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Eng 106 Project#2


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Eng 106 Project#2

  1. 1. We all go in and out of sp aces we created without even kn owing it, what separate us from sp aces to spaces are walls, and what connect us from spaces to spaces are doors.
  2. 2. This is a front gate in earheart resident hall, notice the big glass wall by the doors, students living in the resident hall can preview the weather before they go out of the gate. Have you noticed what comes with the door?
  3. 3. Different lock systems This is the gate for shealy hall in windsor, the special card lock helps keep unwanted guest from entering. Have you seen any other kind of special lock system?
  4. 4. Some entrances have a space before you enter, you probably knew the purpose of this, this often occurs in places where a lot of people go in and out constantly. When it’s winter, this may result in a dramatic drop of temperature inside the room and possibly wasting heating energy, same thing in summer for cooling. The buffer zone
  5. 5. The handle of the door also suggests a lot of information about the space inside.
  6. 6. The material that made up doors are important, too Have you noticed the materials of doors in your life? Wooden doors, glass doors or steel doors; What purposes are they served for?
  7. 7. The scratches on the door tells something about the space also. The location, depth and messiness all can give greatly detailed implication about who’s been using the space for what
  8. 8. Thank you for watching, hope you enjoy~