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Building powerful-search-in-drupal

  1. 1. Azri
  2. 2. AGENDA Me and my company ‘Powerful Search’ - Examples Search as-is in Drupal today Lucene API Apache Solr Quick Demo Questions ????? Azri
  3. 3. ‘Me’ My village HUZURABADAzri
  4. 4. More about ‘Me’• I build applications on Drupal• I am an active contributor of code on Drupal, jQuery and PHP communities• One of my projects, a real-time collaboration suite was showcased at TechCrunch 50 in SF Azri
  5. 5. Some Drupal sites that Powerful Search Implementations on leverage ‘Search’ Drupal Azri
  6. 6. Importance of Search Drupal is a Social publishing platform. Content is the king. Azri
  7. 7. Drupal Navigation is not enough Azri
  8. 8. Taxonomy is not enough either! Azri
  9. 9. 4 clicks to access Required page Home > Plugins > Forms > Ajax Fancy Captcha Azri
  10. 10. Power of Search• With Google, I can reach a required page with two clicks (one click with instant on) Azri
  11. 11. Drupal Search Results Azri
  12. 12. Google Search result Azri
  13. 13. Advanced Search in Drupal? It is really hard to fill all those details To get relevant content Azri
  14. 14. Why Drupal needs better ‘Search’!Too Fast! Too Smart! Trustworthy! Azri
  15. 15. So…how to make Search really ‘Smart’ , ‘Fast’ & ‘Trustworthy’! Let’s figure out. Azri
  16. 16. Faceted SearchSortable Faceted Azri
  17. 17. Spelling Suggestions Azri
  18. 18. Field Boosting Azri
  19. 19. RecommendationsRelated Posts Azri
  20. 20. So…how we do it in DRUPAL! Here we go… Azri
  21. 21. On Drupal… Search Lucene API – Uses Zend Frameworks PHP port of Lucene Apache Solr Search Integration – Integrates with Apache Solr search platform Azri
  22. 22. When Lucene? Good for mid-scale sites (< 5K nodes) Inbuilt Faceted Search & Field Boosting Support to extend search to other fields Supports content recommendations Supports spelling suggestions Azri
  23. 23. When Solr? Good for large volume sites Has all features supported by Lucene Distributed: Supports multiple clients API to modify search and display behavior Supported by Engineers at Acquia Do-It-Yourself or use Acquia Search Azri
  24. 24. Extensions to Solr• Apache Solr Views integration• Multi-site search• Local Solr (Geospacial search)• Apache Solr Ubercart• Webmail Plus• Solr Service & Apache Solr Stats. Solr Autocomplete, Solr Ajax, Apache Solr Biblio, Simple Geo, Node displays…etc. Azri
  25. 25. Extensions to Lucene Search Lucene DidYouMean Search Lucene MoreLikeThis Search Lucene CCK Search Lucene OG Search Lucene Biblio Search Lucene API node filter Search Lucene Internationalization Search Lucene Tagcloud Azri
  26. 26. Demo Time  Demo Azri
  27. 27. Questions for me? Questions? Azri
  28. 28. Azri