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Dominican Republic


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A presentation showing the conditions in the Dominican Republic and how you can help!

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Dominican Republic

  1. 1. Barahona, Dominican Republic
  2. 2. It’s hard to believe that in a land so beautiful. .
  3. 3. people live in such decrepit conditions.
  4. 4. Instead of GameBoy, DVD’s, and bicycles, these are their toys
  5. 5. There’s no Martha Stewart interior design here. Neither is there any electricity or running water.
  6. 6. See this creek? Would you set foot in there? Me neither. But these people bathe in it, cook with it, wash dishes with it, wash clothes in it, drink it, and use the restroom in it.
  7. 7. Do I have your attention yet?
  8. 8. This story is getting better, though!
  9. 9. Thanks to a group called Foundations for Peace, we are able to go to Barahona and deliver medical treatment to these people who otherwise would never receive it!
  10. 10. They coordinate trips with the Loewenberg School of Nursing at The University of Memphis.
  11. 11. We come in, set up small clinics, and treat these people with what supplies we have.
  12. 12. Our supplies are all donated to us, for this cause. Herein lies our problem, and how you can help!
  13. 13. We treat over 1,000 people each day. Unfortunately, we run out of supplies each day, as well. Here is where you can help.
  14. 14. The supplies that you donate will help these people more than you will ever know.
  15. 15. Supplies we need: Adult multivitamins Adult sinus medication Tylenol, ibuprofen, and aspirin Children’s chewable multivitamins Children’s sinus medication Washcloths, toothbrushes and toothpaste Shampoo, soap and disposable razors Any prescription medication that is NOT prescribed for an individual (this means Something a drug rep would have).
  16. 16. I thank you, in advance, for any help that you can give. Hillary Eisner, SN Loewenberg School of Nursing