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Loaves & Fishes: Living Abundance


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It is possible to demonstrate a life of abundance and live abundantly, as illustrated in the parable of Loaves and Fishes.

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Loaves & Fishes: Living Abundance

  1. 1. Loaves, Fishes and theNext World Wide Web
  2. 2. Loaves, Fishes and theNext World Wide Web Moving from Scarcity to Abundance
  3. 3. Once Upon a Time…
  4. 4. Once Upon a Time…
  5. 5. Once Upon a Time…
  6. 6. “Life is a mirror and will reflectback to the thinker what hethinks into it.”-- Ernest Holmes
  7. 7. Reflection – July 1986• Desperation• In-between jobs• Wanting to be useful• Seeking Divine Guidance
  8. 8. Reflection – July 1986• Received…guidance• Working on project,came across materialfor different project• Enthusiastic but…• Unfocused, confused
  9. 9. “If you want to change the world… start with yourself.” • Sobriety (1990) • Spiritual connection (1995)
  10. 10. Sacred Days Retreat 1998• Week in Portland• Group of Ministers• Goal of Ministry?• Day of Silence• Sacred Covenant
  11. 11. Sacred Days Retreat 1998Vision: “Growing Abundance through the Wisdom of Love”
  12. 12. Setting Intentions• Ministry Name:“Loaves & Fishes”• To Awaken Qualitiesof Freedom & Joy• Teach, speak andempower others• Be living example
  13. 13. Loaves & Fishes• All 4 gospels• Principle ofabundance• 5 loaves, 2 fish• Multitudes fed• Unconditionalgenerosity
  14. 14. Unconditional Generosity• Spontaneous sharing& cooperation• What’s mine is yours• No scarcity, so nohoarding• Abundance mademanifest
  15. 15. The Precious Gift
  16. 16. “10 Fish”
  17. 17. Taking More Action
  18. 18. Taking More Action
  19. 19. Seeing New Opportunities
  20. 20. Taking New Actions – July 2001
  21. 21. Service Creates Abundance…
  22. 22. “Life is a mirror and will reflectback to the thinker what hethinks into it.”-- Ernest Holmes
  23. 23. …and New OpportunitiesOur Home:100%... …solar-powered since 2003
  24. 24. …and New OpportunitiesOur Car: 100% electric,solar-powered
  25. 25. Solar Power Basics
  26. 26. Daytime: Too Much Energy Day: system usually makesmore energy than home can use Extra energy flows back ontoutility grid Runs the electric meterbackwards for credit Extra power used by others
  27. 27. Nighttime: Not Enough Energy Solar panels don’t work atnight Take back energy that’s“banked” during the day Only pay bill once a year On avg, use as much as youput in, your bill is ZERO! “Net Metering” program Energy Interdependence
  28. 28. Loaves, Fishes… and Abundance
  29. 29. Global Problem: Hunger and Starvation• UNWorld Food ProgramReport (Feb. 17, 2007)• 850 million people are“hungry or malnourished”• Half of this number arechildren• 18,000 children die ofhunger and malnutritionevery day• 1 death every 5 seconds
  30. 30. Scale Up to Global Level? • Global energy interdependence? • How far can shared electricity travel?
  31. 31. Abundance at the Speed of Light
  32. 32. Energy Supply vs. Demand• Enough sunlight falls onearth’s surface in 1 hour• To meet 100% of world’senergy needs for 1 full year
  33. 33. Energy Supply vs. Demand• Not Always… • the right kind of energy • at the right place • at the right time• Not a supply problem, but adistribution problem• Global Energy “Internet”
  34. 34. Global “Energy Internet” Does Not Exist Yet
  35. 35. U.S. Electrical Grid
  36. 36. European Electrical Grid
  37. 37. Regional Energy Grids Not Connected
  38. 38. Our World from a New Perspective
  39. 39. Connecting Regional Grids into Global Energy Network
  40. 40. Electricity: Basis of Civilization • Developed world: 2,000+ kWh per capita • Developing world: 1,000 – 2,000 kWh per capita• Poverty: Less than 1,000 kWh per capita
  41. 41. Electricity: Basis of Civilization• Clean drinking water and adequatewater treatment systems• Refrigeration: stable food supplyand medicines• Reduction of disease and infantmortality• Improved standard of living: stablepopulation growth• Correlates with high literacy rate
  42. 42. Electricity: Basis of Civilization• Current world population Billions of People 7 6.5 Billion people 6 5 4• People with no access to 3electricity: 2 1 2 Billion people 0 World Population No electricity
  43. 43. Loaves, Fishes…. And Abundance• Connect regional electricitygrids into worldwide energynetwork• Connect renewable energyresources (hydro, solar, wind)• Phase out energy generatingplants causing greatestpollution• Provide universal access toelectricity and power grid• Goal: 2,000 kWh percapita/year
  44. 44. Global Energy Network Strategy• Global Energy NetworkInstitute (GENI)• Located in San Diego• Founded 1986• Based on work of Dr. R.Buckminster Fuller• Inventor of geodesic dome• “World Game” simulations in1960s and 1970s
  45. 45. Global Energy Network Endorsements• Walter Cronkite• Al Gore• Boutros Boutros-Ghali• His Holiness Dalai Lama• Rev. Desmond Tutu• Vincente Fox• Dr. Jonas Salk
  46. 46. Global Energy Grid: Largely Built
  47. 47. Internet: 1972 – 19981972 ARPANET, 4 universities1981 214 hosts in ARPANET1981 IBM-PC introduced1982 ARPANET converted to TCP/IP1984 CERN network grows in Europe1989 Japan JUNET connected to NSFNet1991 Hypertext introduced by Berners-Lee1993 Mosaic graphical web browser1994 Netscape Navigator1995 Yahoo and Alta Vista search engines1998 Google founded 1972- 1998…
  48. 48. Three Projects to Watch• Tres Amigas Superstation in New Mexico• Google’s Atlantic Wind Energy Backbone• Desertec Mediterranean Project
  49. 49. Tres Amigas Superstation• In Clovis, NM• 3 Grids Intersect• Superconducting“Roundabout “
  50. 50. Tres Amigas Superstation
  51. 51. Google’s Atlantic Backbone• 350 miles long• 15 mi offshore• Connect VA – NY• 7,000 MW• 2 million HH
  52. 52. Desertec Energy Project• Solar arrays in Saharaand Saudi Arabia• Exported to Europevia HVDC Network• 6-nation Gulf regionnetwork just connected
  53. 53. Desertec Energy Project• Solar arrays in Saharaand Saudi Arabia• Exported to Europevia HVDC Network• 6-nation Gulf regionnetwork just connected• $1.2 billion project
  54. 54. Bering Strait Tunnel Project• Aug. 22, 2011• 26-mile connection, $100 B• Alaska to Siberia• HVDC lines “feasible”• East-West “Energy Bridge”
  55. 55. Loaves, Fishes… and Abundance
  56. 56. Loaves, Fishes… and Abundance“GrowingAbundancethrough theWisdom of Love”
  57. 57. “Life is a mirror and will reflectback to the thinker what hethinks into it.”-- Ernest Holmes
  58. 58. Divine “Guidance” – July 1986Neural Network Global EnergyComputer Network
  59. 59. Loaves, Fishes… and AbundanceYour Journey?
  60. 60. A Love Like ThatEven after all this timethe sun never saysto the earth, You owe me.‘Look what happens with a love likethat, it lights the whole sky.-- Hafiz
  61. 61. For More Information•••