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Marketing the brand called YOU


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The presentation titled "Marketing the brand called YOU" was made for graduating class of a Business School ... hence the main emphasize is on the subject of self-branding and presenting themselves as a brand with attractive packaging to the recruiters / organizations.

How to add colours to their CV and present the brand <you>

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Marketing the brand called YOU

  1. 1. Presented by: Hasan Zuberi Chairman CEO Founder CPR.Pakistan
  2. 2. Qualification: MBA (Marketing) Experience: 15+ years (in PK, UAE, SG & ID)Associations: Council of PR, Mensa, MEPRA, MAP• Worked with:• Handle/d:
  4. 4. A career brand is an image that portrays you as an expert in your field, attracts your ideal employer, and reveals how you can help their business.How can you promote yourcareer brand effectively, to standout among increasing competitionin workforce?
  5. 5. WHATyou are going to market about yourself WHO you are going to market yourself to WHYyou are going to market yourself to them
  6. 6. 1. Provide direction ~ to help eliminate trial and error. As a result, save time and money.2. Network with industry players3. Identify your skills Marketing these, not job history & accomplishments, puts you in high demand4. Determine what industries your skills fit into5. Resolve setbacks - Fix your resume
  7. 7. Your plan answers these questions:1. What have I accomplished, where am I now and where will my career be if I do not take action?2. Where do I want to go with my career?3. How do I get to where I want to go?4. How do I put my plan into action?5. What do I need to change if I am not getting success?
  8. 8. • Understand trends in your career field• Study the companies you would like to work for• Interview industry professionals• Consult resourcesUse this information foryour cover letter, resumeand job interview
  10. 10. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES- Work experience - Education - No experience – Lack of knowledge- Technical skills & knowledge (skills) - Inconsistent with jobs- Personal characteristics (ethics) - Weak technical knowledge- Strong network of contacts - Lack of skills- professional associations - Negative Personal characteristics OPPORTUNITIES THREATS- Field Trends (technology) - Field Trends (downsizing)- Field need your skill-set - Competition- Location - No jobs for your degree- Strong network - Competitors with superior skills, exp.- Field advancements - Limited Advancement
  11. 11. Résumé - Curriculum Vitæ - Bio-data (CV)(Fr.) Summary (It.) Course of my (Eng) BiographicalTypical life datais a document used provides an Resume + physicalby individuals to overview of a attributes, such haspresent their persons life and height, weight, hairbackground and qualifications /skin/eye color, & askillsets photo
  12. 12. • Clean & professional attire• Clean & polished dress shoes• Well-groomed hairstyle• Cleaned & trimmed fingernails• Minimal cologne or perfume• Well-brushed teeth &fresh breath• No gum, candy etc in your mouth• Minimal jewelry