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Help For The Walking Wounded

This article gives provides helpful information for those who are emotionally wounded.

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Help For The Walking Wounded

  1. 1. ==== ====This article provides helpful information for emotionally wounded ====The Walking WoundedBy Marcus M. Mottley, Ph.D.We are a wounded people. In this largely uncaring world, people are hurt from exploitation andvictimization. People everywhere are experiencing all kinds of rape and trauma: racial, financial,political, organizational and sexual. Children are abused. Marriages are broken. Tragedies of allkinds natural and man-made afflict all of us. And many of these wounds cut deep and lastbeyond a lifetime.In many cases, these wounded people are victims of the criminal, hurtful, or selfish actions ofothers. In other cases the emotionally wounded have self-inflicted wounds and are victims of theirown hardheaded, addictive or narcissistic actions. The outcome is the same regardless of thesource. People are emotionally wounded! And so they struggle with crippling emotions such asanxiety, anger, fear, desperation, shame and guilt, hatred, depression, and low self-esteem.The pain of such emotions is often present with us even though the incidents and relationshipsthat caused the hurt may be long past. We have difficulty with our relationships even those withinour own households. On the job, we cant get along with colleagues. We fight with our neighborswhether they are next door, around the corner, in the next county or in the next country. Politically there are fights everywhere: neighbor against neighbor; family against family; country againstcountry.These are the walking emotionally wounded who suffer as a result of knives in their backs andforks in their hearts perpetrated on them mostly by people who they trust, respect and depend on.Our emotional wounds show in the insanity of our public and private actions. What else canexplain a father raping his daughter or a mother killing her kids? What else can explain a priestsexually abusing young children? What else can explain a politician raping his country of thefinancial resources earmarked for those who need it most in his country? What else can explaincaregivers who exploit the elderly and the disabled? Those people the perpetrators of thosedisgusting and horrible actions are often themselves among the emotionally wounded.Caution! Think carefully before you decide that because you are not in this dastardly group andyou therefore are not emotionally wounded!Not everyone who is emotionally wounded abuse or hurt others to the degree that those describedabove do. Most people who are emotionally wounded do not abuse children and are not involvedin any kind of rape financial, political or sexual. Most appear to live normal lives. Their emotionalwounds and hurt are hidden deep on the inside and only shows itself to the trained analyst and theexpert eye. But those emotional wounds do wreak havoc with their lives and the lives of thoseclosest to them.
  2. 2. What are some of the symptoms of being emotionally wounded?Addiction to approval and people pleasingAlcohol and drug abuseGamblingManipulation of othersLust for control and powerPossessivenessExtreme selfishness, disloyalty and self-centerednessLashing out at and hurting others without any visible signs of regretEating disordersKleptomaniaShopping addictionHigh levels of anxietyFear of intimacyEmotional numbnessOverly sensitiveIntensely secretiveVery little patience or tolerance for othersShame and guiltNightmaresRage and hatred including self-hatred and anger towards themselvesDepressionSense of hopelessness leading to suicidal thoughts and gestures.PhobiasObsessive compulsive disordersIrrational expectations (stated and unstated) of othersAbusive behavior including child abuseIt shows up in their children who exhibit emotional pain by being abusive and violent; children whouse drugs and become involved in anti-social and delinquent activities.As you can see emotional wounds are a fact of life and is exhibited all around us.There is hope, however, for those who think that they are alone in their suffering. Despiteemotional and psychological wounds there are things that they can do individually and collectivelyto heal the emotional wounds and improve their overall emotional health. People with emotionalwounds need a lot of things.Here are a few of the many tasks:They must acknowledge that they need help. This may be difficult for those who believe that theirsituation is hopeless. It could also be difficult for those who are intensely secretive.They need intensive and clinically sophisticated help through counseling and psychotherapy withexpert clinicians.They need to feel a sense of hope. This will start them on their journey towards healing.They must express themselves, to talk and be listened to. In this endeavor, they need to hearthemselves from the inside and at the deepest levels of their psyche. Talk-therapy could be
  3. 3. enhanced with expressive therapy whereby the individual is allowed to express themselves inmyriads of ways with the guidance of an experienced professional. In this regard, any therapeuticintervention would have to take into account the dynamic, sensitive, tenuous and potentiallydangerous nature of the therapeutic process for people suffering from deep emotional trauma.They must accept that time does not heal emotional wounds or scars! Then they need to givethemselves permission to let go of the past and heal from the inside out.If codependency is a factor, they need to begin recovery and healing and develop awareness inthe many ways that this is a feature in their lives.They must uncover and then deal with the shadow parts of themselves which remain hidden fromtheir conscious minds.There are many resources that can help people who are suffering from emotional wounds. Iencourage people to begin by reading books on emotional healing and finding clinically competenttherapists and counselors to help them.For a list of resources that are readily available, please go to: or click onthe link above and below this article.==== ====This article provides helpful information for emotionally wounded ====