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Super Simple Success Tips Effective Feedback


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10 easy-to-use Effective Feedback tips for managers, available for fast, free download. This Works!

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Super Simple Success Tips Effective Feedback

  1. 1. Effective Feedback By Martin Haworth at Coach Train Learn Extracted from the 81 vital tips to be found at:- ‘Super Simple Success Tips – Effective Feedback’ 1. Just Do It - Just by giving feedback you are one of the few and it will engage and enlighten your people because you take the time to do it for them! 2. Be Timely – Give your feedback as soon as possible after the event, it works much better that way, so that they are able to recall and relate to what’s happened. 3. Encourage - Feedback is a valuable activity and as such needs to build on the already excellent qualities your people have. It relates to small tweaks to help them be even better! 4. Not Negative - Many people perceive the offer of feedback as a painful experience, so you need to move them on get them past that to see the positive possibilities for the future. 5. Right Place - Always ensure that the feedback you give is given appropriately to the issue in question. Negative privately; Positive (may be) publicly (if that's OK with them). 6. Avoid Emotions - Step back if you are too excited, whether that's overly happy of angry. Take a short time out to be objective and almost neutral. 7. Accept it Yourself - By modeling that you are interested in their contributions to your own development and value feedback, your people will learn to appreciate it as well. © Martin Haworth 2010 - This material can be freely circulated as long as it is unchanged
  2. 2. 8. Use Own Feedback Productively - When they offer you the gift of feedback use it and show that you are growing and learning all the time – and let them see the difference it makes. 9. Make No Excuses - Don't listen to feedback and then give excuses where it might be less than positive. Take it on the chin, review and implement. 10. Be Grateful - Thank them for making the effort to give you feedback - it's a gift and we always say 'thank you' when people give us gifts! ‘Super Simple Success Tips’ are a series of easy-to-use and implement management and leadership development tools, for those serious about developing their skills quickly and effectively. Inexpensively priced and immediately downloadable, they are available here. Other Titles in the Series Management Development 101 Customer Service Dealing with Difficult People Team Building Delegation Skills Coaching Skills Effective Feedback Managing Effective Meetings Managing Performance Developing Your Employees Employee Motivation Strategic Thinking and Planning Succession Planning Other Downloadable Products How to Land Your Dream Job Succession Planning Toolkit How to Win at Assessment Centers Super Successful Manager Program © Martin Haworth 2010 - This material can be freely circulated as long as it is unchanged