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  • survey, conducted between Dec. 1 and Dec. 4, 2012, polled more than 7,300 students and recent graduates, as well as over 300 human resources and recruitment professionals. The results show that internships truly have become the “new interview” in the job search process for students and employers alike.
    Meanwhile, employers get the opportunity to find the talent they need to help grow their business without relying on just a short interview,” Lander says. “Entry level employees are the future of a company and so in many ways the most important recruiting decisions an employer can make
  • But they can be especially important for smaller, fast-growing companies, which are usually strapped for resources and hesitant to make a lot of full-time hires early on.
  • Intern powerpoint[1]

    1. 1. Dr. Mary Ann Pearson Why are Internships Valuable And How Do I find an Intern? CBU Online and Professional Studies
    2. 2. Value-Success Stories: Jenny Miner
    3. 3. Shayna Moreno
    4. 4. Andrew Hochradel
    5. 5. Experience and Skills: Students have various skills including; public relations, publication, research and social media campaign skills .
    6. 6. The New Job Interview
    7. 7. Considerations When Hiring Interns
    8. 8. Good or Bad?
    9. 9. Compensation?
    10. 10. Are They Worth It?
    11. 11. Internship Purpose To attract top quality interns, employers understand the benefits to the student and structure internships in a way that the experience benefits both the student and the employer
    12. 12. How Small Businesses Benefit 1) Students are highly motivated & energetic 2) Cost – effective work force w/out long term commitments 3) Allows mentorship opportunity 4) Brings new/innovative ideas to employer 5) Great w/ tech and social media 6) Strengthen bond w/ institution (image)
    13. 13. Intern Benefits •Receive professional mentoring •Gain professional work experience •Establish a professional network •Make their academic studies more relevant •Provide pre-professional experience with an opportunity to learn within their field of study
    14. 14. Do I Provide Office or Workspace? •33 % of employers hire virtual interns •An office is not required; interns can meet with you to plan campaigns & work from their own personal laptops.
    15. 15. Compensation? •Students complete the internship for school credit (units) or pay. CBU has a procedure for internships including a written evaluation at the end of the term.
    16. 16. Time Required? •1-unit internship = 40 hours •3-unit internship = 120 hours •Volunteer or pay = hours negotiable
    17. 17. Specific Tasks? • Create brochures and flyers • Assist with special projects/event planning • Organize and perform research projects/market research • Develop special promotional campaigns on various social media platforms. •Manage Social Media •Develop Strategic Social Media Plans
    18. 18. How do I find an intern? • • • • • Contact Dr. Mary Ann Pearson Contact Prof. Sandra Romo Contact Prof. Jose Rivera
    19. 19. CBU and Other Universities: • Mr. Michael Bishop, Career Services Office-CBU- •
    20. 20. You can also… • Advertise or post your needs on social media sites • Spread the word through clubs and organizations • Considered retired individuals who are tech savvy and may have free time
    21. 21. Thank You From CBU OPS
    22. 22. Presentation prepared by and for additional Information including future speaking engagements, please contact: Dr. Patricia Hernandez 951 343-3979 Dr. Mary Ann Pearson 951 343-3967