bedrooms: Fraternities vs. Sororities


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  • For this presentation I wanted to use a very simple set up. I used the black and white because there is so much going on in all of my picture through out the presentation that I wanted the attention to be focused on them instead of the background. Also, using black and white makes things very easy to read and it is not a strain on your eyes. I chose to use lines to separated each side of my slide to show that I was trying to compare a fraternity bedroom to a sorority. I also put the bordering lines to box it all in. My pictures are all boxes so I thought I would stick with the theme. The point to this analysis is to try and show the similarities and difference in these to shared living environments. All of the people who live in both of these places have to use their room for many of the same things. It is interesting to see the very different set up they use and how these Greek college students make there limited space work for them.
  • bedrooms: Fraternities vs. Sororities

    1. 1. By: Antonia Lazzaroni Fraternity Sorority Bedrooms
    2. 2. A bedroom is a place to make your own, it’s a place for rest and individuality. When living in a fraternity or sorority there is sharing and compromising involved. There is very little space for resting in this bedroom. As you can see the brothers have set up their room to be used for multiple purposes. In this sorority room you can tell there is a more relaxed and comfortable vibe.
    3. 3. Living with so many other people, leaves very minimal space for individual belongings. This is something that both a fraternity room and sorority room have in common.
    4. 4. However, since fraternities have social events in their room there space is a little more limited. You can see here that this room has a much longer bookshelf which provides more storage.
    5. 5. The differences between these room can’t be made anymore clear here. The sorority girls room needs a place to get ready and primp. The fraternity brothers need the same thing. However, more room to move around is more important. If there is a place up high for there necessities its much better.
    6. 6. This is college, so it’s a must for a good study spot in your room! It is a necessity, weather it be a traditional place to get work done or what some might consider a very unusual place. These students have to make their rooms work for them!