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  1. 1. The Life And Times Of Toby Keithby mpn | on December 16, 2012The Life And Times Of Toby KeithToby Keith with GutiarToby Keith Covel (born July 8, 1961), best known as Toby Keith, is an American country musicsinger-songwriter, record producer and actor. Keith released his first four studio albums—1993 ′sToby Keith, 1994′s Boom-town, 1996′s Blue Moon and 1997 ′s Dream Walk-in’, plus a GreatestHits package for various divisions of Mercury Records before leaving Mercury in 1998. Thesealbums all earned gold or higher certification, and produced several chart singles, including hisdebut “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”, which topped the country charts and was the most playedcountry song of the 1990s. The song has received three million spins since its release, accordingto Broadcast Music IncorporatedToby Keith Found The Easy Money By Playing In The Honky TonksHe fell back on his football training and played defensive end with the semi-pro Oklahoma CityDrillers while continuing to perform with his band. After two years with the Drillers, Keithdecided to try music full time. His family and friends were doubtful he would succeed, but in1984, “Easy Money” began playing the honky tonk circuit in Oklahoma and Texas. The band cuta single titled “Blue Moon” and the song received some airplay on local radio stations inOklahoma.
  2. 2. Entertainment Career Toby Keith with Guitar In 1993,Keith went to Nashville, Tennessee. He distributed copies of a demo tape the band had made tothe many record companies in the city but there was no interest by any of the record labels.Keith had promised himself to have a recording contract by the time he was 30 years old or giveup on music as his career. He was approaching that age without any prospects for a recordingcontract. Fortunately for Keith, a fan of his, who was a flight attendant, gave a copy of Keith’sdemo tape to Harold Shedd, a Mercury Records executive, while he was traveling on a flight shewas working.Shedd liked what he heard, went to see Keith perform live and then signed him to a recordingcontract with Mercury. His debut single, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”, went to number one onthe billboard country singles chart. Keith moved briefly to Plodder Records and released his nexttwo albums “Boom-town” in 1994, and “Blue Moon” in 1996, the albums went gold andplatinum respectively. Plodder folded and Keith moved back to Mercury Records, now calledMercury Nashville, and released his fourth album, “Dream Walk-in” in 1997. He began work onhis next album “How Do You Like Me Now” in 1999, at Mercury but purchased the rights to thealbum and moved to Dream Works Nashville because of creative differences with Mercury. Thetitle song “How Do You Like Me Now” was a number one single for five weeks and the albumwent double platinum.Hope On The Rocks Album (10/30/2012),Clancy’s Tavern Album (10/25/2011),Bullets In The GunAlbum (10/5/2010),American Ride Album (10/6/2009),That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy Album(10/28/2008),Big Dog Daddy Album (6/12/2007),White Trash With Money Album(4/11/2006),Honky-tonk University Album (5/17/2005),Greatest Hits 2 Album(11/9/2004),Shock’n Y’all Album (11/4/2003),Unleashed Album (8/6/2002),Pull My Chain Album (8/10/2001),How Do You Like Me Now? Album (11/2/1999),Vol. 1-GreatestHits Album (10/20/1998),Dream Walk-in’ Album (6/24/1997),Blue Moon Album (8/1/1996),Christmas To Christmas Album (10/17/1995),Boomtown Album (9/27/1994),Toby Keith Album (6/1/1993),Align yourself with a team that actually helps and works with you below!Here Are Just A Few Of Our Prosperity Team Benefits that help people stick with us! Daily “Think & Grow Rich” Mindset Calls – Monday-Friday (Morning)…
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