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Building SaaS with WordPress - WordCamp Netherlands 2016


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My talk on Building Software as a Service solutions on top of WordPress for WordCamp Netherlands 2016.

How to build a scalable WordPress-driven solution on a subscription-based model while catering for scalability and extensibility without limiting the business model of the startup.

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Building SaaS with WordPress - WordCamp Netherlands 2016

  1. 1. Building SaaS With WordPress Mario Peshev / CEO at DevriX
  2. 2. ➔ CEO, WordPress Architect @ DevriX ➔ Former Java/PHP/Python Developer ➔ Consultant and Technical Lead for several SaaS Solutions ➔ Marketing and Project Management chops ➔ @no_fear_inc ➔ Open Source addict and Cofficer About Me Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  3. 3. Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  4. 4. What is SaaS?
  5. 5. ➔ WordPress platform management – ManageWP ➔ Restaurants’ website platform – happytables ➔ Book publishing solution – Pressbooks ➔ Real estate website package – Placester ➔ Game Publishing Platform – Gamefroot ➔ Well, with its verticals, of course. Applications of SaaS Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc My 2013 WP SaaS slides
  6. 6. Plugin vs. SaaS Model Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  7. 7. AppPresser vs. Reactor example Reactor AppPresser Hosted app builder (SaaS) WordPress Plugin(s) Push notifications and stats Not supported OOTB Easy mobile app builder More tech skills to make it work Native features, lighter Web browser wrapper, slow and clumsy Offline mode Stateless Limited support of tech features Supports custom plugins code shortcodes rendering etc.
  8. 8. ➔ What is your business model? ➔ How does it scale? ➔ What parameters would be growing intensively during the scaling process? ➔ What would be the main performance bottlenecks? ➔ How would you handle roles and capabilities? ➔ How can you leverage your server stack? Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc Single vs. Multisite
  9. 9. ➔ Distributed database structure ➔ Separate environment for each subsite ➔ Manage per-site permissions and global administration ➔ Different plugin and theme management for every site ➔ Domain mapping capabilities Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc Multisite Features
  10. 10. Quick SaaS Building Guide
  11. 11. Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  12. 12. ➔ Install WordPress ➔ Convert it to Multisite if needed ➔ Deal with the standard setup/configuration ➔ Pick/Build a theme (or more for different sites) ➔ Build the main business logic for your SaaS ➔ Add external plugins and integrate your solution with them (or build more) WordPress Setup and Development Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  13. 13. Technical Toolkit Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc ➢ Deep technical know-how and professional processes ➢ Implementing Continuous Development best practices ➢ Profiling, debugging, benchmarks
  14. 14. Membership Management Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  15. 15. ➔ One-time payments ➔ Regular payments (monthly, annually) ➔ OTOs and Upsells (add-ons model) ➔ Extended plans (per user, per account, per X views) ➔ Paid updates ➔ Paid or Priority support ➔ Consulting Pricing Options Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  16. 16. ➔ Freemium model ➔ Dead easy sign-up process ➔ Plenty of payment options ➔ Find out your CAC and LTV ➔ Brand awareness ➔ Build your pricing plans right ➔ Customer research, case studies ➔ Testimonials ➔ Growth Hacking! ➔ Affiliate and referral programs! ➔ Cheap vs. Enterprise sales ➔ JV and Affiliate Networks ➔ payment-processors ➔ saas-business-model Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc Boost Some Marketing and Sales
  17. 17. JV and Affiliate Networks Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc ➔ Starter contacts and partnerships for initial leads ➔ Marketing offloading to professional Internet marketers ➔ Submissions in startup networks such as Product Hunt ➔ Beta Test submission to Beta Testers Hub
  18. 18. MySLP Case Study
  19. 19. Store Locator Service Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  20. 20. Reactive Locations Manager Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  21. 21. Alternative Look and Feel Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  22. 22. Complete Hosted Management Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  23. 23. SaaS is Already Here Mario Peshev, @no_fear_inc
  24. 24. Let’s SaaS! Questions? Tweets as @no_fear_inc Mario Peshev on LinkedIn nofearinc on GitHubbing like mpeshev Blogging at CEO @