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Choosing a WordPress Theme


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Choosing the right WordPress theme for a wensite.

WordCamp Sofia 2013

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Choosing a WordPress Theme

  1. 1. Picking the Right WordPress Theme Mario Peshev @no_fear_inc WordPress Engineer
  2. 2. About Me • WordPress Engineer and Consultant • DevirX CTO • @no_fear_inc • Trainer and consultant • WPBGUG organizer • Java/PHP/Python background
  3. 3. WordPress Themes • Presentation layer of a WordPress site • Compatible with most plugin • Support the WordPress template engine • Some general options
  4. 4. Free and Premium
  5. 5. Benefits of Premium Themes A higher quality is expected Great look-and-feel Highly customizable • Various extra templates and options Dedicated support
  6. 6. Piracy “I’ll just try this out from some warez website to see if it’s fine and then buy it…”
  7. 7. Why is piracy bad? Violating terms of use Relying on a shady source Inviting malware over
  8. 8. Theme Vendors Theme Directories Companies and Freelancers building themes Theme Markets
  9. 9. Theme Directories
  10. 10. Companies
  11. 11. Theme Markets
  12. 12. Plugins
  13. 13. Tools and Tips
  14. 14. WP_DEBUG “Always test with WP_DEBUG on” define('WP_DEBUG', true);
  15. 15. Summary Don’t test premium themes from warez sites Only use trustful sources Theme = Design + Code (Standards) + Compatibility
  16. 16. Questions? Mario Peshev @no_fear_inc WordPress Engineer