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The internet and friendship


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Published in: Spiritual, Business, Technology
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The internet and friendship

  1. 1. The Internet and Friendshipby mpn | on June 18, 2013
  2. 2. On the internet, friendships are a rare occurrence. People say thatthey are your friend but in all actually, they are just wanting to part youfrom your money, in the marketing world, so that they can make moneythemselves. They tend to sell you outdated materials and don’t care. Itis a rare occurrence to actually find a true friend on the internet. Theperson helping me write this told me a story about one such friendship.Over a year and a half ago he started marketing on the internet andjust a week into it he met a man who had been online for many years.They soon became fast friends and basically brothers as one couldstart a sentence and the other would finish it. These two havecontinued to this day working together on different programs and helpeach other out all of the time. What a different relationship becauseone is a musician and the other used to be a carpenter till a caraccident put him on disability.One is living in the states and the other is living in the Philippines,but from Texas, and this is just about as far apart as you can get for afriendship. These two are inseparable and continue to this dayworking online and as friends that you might never find living evenclose together. They both work hard online and make a little along asin NOT rich but both are happy and content with what they are doing.The Internet and Friendship
  3. 3. Just recently I had the good luck to run into these two men on herein a program I joined online. We all hit it off immediately and startedworking some together at first. The three of us were as far apart as youcould get as people were concerned, Me living in the hills, one living inAla and the other in the Philippines. I was trying to get into the programand the two of them helped me out and I was consistently askingquestions that soon we all became friends online. I work some differentprograms on here and they work others but we all have one thing incommon. If one is having trouble with something, we all pitch in andhelp each other out till it is fixed and working right. One has troublesbuilding websites and html and one has so much experience at it thathe designed a program from the ground up to help musicians. The twoof them worked hard last summer to put it together but the money justwasn’t there to do it themselves so it was put back on the table till thetime was right. Since I have joined with these two men now, it seems asif everyone is doing better. The right time for people to meet seems tobe the thing. If it was meant to be it will be no matter what time orseason as these two took me in just like I was a sister to them. Like Isaid earlier TRUE friendships are hard to find even in the real worldmuch less on the internet where everyone is all over the world and aperson just never knows what they are truly thinking being as you can’tsee their faces just hear a forked tongue speaking at times just tryingto sell you something.
  4. 4. About a month ago something came about on Facebook that allowedmy friends to get on with helping Musicians on here and I was invited tojoin in to help spread the word. We are working as a team on this and weare all working hard at it to get the word out all over the world that NOWbands and musicians and vocal artists and many more differentapplications can now use Facebook and Make extra money with live orprerecorded events as Pay Per Views 24/7. This has really rocked theinternet now and everyone is talking and planning on how to utilize thisnew program. The three of us work closely with each other (a rarecommodity) and doesn’t happen very often on here. We each know whatthe other is doing and don’t intentionally step where the other isstepping and marketing at. It is nice working with people that haveintegrity on here and will work with you and NOT stab you in the back.The Internet and Friendship
  5. 5. If anyone is interested, the program that we are working isLive Music Stages Dot Com. We have really raised eyebrows all overthe world with this and the man that designed it was brilliant the wayhe designed it. Then the programmers worked with him to redo part oftheir programming so that it could be used with this and make PPVavailable with it. Someone besides the man who designed this couldsee the possibilities in helping people out here. The three of us workclosely together and are working at working with the many differentstyles all over the world and making this available to everyone just asfast as we possibly can. Finally a program, that will help the masses toperform so that many more fans can watch and enjoy . This is a coupleof men that I can really say that I like associating with and the men saythe same about me. NO Backstabbing to Roughshod ding just positivereinforcements on all fronts. I can see that this is going to be a longand lasting relationship with these two and hope that more people onhere could have the same thing that we do as FRIENDS workingtogether online.