Office Shifting Checklist - How to Prepare and Move your office


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This post is to help you prepare a good checklist for your office shifting. There may be lots of factors and process that could be specific for your need, other may not be relevant, but I am going to talk about the most common process.

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Office Shifting Checklist - How to Prepare and Move your office

  1. 1. Office Shifting Checklist (Things To Do)Proper Planning and Scheduling is the Key•We have moved to a new office on 1st of February. Physicaldistance between both new and old office was not that much and Ithought it would be real simple to move to our new office. But boy, Iwas wrong. It takes lots of planning, co-ordination and efforts to getyour office shifting right.•This post is to help you prepare a good checklist for your officeshifting. There may be lots of factors and process that could bespecific for your need, other may not be relevant, but I am going totalk about the most common process Helpline No: 074394-58850
  2. 2. Office Shifting Checklist (Things To Do)Fix a date for moving and inaugurating your new office•You should assign a deadline for shifting. Having a deadline formoving your office is going to help you speedup the rest of theprocess. There re so many task that must be addressed and if youdon’t set a deadline for final shifting, it will be hard. So fix a date ofshifting and the date of inaugurating your new office. Helpline No: 074394-58850
  3. 3. Office Shifting Checklist (Things To Do)Is your new office operation ready?•Depending on the nature of business, you may require different kindof facilities. For example in ours case, we were setting up a newoffice. So right from furniture to electric works, networking tobroadband connection, we had to ensure everything is in placebefore moving to this new office.•Different task require different consultants and experts. So beforeyou start moving you have to ensure your new office is actuallyoperation ready. Some of the basic requirements could be furniture,electricity, Internet connection, UPS and other backup devices,drinking water etc. Helpline No: 074394-58850
  4. 4. Office Shifting Checklist (Things To Do)Announce your new address and update your partners•Once you know you are shifting your office, it’s always a good ideato start announcing this information. Keep your prospects, partners,associates informed that you will be moving your office and that therecould be some delays in responding to ay communication or it couldinterrupt your services for a day or two.•Initiate the process to change your address on various officialcommunications so that by the time you move to your new office,your official address is updated and no communication is missed. Helpline No: 074394-58850
  5. 5. Office Shifting Checklist (Things To Do)Find Professional Packers and Movers•In an office there could be different types of materials and packersand movers companies can help you shift them properly to your newoffice. You may also like to do the shifting by yourself, but nothinglike getting a professional hired for helping your out with your officeshifting.•To begin with, you may start by searching ‘packers and movers foroffice shifting’ on google and then talk to a few of the movers andpackers companies who have expertise in office shifting.•Talk to three or four packers and movers, discuss your requirementsand ask for quotations so that you can compare and then hire one ofthem. Helpline No: 074394-58850
  6. 6. Office Shifting Checklist (Things To Do)Packing your office goods•Usually in an office, there are hundreds types of documents, letters,invitations etc. Some of them could be very important and hope youhave already filled them. Other may not be relevant, or less importantand might be lying somewhere on your desk or in cabinets. Beforeyou start packing, make sure to destroy such letters and papers.•No one likes to carry garbage and this is a good opportunity to geteverything cleaned. Get rid of useless items. Involve your employeesand ask them to separate important files and documents bythemselves so that nothing goes missing. Helpline No: 074394-58850
  7. 7. Office Shifting Checklist (Things To Do)Unpacking and re-arranging•Unpacking all those materials is going to take time. You may facesmall little issues here and there in locating your stuff, but that’sokay. Prepare yourself accordingly.•As I said above, I am still not well settled in my new office, so staytuned and I am going to write a very detailed post on office shifting bythis weekend.Thank You! Helpline No: 074394-58850