press release or a story published. They also run amailing facility which informs all its subscribers as soon as a new story is posted on the e-zine.Access e-zines for your stories, be it official press releases, your perspective, productreviews etc
  17. 17. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspectivePR2.0 – Solution for the future:The PR 2.0 or Digital PR is the cost-effective solution using the strategies discussed aboveand has provided desired mileage and results for our clients.It is widely practiced in all developing nations and has proven track record of highest ROIthan any other form of modern-day communication.It has made the brand available to the consumer in the comforts of their mind and henceprovides the best mind-recall.You never know where you will find the picture of your brand and in which manner -  For any comments, suggestions or detailed plan; feel free to contact: Momentum PR – your partners in PR 2.0 Hasan Zuberi - Email: Cell: +92 345 213 00 77 - Tel: +92 21 32074916
  18. 18. PR 2.0 – Pakistan perspectiveThank You