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The Service Oriented Club


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A case description of how a sports club can benefit from being a part of a service oriented architecture. Actual working scenario using the Navajo and Tipi frameworks

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The Service Oriented Club

  1. 1. The service oriented club - Navajo community builder in action The service oriented club Navajo community builder in action Authors Arjen Schoneveld, Matthijs Philip Organization Dexels BV Date February 2007 ­1­
  2. 2. The service oriented club - Navajo community builder in action Introduction On behalf of Sportlink Services, Dexels has built a system that serves as a complete information solution for sports federations, clubs, members and other involved parties or agents, which are part of the information infrastructure needed to organize sports competitions. This system was developed using Dexels service oriented application framework called “Navajo”. Application development using a framework that focuses on providing a set of services provides many advantages like fast time to market for a new functionality and easy federation of this functionality. These applications can easily be extended without having to be entirely re-tested and re-deployed. Furthermore, because service functionality and user interface are strictly separated, the services can be reused and offered to different end user applications through a multitude of channels. Finally, different third party applications can access the services on-line without having to install any of the Sportlink applications. This approach enables the extension of their current application functionality portfolio with additional services without the need for Sportlink to change anything in their applications. From an “ information need” viewpoint, we will describe the community around a fictional soccer club called “Dexlandia '98” form an interdependent sports community that is built entirely on top of the Navajo web service framework. The information need differs agent by agent, e.g. the club secretary, the member administrator, the treasurer, the playing member, the supporter, a big news paper, the sports federation. They all have different information needs fed by the same source. In an informal style we will tell a story of interaction between each of these agents, supported by the Navajo framework. We will not discuss any technical matters, but notice that this case reflects actual software being used in the field today. The club are being missed on this behalf. In their canteen, the club has a number of internet connected Our club called “Dexlandia '98” is a middle-sized computers available for public use. By club, currently supporting a respectable number implementing almost all of the services that the of 578 members. The club's first team plays a Sportlink system provides them, Dexlandia is significant role in the Dutch premier soccer able to spend more time to look after its core amateur league. Due to the exposure of the first task: providing- and being part of a competitive team, the club has many lucrative sponsorship and sport-loving community. contracts and is being carefully watched at by the local sports press. The member administrator Through voluntary cooperation of enthusiastic Apart from being a playing member himself, parents, solid support is provided to the Peter is responsible for the member organisational tasks of the club, like driving the administration of Dexlandia. In his spare evening younger players to matches and coaching the hours he spends a reasonable amount of time as many different youth teams. A number of senior a volunteer for Dexlandia. members offer their services to the club by volunteering for staff functions, to run the canteen As always he first checks his email to see if any or look after the in- and outdoor sports facilities. new members have applied via the Dexlandia website and to see if any current members have Especially where ICT is concerned, “Dexlandia adhered to his request to send him a photograph '98” is one of frontrunners in the country. It has to be used on the now legally required players understood the benefits of having an efficient pass. infrastructure and makes sure no opportunities ­2­
  3. 3. The service oriented club - Navajo community builder in action When he clicks on the Sportlink Club icon on his “synchronise” again to see if the sports federation desktop to administer changes to the member accepts his new members. data, the software automatically checks the Apart from W. Barentz all new members are remote Sportlink server for application updates. automatically accepted by the sports federation. He is being presented a login screen that will W. Barentz is being parked, which usually means allow him to uniquely identify himself as a the that this member is still an active player of a member administrator of Dexlandia. different club and therefore has to be manually The first thing Peter notices are some small approved by an employee of the sports union, to address and communication data changes by ensure no duplicate records are being inserted in some of their members, entered through the kernel database. Peter will probably not have Dexlandia's member portal. Since none of these to wait a few days for this approval, because changes need corrections he approves all of recently the people at the sports federation are them and decides to synchronise them with the pretty quick in resolving parked member issues. sports federation central database. The next time Peter will synchronise, W. Barentz Synchronization, instead of direct write access is will either be approved or rejected and will then needed for approval purposes. All Peter has to be correctly administered in Dexlandia's do is press the button “ synchronize”. Not only are membership file. his changes sent to the sports federation, but he also receives some remote mutations from the sports federation in return. Apparently someone has applied for membership of Dexlandia via the federation and is added to Dexlandia's own membership record. synchronisation with the sport federation After logging out of the Sportlink Club application, Peter briefly checks the Dexlandia website to see member detail screen whether or not he has been assigned as a driver Peter himself also adds a few new members, for one of Dexlandia's teams, which doesn't seem including a certain V. Vespucci and W. Barentz. to be the case for the coming weekend. When inserting their address data Peter is supported by an automatic asynchronous zip The treasurer code lookup service that ensures him no invalid Robert is the treasurer of Dexlandia. When he addresses are being entered. He then hits first volunteered for this position, some eight ­3­
  4. 4. The service oriented club - Navajo community builder in action years ago, he had to manually keep track of all that have decided to pay on a quarterly basis. member contributions and their payments using a The Sportlink Club system automatically cumbersome spreadsheet. Every time Peter calculates the invoices for each of the applicable made any changes in the member records he members, but allows Robert to manually change had to check and modify his sheets to make sure any of them, before they have been approved. their data was in sync. Nowadays Robert uses For some members Robert prints the invoices, for the same Sportlink Club application as Peter, and others who have decided to pay electronically, he operates on the same records, so no time is selects the option “sent digital invoices”. For each being wasted on synchronizing and checking invoice an email is sent to the member containing data. a link to Sportlinks central payment site for When logging in and identifying himself as a Dexlandia and an attachment of the invoice in treasurer certain options appear, all regarding PDF format. Although Sportlink uses a central the use of financial functions, that were not payment site, all payments go directly to the available to his colleague Peter. clubs bank account, one of the many advantages that the an iDEAL payment has to offer. Robert notices that a few new members have been added and assigns contribution profiles to Those messages that don't arrive in the members them, based on their age and selected sports in-boxes, will be fall back to Roberts e-mail activities. address, so he can resend them in a different way. In less than half an hour Robert is finished with his administrative tasks and he is just in time to see Dexlandia's next match on the local sports channel. The club secretary The club secretary is responsible for administering processes concerning scheduled and finished matches. For the largest part this means checking and assigning team schedules and making sure that everybody knows who is playing against whom, when and where. At Dexlandia this role is being fulfilled by Errold. contribution administration He just received word via a phone call that the team of “Forland 2” would like their match against Robert is glad that over two-thirds of his “Dexlandi a 2” to be rescheduled to 15:00 PM due members have agreed to pay their contribution to circumstances of a few of their players. Since electronically via iDEAL, the Dutch electronic one of the Dexlandia fields is still available and internet payment standard. Resulting not only in since the request is submitted more than 3 days the lowest cost per transaction, but also in the in advance, this doesn't pose a problem. Using a least amount of work for the treasurer and the centrally provided address book by Sportlink, smallest possible chance of error. containing all club secretaries in his district, he Because the first quarter of the 2006-2007 quickly finds the address of Forlands' club season has just expired, Robert decides to secretary and tells him the request for change of prepare a new contribution run, for all members the match time is granted. ­4­
  5. 5. The service oriented club - Navajo community builder in action Errold also boots the Sportlink Club. Though he Dexlandia has enabled in the Sportlink Club cannot see any financial data, nor change any of application for him. He creates a simple schedule the members' data, he can open an overview of in the activity module of the Sportlink Club and all future and past matches of Dexlandia. In this hits save. He knows that the same data of this overview which is directly loaded from the sports schedule has also been put on the Dexlandia federation central database he locates the match website by their web master, using one of that has to be changed and sets the correct end Sportlinks website plugins. date. Although it appears that nothing remarkably The team captain happens in the split-second after hitting the save This weekend, the team of “Dexlandia 2” has just button, Errold knows that a lot of things have won their match versus “Forland 2” with a 3 to 1 taken place. For one, within seconds the altered score. The referee had some difficulties match time will be available both on the website regulating the match, so no less than 1 red and 3 of the sports federation and on the website of yellow cards have been drawn. Thomson is the Dexlandia. Furthermore, email messages will be team captain of “Dexlandia 2” and is therefore sent to all involved team players of Dexlandia responsible for administrating the match score on and Forland and of course the referee that had Dexlandia's behalf. been assigned to the match. Those players that have opted for the SMS service will receive an After the match, he walks into the canteen and additional notification on their mobile phone takes place behind one of the computers. One of because the match change concerns a match the bookmarks points to Sportlinks match result that is being played in the current week. service. Using Dexlandia's pin code and the unique match number, that Thomson copied Luckily, Errold doesn't manually have to do from his weekly schedule on his cellphone, he anything to notify involved parties any more, enters the match result on the website; checks if which seriously cut back the time he has to all his players are correctly displayed; adds one spent each week volunteering as the club of them, the new player V. Vespucci, that wasn't secretary. Because he has more spare time now, on the list because players are loaded one week he also agreed to plan the schedules of parents in advance because the union sends printouts to that volunteered to drive teams to their playing the referees. He logs off to join his friends in grounds. drinking a well-deserved beer only a few minutes later. After both the referee and the team of “Fo rland 2” have entered the same match result data, the score and updated standings will automatically appear on the sports federation website and the website of Dexlandia. In case of a discrepancy someone of the sports federation will have to mediate. The referee Ronald has been a federation referee for over 10 years. Because he takes his job very seriously, match overview he prepared thoroughly for the match between Forland and Dexlandia. Although the players of This is another option the administrator of ­5­
  6. 6. The service oriented club - Navajo community builder in action today's match were a bit rowdy, Ronald thinks he Via the automatic approval of the member did a good job disciplining the match and made administrator, he also gets a personal login for no judgemental errors. the Dexlandia member portal. This portal allows, amongst other things, to search for club A few minutes after Thomson left, Ronald also members, edit his own address and enters the canteen to take place behind one of communication data, and registration for the computers. Apart from entering the score and Sportlink SMS services. checking both teams member administrations based on the players passes he had seen, Because it seems convenient, he subscribes to Ronald is also able to enter the one red card and the “ma tch changes” service for the “Dexlandia 2” three yellow cards. team, which will warn him by SMS of any match schedule changes occurring for matches within The yellow cards will only be registered as a the current week. record in the union's database and have no further workflow attached to them, but for the red After closing the portal, Victor notices he received card Ronald has to fill in and email an additional an email from the treasurer of Dexlandia. The report. There will also be a fee involved for the email contains an overview of a digital invoice player, which will at first be fined to the club. He detailing his quarterly contribution fee and a link prefers doing this at home, for which the to Dexlandia's payment site. automatic reminder per email when assigning a Only a member for 1 day and already they're red card will make sure he doesn't forget this. charging him! Victor decides to wait a few days before paying when his cellphone beeps. The The member start time of the match against Forland 2 next As described before Victor Vespucci has applied Saturday has been moved from 14:00 to 15:00 for membership of Dexlandia via their website at PM. the beginning of the week. Little over a day later he gets an approval from the member The supporter administrator, which is good news, because he was already scheduled by his friends to play in the second team against Forland this Saturday. club site Janice is a dedicated supporter of the first team of Dexlandia, who tries to attend all of their matches in person. Unfortunately she is not member portal always able to do so, for which reason she has ­6­
  7. 7. The service oriented club - Navajo community builder in action subscribed to Sportlinks match result service, After hitting the save button, the member is concerning matches of “Dexlandia 1” . flagged to be synchronised back to the club as soon as the member administrator hits the She is able to subscribe to this service, both via synchronise button again. the federations website as well as via the website of Dexlandia. Enrico still has a busy day ahead, scheduling new competitions, preparing matches, The sports federation administering relations, running reports etc. Only a few of the many additional functions the Enrico is freshly hired employee of the central Sportlink federation system has to offer. sports federation. One of his tasks is to check incorrectly added or changed club members. Since he always does a diligent job, he manages Finally to start of with a clean list each day. Although the scenarios as depicted above are fictional, this is an accurate description of a This morning he sees, amongst others that one combination of possibilities already operational in of the newly inserted members of the club called a number of sports federations in the “Dexlandi a '98” has been parked. He opens the Netherlands. The main reason for each of the member “ W. Barentz” after which the system tells federations not all having the entire spectrum of him, that this member is still an active player for services combined into a single sports another club, and therefore is already known in community, can only be attributed to the fact that the sports federations database. Since the thes ports federations involved are not member W. Barentz has applied for indoor organizationally ready for some automated soccer at Dexlandia and appears to be playing processes. outdoor soccer in one of Dexlandia's neighbouring clubs, Enrico can safely approve the membership and transfer its unique member identifier. the federation application ­7­