Old vs. Modern Bowling Alley Style


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Comparison of the Union Rack and Roll at Purdue and older bowling centers.

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Old vs. Modern Bowling Alley Style

  1. 1. Bowling Alley Style By: Elly Shields
  2. 2. In 1936, the bowling lanes were added to the union. Since then the university has made many renovations to keep the center up to date, fun, and exciting for the students. Known for the glow-in-the-dark bowling and billiards, the laser lights, and the rockin’ music, the Rack & Roll is a great addition to the Purdue campus.
  3. 3. The experience starts with the entrance, but more importantly the sign for the establishment.
  4. 4. The sign for the Union Rack and Roll is very bright with neon lights and the lettering is very large and bold. Older bowling centers have signs that are extremely outdated.
  5. 5. Older bowling centers are very bland and most don’t have that many lanes. The Rack & Roll has ten full functioning lanes with awesome graphics on the head boards above the lanes.
  6. 6. The advances in technology have been extensive in bowling centers. Back in the day, you had to keep your own score instead of automatic scoring and there weren’t any fancy animations that popped up after every shot.
  7. 7. Aside from the smell of stale cigarettes and musty beer, older bowling centers usually only offer a snack bar and lounge to their customers aside from the bowling lanes.
  8. 8. Air hockey, DDR, and all other kinds of video games definitely makes the students feel young and alive after a hard day of classes.
  9. 9. These twelve pool tables bring lots of different types of people together whether for a billiard league or just for fun.
  10. 10. “ I love the Rack and Roll! It is a great place to hang out with friends or take a cute girl on a date. The bowling lanes, the billiards, and the video games create a fun and exciting environment. I would suggest everyone to make time to come down and check it out.” -Robbie Tumm