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Athletic Scholarships Direct Exec Summary 2012


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Athletic Scholarships Direct Exec Summary 2012

  1. 1. tm Executive
  2. 2. What Is Athletic Scholarships Direct ?An NCAA Compliant Virtual Roadmap and personal marketing tool for Parents and Student-Athletes To help them understand and navigate the college athletic recruiting process Our Mission:“To Empower Student–Athletes and Parents Through Education”
  3. 3. Who We Are;Athletic Scholarships was soft-launched in January, 2012, because as former Division 1 AthleticAdministrators and scholarship athletes, we want to bring light to the darkness that pervades college athleticrecruiting services and change the culture of broken promises and shattered dreams Even those of us who have served as NCAA Division I Athletic Administrators have adifficult time navigating the maze that is college athletic recruiting. We have removed thefog and simplified the core issues, extracting key eligibility data, and providing links directlyto important NCAA web sites, making it easier to understand and to comply with eligibility requirements.We at Athletic Scholarships Direct will always give back to the various constituencies we serve and we will treateveryone we come in contact with; Subscribers, Partners, Coaches, Administrators, as we would want to be treated;with respect, dignity and fairness.
  4. 4. Why We Are Different…….• Unlike every other competitor, Athletic Scholarships Direct charges one flat fee monthly, with no hidden feesEVER, not for sending profiles to coaches, not for searching , not for multi-sports; everything is included in themonthly fee of $19.95.• Compared to competitors who offer "free" profiles, then charge you separately for every profile, search, service,etc.; Unethical “promises” of Scholarships, Thousands of Dollars for “Evaluations”, Too many broken promises tocount……ASD gives basic members access to profiles and various educational tools , while MVP members receivedirect access over 25,000 college coaches and 1800 universities in our database. MVP members will also haveaccess to additional premium features including the “Who’s Viewed Me” and Current Open Scholarship functionality.• Athletic Scholarships Directs coaches database is licensed from College CoachesOnline, the company that provides and updates the coaches Database for the NCAA• Athletic Scholarships Direct has been vetted by the NCAA, before receiving approval in writing to use links to the NCAAs websites and educational tools• WE ARE NOT Agents, Paid Recruiters, Evaluators or "Third-Party Experts".....Looking to rip off Parents or makeempty promises......(see NCAA Football, Summer of 2011)• WE ARE for the often ignored “Other 99%” of High School Athletes, not the ESPN 150 or Under Armour All-Star,the Parent and Child who really need the HELP.
  5. 5. Who Benefits From Athletic Scholarships Direct ? Parents• Athletic Scholarships Direct Educates Parents on the processes and criteria for qualifying your child as aprospective college recruit• Save Time...Save Money...No Hidden Fees•No more 100s of Hours searching individual College Sites;• A Virtual Road-map for Finding the "Right" College Athletic Scholarship; D1, DII, DIII, NAIA, JuCo
  6. 6. Who Benefits From Athletic Scholarships Direct ? High School Student-Athletes• Get unlimited use of the Athletic Scholarships Direct site and its resources• Research colleges, coaches and their athletic programs.• Create and update your multimedia profile 24/7 - 365.• Multi-sport athlete? Athletic Scholarships Direct allows them to add additional sports to your profile at noadditional cost• Send profiles to coaches and recruiters from your personal email to any of the more than 1,800 colleges and25,000 coaches in our database
  7. 7. Who Benefits From Athletic Scholarships Direct ? College CoachesWe Help Great Student-Athletes Find Coaches• ASD was founded by people who know the business of College Athletic Recruiting - former and current D1athletic administrators, coaches and scholarship athletes. We understand how difficult it is to recruit great talentoutside of a Coaches geographic area, especially with recruiting budgets being slashed.• By registering for free with ASD, Coaches are able to search for student-athletes with our advanced keywordsearch. Build dossiers on each recruit as freshmen and sophomores. And, depending on the sport, division andNCAA regulations, Coaches can even connect with them directly as juniors and seniors.• ASD allows Coaches to post open scholarship information using our easy-to -use interface and it will be postedin every subscribers account.• ASD makes it easier to find the scores of talented young student-athletes across the U.S. who are eager toprove they have what it takes to be a scholarship athlete.
  8. 8. Why We Believe in This Venture Market Size (Customer Universe – US)High school athletics participation increased for the 21st consecutive year, according to a study done by theNational Federation of State High School Associations, creating a self-regenerating customer base.Participation at NFHS member schools for the 2010-11 school year reached 7,667,955, an all-time high. Bothgenders also recorded all-time high US participation rates, with 3,173,549 girls and 4,494,406 boyscompeting at the high school level in the last academic year.The survey determined that about 54.8 percent of high school students participate in athletics. “This iscertainly another great report on the interest of high school sports in our nation’s schools,” said NFHSExecutive Director Robert F. Kanaby.“The fact that we experienced all-time records for both girls and boys reflects the fact that the high schoolsports participation experience is more viable than ever and is of great interest to our nation’s youngpeople. In addition, the results support the NFHS 2008-11 strategic plan, in which the organizationcommitted to providing stronger leadership and support for high school athletics and fine arts activities.”
  9. 9. Market Size (Customer Universe – US, Continued)NATIONAL FEDERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS 2010-11 ATHLETICS PARTICIPATION SUMMARY (Most Recent)TEN MOST POPULAR BOYS PROGRAMSSchools Participants1. Basketball 18,150 1. Football – 11-player 1,108,4112. Track and Field – Outdoor 15,954 2. Track and Field – Outdoor 579,3023. Baseball 15,863 3. Basketball 545,8444. Football – 11-player 14,279 4. Baseball 471,0255. Cross Country 14,097 5. Soccer 398,3516. Golf 13,681 6. Wrestling 273,7327. Soccer 11,503 7. Cross Country 246,9488. Wrestling 10,407 8. Tennis 161, 3679. Tennis 9,839 9. Golf 156, 86610. Swimming and Diving 6,899 10. Swimming and Diving 133,900TEN MOST POPULAR GIRLS PROGRAMSSchools Participants1. Basketball 17,767 1. Track and Field – Outdoor 475,2652. Track and Field – Outdoor 16,030 2. Basketball 438,9333. Volleyball 15,479 3. Volleyball 409,3324. Softball-Fast Pitch 15,338 4. Softball – Fast Pitch 373,5355. Cross Country 13,839 5. Soccer 361, 5566. Soccer 11,047 6. Cross Country 204,6537. Tennis 10,181 7. Tennis 182,0748. Golf 9,609 8. Swimming and Diving 160,8819. Swimming and Diving 7,164 9. Competitive Spirit Squads 96,71810. Competitive Spirit Squads 4,266 10. Lacrosse 74,927Market Size (Customer Universe – Canada)Based on the most recent available market research, Canada gives us an additional 750,000 HS Student-athletes per year with the mostpopular sports being hockey, soccer, swimming/diving, lacrosse
  10. 10. Why We Believe in This Venture – The Revenue ModelKeep it Simple;Our initial stream of revenue will come from paid subscriptions; parents of High School Student-Athletes (Adults 35-54 w HHI of65K and Above) purchasing on behalf of their children.We are executing a two-tier “basic “free model with limited access to educational tools and an “MVP” Premium level that willgrant direct access to our database of College Coaches and a portfolio of premium features. After two years of consumer researchin this space, this is the model that drives customer action.We will focus our initial marketing and sales efforts on not only driving subscribers, but building strategic partnerships withorganizations that will provide a positive “Brand Halo”, differentiate us and help us build trust with our target audience. Once wecapture critical mass of subscribers/eyeballs, we will develop an additional revenue stream via advertising revenues from targetedpartners, e.g.: Soft Drink/Energy Drink, QSR, Auto, etc.Whale Hunting; Strategic Partnerships with High School-Level Athletic Organizations; e.g.; State Club Organizations, TravelTeam Organizations, etc.We also plan to drive subscriptions via our Strategic Partnerships with High School –Level Athletic Organizations; State SoccerClubs, State –wide Travel Team Organizations, etc. who are always seeking incremental revenue streams and additional ways toadd value for their parents and players. Lending additional support to our concept, participation in High School- Level sports hasincreased for 21 consecutive years. (NFHS Annual Report on High School Athletic Participation)Once we build our basic subscription base to a critical point (10,000 ) we will pursue advertising partnerships,e.g. NIKE, Coke,with relevant brands that will afford a significant halo effect, while not turning the site into a“Moroccan Bazaar”
  11. 11. Why We Believe in This Venture – The Revenue ModelFuture Revenue ProjectionsSimple Model, Simple Math:Simple but very conservative math shows the revenue potential of this endeavor should we secure the following paid sub base: Assuming0. 4% - Yr 1; 1.0% - Yr 2 (Phase I Customer Universe of 6,001,959); 1. 25% - Yr 3; 2.0% -Yr 4 and 3.0%-Yr 5 of the annual overall availablePhase II customer universe of 8,417,000 (7.667 MM-US / 750K CA) with a projected attrition rate (graduation, Injuries, etc.) of 40%beginning in year two. For projection purposes I am using a $19.95 per month subscription price point:Year (%Customer Universe) (P1) 1(0.4%) 2 (1.0%) | (P2) 3 (1.25%) 4 (2.0%) 5 (.3.0%)Basic Subs (Free) 24,007 60,019 105,212 168,340 252,510Paid Subs (19% conversion) 4,561 11,403 19,990 31,984 47,976Annual Attrition (40%) N/A 1824 5,290 11,170 19,496Retained Paid Subs N/A 2,736 7,937 16,757 29,245Total Paid Subs 4,561 13,227 27,927 48,741 77,221Projected Revenues $1,091,903 $3,166,543 $6,685,723 $11,668,595 $18,486,706(@ $19.95 per “MVP” Level Sub/per Mo.)
  12. 12. In Closing……A simple concept. We are filling a need on both sides of the equation; for the parents of High School Student-Athletes who aren’t in the top 00.1%and getting recruited by the top 30 FBS institutions, we are providing a time-saving, informational conduit to coaches and recruiters nationwide.Especially after what happened during the forgettable summer of 2011, there has never been a better time to introduce an NCAA complianteducation and marketing resource for parents and high school student-athletes, run by former NCAA D 1 Athletic Administrators and ScholarshipAthletes who want to help drain the swamp.Because we vetted ASD up front with the NCAA, we conform to even the most recent stringent changes in the recruiting regulations, since we are notrecruiters, agents, lawyers, talent evaluators or “third-party” go-betweens that have fouled so many dreams for student-athletes and their parents inthe past.We believe our business model of educating the parents and High School Student–Athletes, in conjunction with our grass-roots strategic partnershipswith High School –Level Athletic Organizations will be the differentiator in capturing a significant percentage of the remaining customer base overtime. The ultimate beauty of this endeavor is that it only requires a minimum share of the overall customer universe to generate significant revenue.We have listened to parents of High School Student-Athletes complain for years about the confusion and concern over finding any scintilla ofinformation on potential scholarships especially if “MY kid isn’t an ESPN 150 talent, but can play at some level”.We have listened to College Volleyball, Soccer and Baseball Coaches as they have thrown up their hands in frustration because of cuts to theirrecruiting budgets without the relief of lower expectations on the field of play.This site isn’t for the “ESPN 150” or Under Armour All Star.. It is for the other 99%.Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.To view the complete business plan please contact me at:Mike PiroloFounder and CEO Virtus Interactive, LLC(877) 237-8419 X 734(wk) (201) 994-5347 (mobile)