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Super Simple Success Tips - Coaching Skills


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10 easy-to-use Coaching Skills tips for managers, available to download. Give them a go!

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Super Simple Success Tips - Coaching Skills

  1. 1. Coaching Skills By Martin Haworth at Coach Train Learn Extracted from the 110 brilliant tips to be found at:- ‘Super Simple Success Tips – Coaching Skills’ 1. Ask Good Questions – questions that find out information, are just as good for your employee as they are for you, so be curious and ask. 2. Listen Very Attentively – paying full attention when others speak, helps them process their thinking and shows you value their input too. 3. Build Confidence – by expecting success and supporting when things don’t quite go to plan you will encourage them to try on more in the future. 4. Stop Fixing Things – let go of showing that you can - and help them better find that they can – helping them learn more from their own doing. 5. Encourage Risk-Taking – demonstrate personally that it’s OK to make mistakes whilst stretching and learning from the challenges they choose to take on. 6. Make Time – to show that you value them, they are important to you and are keen to help them drive their own progress, your time is invaluable. 7. Be There For Them – when they need help, support and coaching, without taking the accountability for progress from them, you encourage them even more. 8. Use Silence – to help them find their own solutions and not fill the spaces with yours, an easy temptation. They learn from the silences you provide in your conversations. © Martin Haworth 2010 - This material can be freely circulated as long as it is unchanged
  2. 2. 9. Praise Success – build confidence by showing that they are doing well – and that you have been interested enough to have noticed, building success on success. 10. Give Constructive Feedback – to help them learn even more as they progress. Things won’t always be perfect and the learning is strongest when it isn’t! The way you give feedback will dictate the growth they achieve. ‘Super Simple Success Tips’ are a series of easy-to-use and implement management and leadership development tools, for those serious about developing their skills quickly and effectively. Inexpensively priced and immediately downloadable, they are available here. Other Titles in the Series Management Development 101 Customer Service Dealing with Difficult People Team Building Delegation Skills Coaching Skills Effective Feedback Managing Effective Meetings Managing Performance Developing Your Employees Employee Motivation Strategic Thinking and Planning Succession Planning Other Downloadable Products How to Land Your Dream Job Succession Planning Toolkit How to Win at Assessment Centers Super Successful Manager Program © Martin Haworth 2010 - This material can be freely circulated as long as it is unchanged