Conflict In Color


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Dorm Life: where college freshmen are forced to live with someone who they may or may not be similar to.

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  • The title page is used to create the mood of the presentation as a whole. It starts by giving the viewer a small glimpse of what they are about to see. However, as you may have noticed, there aren’t any pictures on this slide. I decided to do this because I wanted to viewer to read the title, look at the theme colors, and create their own notion of what this presentation is about. My idea of using boxes in my background design was based off of the idea of dorm rooms being massive amounts of small boxes being forced into a location of some sort, only I made mine a little more abstract by scattering some boxes while keeping some together, making that inspiration not as obvious. I also made the boxes look chaotic as to be a paradox since dorms are meant for order. The font I used was to create a more serious effect against the bright, “happy-like” colors, also why I chose to use black as the font color. In the title itself I spaced the word “conflict” to give it a more powerful effect while making “in color” closer because it wasn’t the main part of the title. I placed the title there to draw the viewer away from the center, in order to start the understanding of looking at something normal, in a different way.
  • Conflict In Color

    1. 1. C O N F L I C T In Color By: Becca Bartlemay
    2. 2. Dorm Rooms: a place where two people are forced to live together in a small room, whether they are similar or different…
    3. 3. Each person “marks” their own living territory, divided from the other, so they can feel as at home as possible. Sometimes using similar materials…
    4. 5. On average, a human spends about 2,920 hours per year in bed (about 122 days)…
    5. 6. Since you spend so much time in bed, would it not be a good reflection of what kind of person you are to live with?
    6. 7. By providing the storage place each person would need… A desk could provide freedom from their roommate and another reflection of their own ways and habits.
    7. 8. The Common Area: a place where each difference combines to create something unified, forcing everyone to interact.
    8. 9. T h e E n d