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New music


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New music

  1. 1. Music of the Congo Presentation by Joe Fahs • • • • Congolese Rumba Satonge Elephant & Antelope Credits
  2. 2. Map of Congo
  3. 3. DR Congo Facts • Full name: Democratic Republic of the Congo • Population: 72 million (July 2011 estimate) • Capital: Kinshasa • Area: 2.34 million sq km (905,354 sq miles) • Major languages: French, Lingala, Swahili, Kikongo, and Tshiluba • Major religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Kimbanguist, Muslim, traditional • Life expectancy: 48.4 years (UNDP) • GDP per capita: US $290 (UNDP) • Under-five mortality rate (per 1,000 births): 199 • HDI 0.286 – 187/187 world wide
  4. 4. Congolese Rumba Home Rumba is a mix of Latin and African musical styles that came from the island of Cuba. Congolese musicians appropriated rumba and adapted its characteristics for their own instruments and tastes. The song 'Lolita' from the album 'Beginner's Guide To Africa' by the Congolese group Kekele.
  5. 5. Swede Swede "Initially a 'groupe folklorique' based in Kinshasa, largely inspired by Mongo music and its famed vocal polyphonies, their style quickly evolved into a distinctively urban, modern sound. Swede Swede's big break came when they launched the dance Sundama, an instant hit in Kinshasa" Watch for the Lokole a traditional slit long drum.
  6. 6. Polio Eradication Endemic countries Polio-endemic countries have never stopped transmission of wild poliovirus. • Afghanistan • India removed from list as of February 29, 2012! • Nigeria • Pakistan Countries with re-established transmission Countries with re-established transmission have active and persistent poliovirus transmission of more than 12 months following an importation. • • • Angola Chad Democratic Republic of the Congo
  7. 7. Staff Benda Bilili Lingala to English interpretation Benda = pull or over Bilili = shadows Thus beyond the shadows or beyond appearances. "Led by the steely-eyed Ricky, a veteran of Kinshasa’s streets with a reputation as a tough guy and a bit of a hustler, the group plays a lilting, gentile dance music that would seem to draw on Congolese rumba, Cuban son, and a healthy dose of regional and ethnic musics, including songs sung in the regional Yanzi dialect."
  8. 8. Satonge Home A satonge is fashioned from a tin can, piece of wood, and guitar string and is crafted by street kids in Kinshasa.
  9. 9. Benda Bilili Rotary (Vimeo)
  10. 10. Kinshasa Symphony 'Kinshasa Symphony': An Ode To Musical Joy In Central Africa. An inspiring documentary that follows the making of the only orchestra in Central Africa. Facing incredible odds, lack of resources, and widespread poverty in the city of Kinshasa, members persisted to assemble an orchestra that proudly represents the Congo and a hope for the future.
  11. 11. The Elephant and the Antelope Home "Nzoku na Mboloko bakendaki kotambola na zamba. Ekomi bango na zamba, Nzoku alobeli Mboloko, Awa tozali kotambola, oyeba malamu 'te ngai moko nazali mokonzi na nyama yonso ya zamba." The elephant & the antilope went for a walk in the forest. As they were walking the elephant declared that he is the king of all animals in the jungle. Listen to recording
  12. 12. References • • • • • • • • • • • • • Home Home page images: Kekele , Kinshasa Symphony , & Satonge Congo Map: Go to and choose Maps under Resources Congo Facts: Congolese Rumba: Kekele YouTube: Swede Swede: Swede Swede YouTube: Polio Eradication: Staff Benda Bilili: Making of Satonge: Benda Bilili in concert: Benda Bilili presents Polio: Excerpt from documentary Kinshasa Symphony: v=_vTk0XsgZV4