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Reach Your Potential's Third Tech Tuesday Twitter for Business. This presentation provides an overview of Twitter and what it can do for your business, and is filled with over 80 resources.

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  1. 1. Twitter for Business (#3RdTT)Michelle Post,
  2. 2. Who is Dr. Michelle Post?Author: Building Your Adjunct Platform, Heaven HasTea Parties, & Reflections of Weekly WordsFacebook:
  3. 3. Certificate of Completion
  4. 4. Lessons to Learn• Twitter Statistics• Why Twitter• Dr. Post’s Twitter Strategy• Dr. Post’s Steps & ToolsWhen Using Twitter• Twitter Canvas• Twitter Profile• Language of Twitter:Tweeting, Re-tweeting,Hashtags & DM• To Follow & Be Followed• What to Tweet and When• Twitter Search• Twitter Advanced Search• Twitter for Lead Generation• Twitter Ads• Twitter Vine• Twitter ROI• Twitter Best Practices• CALL TO ACTION• So Many Twitter Resources• References
  5. 5. Twitter StatisticsStatisticBrain. (2013, May 7). Twitter statistics. Retrieved from
  6. 6. Twitter Statistics• 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter,and 20% have closed deals• 77 of the world’s 100 largest companies maintain acorporate Twitter account. But media outlets are themost active users• 2 out of 3 social media users believe Twitter influencespurchases• 50% of people follow brands on Twitter• 75% of companies now use Twitter as a marketingchannel• 66% of questions asked on Twitter have somecommercial intent (Sian Phillips)
  7. 7. Why Twitter?“It is the perfect platform forthe distribution of marketingcontent. Describe a link, pasteit in the box, and hit Tweet.Your followers can then clickand read, and if they ’re somotivated, they can share thatlink with their followers. It ’sthe most elegant viralmechanism yet invented.” ~Dan Zarrella, The Science ofMarketing
  8. 8. Why Twitter?It isn’t just a cute kiddie-toy orchat function for keeping intouch with friends. With itsreal-time human-drivenresults, Twitter has become thenetworking, information, andsearch engine of choice formany business professionals. ~Mark, Schaefer, The Tao ofTwitter: Changing Your Life andBusiness 140 Characters at aTime .
  9. 9. What You Can Do With Twitter• Attract new audiences andpotential customers, partners,and suppliers• Follow news on your industry,market, competition, andcustomers• Solve problems quickly• Stay on top of the latestresearch, opinion, insights,and competitive intelligence• Learn new skills• Strengthen new and existingbusiness relationships• Open up low-cost marketingopportunities (Mark Schaefer)• Branding• Connecting with customers• Giveaways• Marketing• Twitter is viral• Increase sales (Aaron Lee)• Research• Upload photos & videos• Product launches• Reviews• Share information• Be helpful, interesting, andengaging (Michelle Post)
  10. 10. Why It Works
  11. 11. Dr. Post’s Twitter StrategyYOUWhyWhoWhatWhenWhereHow1. Why – Why are you usingthe application & do youneed to?2. Who – Who is yourcompany voice? Who willyou follow? Who will youlisten to?3. What – What are yourassets that can be usedon social media?4. When – When is the besttime to tweet?5. Where – Where elseshould you place yourTweets?6. How – How are yougoing to Tweet?“Tactics without strategy is the noise beforedefeat.” – Sun Tzu
  12. 12. Dr. Post’s 4-Steps & Tools in UsingTwitterPlanCreateTweetMeasure/ManageTwitterCampaign• Plan – Decide what my content for eachmonth• Create a social media calendar withdays of FB, TW, LI• Create – I create an Excel spreadsheet withmy Tweets for the day, week or month• Use a URL shortener, Bitly• Create hashtags for tweets• Tweet – I tweet my content using HootSuitefor it allows me to upload & schedule mytweets• I tweet the same messages to mypersonal & for profit business• Measure/Manage – I manage my followersusing ManageFlitter & measure my Twitterpresence with TwitterGrader
  13. 13. Twitter Canvas
  14. 14. Twitter Canvas – The Parts• The Background Theme• The Home Page– Tweets – Following – Followers– Compose new Tweet– Who to Follow– Trends– Tweet Stream• @ Connect– Interactions– Mentions• # Discover– Tweets– Activity– Who to follow– Find friends– Browse categories• Me– Tweets– Following– Followers– Favorites– Lists– Photos & Videos• Search• Settings– Edit Profile– Direct Messages– Lists– Help– Keyboard shortcuts– Settings– Sign out
  15. 15. Twitter Profile
  16. 16. Twitter Profile – The Parts• User Name - Choose a good user name thatwill easily appear in searches• Picture – A picture is preferred over a logo,but you can have both• Bio – Can only be 160 characters and needs touse the same keywords from your website,blog, and other social media accounts• Link – Include a link to your website or yourmost visited social media site (FB, LI, Blog)
  17. 17. Language of Twitter• Tweet – a single Twitter post• @messages – an @ symbol followed by an accountname is a link to that account page, used to see who ismentioning you• ReTweet (RT) – the act of reposting somebody else’stweet• #Hashtags – using the # in front of a word or phrasedenotes it is a searchable term• Direct Messages (DM) – a private message option• Tweetup – an in-person gathering organized by Twitter• Fail Whale – when Twitter goes down, this is theirsymbol a whale
  18. 18. To Follow & Be Followed50 Powerful Ways to Get More TwitterFollowers - to Follow• Your network• Your customers• Your competitors• Your industry experts• News channels• People of interest• People who add value to youYour Followers• Your network• Your customers• Your competitors• You the expert• People of interest• People you can addvalue too
  19. 19. What to Tweet & WhenGreat Blog Post• Mike Brown - What toTweet About – 37 Ideasfor Better ContentMarketing:• What to Tweet is onlylimited by yourimagination.– Be helpful– Be interesting– Be human– Be transparent– Don’t sell• Best Time –
  20. 20. Twitter Search
  21. 21. Twitter Advanced Search
  22. 22. Twitter for Lead Generation• Tools Already Exist to Help With Lead Generation– Twitter Lists– Promoted Tweets– Twitter Advanced Search– Hashtags– Tweeting with right keywords– Tracking keywords, mentions, lists, & conversations– Great blog post with lead generation strategies:
  23. 23. Twitter Ads
  24. 24. Twitter Vine• The App -• Just a few uses:– Engage– Market– Humanize– Market
  25. 25. Twitter ROIWhat to Measure• Retweets• Mentions• Campaignspecifics• Lead generation• Sales from tweets• Followers• Searches• And more
  26. 26. Twitter ROI Resources• Jenna Hanington - 6 Tools to Help Measure Your Twitter ROI:• Anum Hussain - The Marketers Ultimate Guide to Measuring theROI of Twitter & Vine:• Social Media Today - How to Determine Facebook and Twitter ROI[INFOGRAPHIC]:• Zoe Wilson – Measuring ROI in Social Media Part III: TwitterMetrics:
  27. 27. Twitter Best Practices• 5 Best Practices for Marketing on Twitter -• 8 Best Practice Tips for Twitter -• 8 Twitter Best Practices -• 10 Tips for Using Twitter Like a Pro -• 10 Twitter Tips on Apps, Engagement, and Experimenting -• Twitter for Business Best Practice Tips -• Tweet Sweet – 12 Irresistible Twitter Best Practices for Business -
  28. 28. CALL TO ACTION• Don’t have a Twitteraccount, then createone today• Have a Twitteraccount, then beginlistening & following• Make Twitter part ofyour social mediastrategy – this year!
  30. 30. Dr. Post’s Twitter Book List
  31. 31. Twitter Influencers & Lists to Follow• 10 Helpful Twitter Lists for Social Media Marketers -• 10 Tech Experts You Should Follow On Twitter -• Top 25 Twitter Small Business Experts to Follow -• Top Internet Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter & Google+ -• Top 10 Social Media Experts You Should Be Following On Twitter -• The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2013 -
  32. 32. Twitter Success Stories• Lindsey Weedston - Top 10 Best Uses of Twitter in2012:• Business Insider - The Top 20 Brands On Twitter,Ranked By Influence With Customers:• Twitter – Success Stories:
  33. 33. Twitter for Business• Advanced Twitter for Business – 19 Links to 480 Twitter Tips, Lessons, and Apps:• Jill Duffy – How to Use Twitter for Business:,2817,2383408,00.asp• Kim Garst – 12 Simple Reasons to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business:• How to Twitter for Business:• Garin Kilpatrick – Twitter Tools & Tips Blog:• Charlene Kingston - How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing:• Sian Phillips – Twitter for Business: The Ultimate Guide:• Leo Widrich - 10 Traits of Power Tweeps You Can Adopt:
  34. 34. Twitter for Business - Visually• Consumer Chatter -• Danielle Macinnis – A Visual Guide to Twitter:• Laurel Papworth - Twitter business bandwagon:
  35. 35. Twitter Resources• 18 Best Practices To Help Your Business Not Suck At Social Media-• AllTwitter -• Chris Brogan - 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business:• Hashtags––• Maximize Your Tweets -
  36. 36. Twitter Lead Generation Resources• DM Confidential – The Top Five Ways Marketers Should Use Twitterfor Lead Generation:• Danielle Lattuga – 7 Ways Publishers Use Twitter for LeadGeneration: Lead Gen Series, Chapter II:• Ilana – Twitter for Lead Generation:• Jason Miller – Optimizing Twitter for Lead Generation:• Social123 – 10 Social Lead Generation Strategies for Twitter:
  37. 37. Twitter Tips FromSocial Media Examiner• Rich Brooks - 4 Ways to Grow a Twitter Following ThatMatters:• Debbie Hemley - 26 Twitter Tips for Enhancing Your Tweets:• Cindy King - 17 Twitter Marketing Tips From the Pros:• Amy Porterfield - How to Make Twitter More Useful forYour Business:
  38. 38. Twitter AppsTop 100 Twitter Applications -
  39. 39. More Twitter Apps & Tools• Brian Lakeman - Top 20 Twitter Tools for Twitter Users:• Aaron Lee – 5 Twitter Tools to Enhance Your Marketing:• Aaron Lee – 3 Twitter Tools to Enhance Your Marketing:• Leon Widrich – 5 New Marketing Tools to Boost YourMarketing:
  40. 40. Additional Social Media Resources• Jason Keath - Top 10 Social Media Conferences toAttend -• Cindy King - Top 20 Social Media Marketing ArticlesFrom 2012:• Social Media Best Practices -
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