Catholic Church at Purdue


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How the church made to connect between people and the faith.

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  • The photo of the cross in this slide is not taken by me but I thought it indicates the holy spirit the most. I chose this design for the slide because it keeps simple but colorful. And it will be repeated throughout the whole presentation. However, I didn ’ t directly use the design of power point, but changed the whole design to way I like.
  • Catholic Church at Purdue

    1. 1. Place of Spirit, Catholic Church at Purdue Jura Hwang
    2. 2. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center The Church ’s mission i s spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and administering the sacraments . It operates social programs and institutions throughout the world, including schools, universities, and shelters . Check what’s inside!
    3. 3. Windows The windows at church are required the admission of much light by large openings in the walls . S tained Glass makes calm, relaxed, and serene atmosphere
    4. 4. Windows This windows are composed of many rectangular shape of glasses. Thus, it reminds me that people unite in this place to form another community just like that windows. When they are together (either glasses or people), they can really radiate
    5. 5. Chairs The chairs at catholic church has no arm props between people to emphasize the unity between believers. Facing all front to be more organized!
    6. 6. Top Design The light that shining through between the ceiling and the wall reminds people of the blessed Mary. The gap itself contains the atmosphere of mystery, meaning that just like this light, Jesus is the one who can save you from the dark.
    7. 7. The holy waters are always placed nearby the doors. By this water, people possibly think they can be purified when to enter or exit. T h e holy water
    8. 8. The cross is always behind the preacher, meaning that when the preacher gives his speech, it is said to be the word of God. Altar Stone It is inserted into the surface of a structure which answers the purpose of an alt ar.
    9. 9. The Holy Cross I think the candle next to the cross is there to remind people the presence of Christ. and may symbolizes profession of their lo ve and affection . There is cross, and there goes candle
    10. 10. The Church I s not only place of spirit, but also is the connection between people and faith. T he End