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Tips for Successful WordPress Enterprise Projects


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The pros and cons of working with enterprise clients, approaching and pitching top multinational brands, how to prepare your WordPress technical environment and standardize your processes.

Published in: Business
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Tips for Successful WordPress Enterprise Projects

  1. 1. Tips For Successful WP Enterprise ProjectsMario Peshev / CEO at DevriX
  2. 2. ➔ CEO @ DevriX, the WordPress Retainer company ➔ Engineering background in the Enterprise ➔ Digital consultant for $5M - $100M SMEs ➔ LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora (ab)user ➔ Father, blogger, shisha fan About Me Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  3. 3. Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  4. 4. Pros And Cons of Enterprise Gigs
  5. 5. ➔ Brand awareness and reputability ➔ Solving problems at a larger scale ➔ Potentially long-term contracts ➔ Better pay thanks to the ROI opportunities Pros Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  6. 6. Cons ➔ NDAs and SLAs ➔ Long, tedious iterations, continuous meetings, back-and-forth for standard operations ➔ Potentially a lot of paperwork for one-off builds ➔ Pay may be standard in case of bidding and RFPs with competitors underpicing just because of the brand’s visibility Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  7. 7. Approaching an Enterprise
  8. 8. How to Define Your Proposition? Create the perfect client profile Define a realistic business model for buy-in Understand client’s business process
  9. 9. A Vendor or a Partner? Subcontractor ➔ Opinions are considered ➔ Sticks to requirements ➔ Gets paid ➔ Always compared to alternative providers Partner ➔ Opinions matter ➔ Over-delivers ➔ Gets additional opportunities ➔ Provides tons of added value Andrey Tepeshanov | 10 practical tips on how to engage with enterprise clients | WCS 2016
  10. 10. Paperwork is Crucial ➔ Long projects involve multiple stakeholders over time ➔ Create a clear brief, action items, policy for communication, milestones, and deliverables ➔ Define the payment terms, along with different edge cases (or “scope creep“) ➔ Clearly outline expectations, response times, and required assets as early as possible ➔ Consult with a lawyer upfront (and an accountant if needed) Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  11. 11. Handling Enterprise Accounts
  12. 12. ➔ Define the comm channels (meetings, Skype, Zoom, calls) ➔ Prepare a reporting and delivery framework (heartbeats) ➔ Allocate enough time for internal syncs and handoffs ➔ Ensure you have access to the corresponding channels ➔ Meet other vendors and partners and understand your role Communication Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  13. 13. Meet the Users ➔ Your POC may lack all the context ➔ Study the usage habits of your actual customer base ➔ Approach that as a B2B2C relationship ➔ Try to speak with the future users of the solution early on Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  14. 14. ➔ Carefully explore all requirements (conventions, regulations, minimum versions, blacklisted solutions) ➔ Study the rest of the underlying ecosystem (tools and services) ➔ Make sure your approach follows the requirements closely ➔ Avoid releasing incompatible software which doesn’t fit Standards/Compliance Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  15. 15. Selecting The Right Tools and Technical Ecosystem
  16. 16. Tools and Services ➔ Support and PM System ➔ Email protocol and Slack integrations ➔ Zapier or IFTTT ➔ A hosting partner, IaaS or PaaS Solution ➔ Reliable payment solution Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  17. 17. ➔ Payment terms are really complicated ➔ On top of the EU law, there's the local one ➔ You can leverage PayPal, 2Checkout, Payoneer etc. ➔ Accounting could be a major bottleneck depending on the payment structure (NET-90, credit notes, etc.) Payment Handling Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  18. 18. Building a Robust Enterprise Platform
  19. 19. The Core Pillars of DevriX The main Code Quality considerations for WordPress engineers ➔ Stability The ongoing stability across updates and as the traffic grows ➔ Performance Site load times and the ability to handle high traffic ➔ Security Secure and safe environment with data protection in place
  20. 20. The main problems 1. A stable WordPress solution depends on а solid code base, reliable server infrastructure, right choice of components 2. Bundling plugins and themes together may cause various conflicts 3. Adding multi-purpose plugins will add up to load, too Stability @no_fear_inc , Mario Peshev
  21. 21. Clean code and WP Standards 1. Following the WordPress Coding Standards is mandatory 2. Plenty of off-the-shelf plugins don’t comply with the conventions or care about the WP load cycle 3. Regular tracking of queries, DB and data calls is needed Stability @no_fear_inc , Mario Peshev
  22. 22. Automated tools and testers 1. Use tools such as PHP CodeSniffer, PHP MD, ES Lint, JSHint, jsLint 2. Unit and integrational testing tools and scripts 3. Continuous Integration and pre-deployment hooks Stability @no_fear_inc , Mario Peshev
  23. 23. 1. WordPress can handle hundreds of millions of views a month 2. This does require a professional devops and web development team following the standards and able to scale in different scenarios 3. A small mistake can reduce the load time with seconds Performance @no_fear_inc , Mario Peshev
  24. 24. Our performance process checklist while conducting code-reviews and speed improvements
  25. 25. WordPress Core is secure by design if the right integration is performed Security issues usually arise from: ● Outdated software ● 3rd party plugins or themes ● Insecure servers ● Human errors (weak passwords, open Wi-Fi) Security @no_fear_inc , Mario Peshev
  26. 26. Main WP problems 1. Generic solutions are not audited for security 2. There is no guaranteed repository for safe plugins 3. Security could be handled through isolated server management, automated updates, regular backups policy, code and database auditing and code reviews before adding a feature Security @no_fear_inc , Mario Peshev
  27. 27. OWASP Top 10 The most authoritative list for top vulnerabilities and security issues. WordPress takes care of these in default within the WordPress Core. Following the established WP standards prevents developers from causing loopholes. Story for illustration purposes only@no_fear_inc , Mario Peshev
  28. 28. Recap ➔ Decide if enterprises are your forte ➔ Define your enterprise audience and tackle as a corporation ➔ Sort out your legal and communication paperwork on time ➔ Acquire all assets as early as possible ➔ Bet on professional tooling that could scale ➔ Deliver outstanding quality that follows the 3S Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  29. 29. That’s all folks! Questions? Tweets as @no_fear_inc Mario Peshev on LinkedIn/Quora nofearinc on Hacking around DevriX Blogging at /