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MeasureCamp Milan 2018: KPIs and metrics for the public sector web analyitcs


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Metrics & KPIs for public sector web analytics. What to do when there are no real conversions and no advertising?

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MeasureCamp Milan 2018: KPIs and metrics for the public sector web analyitcs

  1. 1. Metrics & KPIs for public sector web analytics Mikko Piippo
  2. 2. @mikkopiippo Mikko Piippo Partner, senior consultant at Hopkins, Helsinki. ● Twitter @mikkopiippo ● LinkedIn ● Blog ● Email:
  3. 3. @mikkopiippo Digital Analytics for Public Sector What to do when we don’t have ● Top of the funnel - advertising ● Bottom of the funnel - conversions Sometimes, we also don’t have ● Traffic & engagement And too often ● We don’t have budget for advanced analytics @mikkopiippo
  4. 4. @mikkopiippo Consequence: Funnel models are useless Models based on AIDA and customer journey are almost useless as frameworks for most sites. We need an alternative.
  5. 5. @mikkopiippo Vision and strategy 4 Perspectives of BSC Financial perspective Customer perspective Growth & learning Internal processes & efficiency What must we excel at? Is the website / service efficient? What processes can we measure? How would you measure customer perspective? What is important to our customers and stakeholders? Performance measured in monetary terms. How can we improve and innovate? How to measure growth and learning? Are there any metrics?
  6. 6. What metrics to use for sites with no conversion, no advertising & no clear goals (or too many of them)?