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Speakasia final ppt(3)


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Value your opinion

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Speakasia final ppt(3)

  1. 1. Spending millions in designing, manufacturing and marketingdoesnt necessarily guarantee a star product. Hence,organizations worldwide prefer to cut their business risk byintelligently investing a fraction of their funds in market researchand k d know what th consumers prefer. h t the fMarket Research / Survey began to be conceptualized and put y g p pinto formal practice during the 1920s, as an offshoot of theadvertising boom of the Golden Age of Radio in the UnitedStates. Global Market Research turnover in 2008 is over USD32 Billion & growing over 6% in the emerging Markets. ( sourceESOMAR / KPMG report 2009)Advertisers bAd ti began t realize th significance of d to li the i ifi f demographics hirevealed by sponsorship of different radio programs, so theyincreasingly sought more direct feedback about their markets 4
  2. 2. Surveys are the most widely used set ofmethods in market research. It is a verybroad term t db dt to describe th collection of d t ib the ll ti f datafrom multiple cases - such as consumers or aset of products products.Surveys can be conducted by mail, face-to-face, telephone, email, Web, observation,focus groups, content analysis, or othermethods.methodsThe questionnaire is the one of morecommon methods for collecting data from asurvey, but is only one of a wide ranging setof data collection aids
  3. 3. Did you know everyday companies pay big bucksto people like you and me just to know what we p p y jare thinking? Its true!They are desperate to understand how you thinkand shop and why you buy certain productsbecause this helps companies improve their p p pproducts, and they in turn they pay YOU goodmoney for your opinion.They Need You! Right now, if you are ahousewife, a stay-at-home mom, a student, , y , ,retired, working full time, or just looking to makesome extra cash, The Company is your ticket tomake f k fun, easy money! !
  4. 4. values your opinionSpeak Asia Online Pte. Ltd. Company Address: 10, Ubi Crescent, #07-68 Ubi Techpark,Singapore 408564 Company RCB Number: 200618809D Fax: 0065 F 0065- 63430887 Support
  5. 5. THE ORGANISATIONWeW are A i ’ llargest iintegrated online survey group. O Asia’s t t t d li Ourcustomers include multinational products and servicesorganizations, advertising agencies, marketing research g g g gorganizations and web portals. We as a policy use Yahoo /Google products and services for all our activities.The objective is to work as a Yahoo / Google publisher andexploit the huge network that comes with it.
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  8. 8. WHO CAN ASSOCIATE Any Individual / Group / Corporate canassociate with Speakasia as Panelist / Panel Support Center/ Panel Trainer
  9. 9. HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAMAny Individual/Group / Corporate can either subscribe as a Standard or Premium Panelist.Standard Panelist has to pay $120 against training, support and fortnightly E-bulletin (26 issues) p y g g pp g y ( )where as Premium Panelist has to pay $220 against training, support and weekly E-bulletin (52issues). An Individual is permitted to maintain maximum 03 Panel Centers. Each Panel Centercan further add upto 9 Sub-Panel Centers.Each Sub Panel Center can be purchased by adding $200 on a Panel Center. Adding Sub-Panelis similar to topping up your Mobile by adding value.Individual/ Group / Corporate can also associate with Speakasia as Panel Support Center andearn additional bonus for supporting panelists. A panel support center has to maintain minimum$20000 as buffer stock at any point of time.Panelist Trainer is an individual authorized by company to Train, Guide and Monitor thePanelists. All individuals who desire to become Trainer have to undergo through a specialtraining provided by the company. Trainers will be paid additional incentives.
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  12. 12. THE COMPENSATION PLAN The flexibility of the Speakasia Pay Plan offers you theopportunity to maximize your income from your referral group.Because of this the plan is unique and revolutionary Earnings this, revolutionary. are paid immediately. The plan also leverages income and provides a build-in build in inheritance clause for your heirs. Upon opening an online Speakasia account, an online tracking center is establishedunder your name to keep track of y y p your bonuses. There are two types of reward, direct and indirect.
  13. 13. SYSTEMREWARD POINTS: Speak Asia knows your opinion is valuable. You get rewarded for your POINTS:- valuablehonest opinion and the time you take out for responding to the surveys of our clients.JOIN AS PANELIST:- There are four ways in which you get compensated by Speak Asia. Assoon as you buy subscription and complete your registration, you are immediately eligible for twoweekly surveys These surveys will be shown to you every time you log in Standard surveys duly surveys. in.filled up by you pay $7 every week and Premium surveys pay you $20 every week. HELP YOUR FRIEND:- Every time friends directly referred by you earn from weekly surveys,you get $1 per week from each one of those who are standard panelists and $3 from those whoare premium panelists. This is being paid to reward your efforts in helping friends to fill correct panelistssurveys, promptly. This income can actually be larger than the income from your own panel! ADD SUB PANELS:- You can add up to 10 Sub panels at a concessional price of $100 forStandard and $200 for Premium Sub panels. You can add a maximum of 10 Sub panels. EachSub panel will give you two surveys every week. Thus a Standard panelist can earn $70 and a weekPremium Panelist can earn $200 every week REFER A FRIEND:- Every time you refer a friend, you get $10 for every standard panelist and$20 for every premium panelist referred directly by you.When you and panelists referred by you invite more panelist, you are entitled to TEAM BONUS 1 panelist BONUS-1and when panelists referred by you and your group purchase additional sub panels, you getanother income – TEAM BONUS-2The team rewards can earn you income up to $5520 per dayThe next slides will explain system in details
  14. 14. DIRECT INCENTIVESDIRECT REFERRAL INCOMEDIRECT REFERRAL INCOMEEvery time you refer a friend as panelist, you get $10 for everystandard panelist and $20 for every premium panelist referreddirectly bdi tl by you TEAM BONUS‐1All panelists in your team will either be part ofyour left or your right group group.Every Standard Panelist gives you 100 reward YOUpoints and every Premium Panelist gives you200 reward points. Left RightA set of 200 matching (pair) reward points in Group Groupyour team(200 reward points in the left group and 200reward points in right group) earns you $20 $20.Our sophisticated computer accounting system 200calculates this automatically for you. 200Stronger group count is carried forward.Maximum earning per panel center per day is limited to 20 sets ($400), this is also known as maxout.
  15. 15. DIRECT INCENTIVESTEAM BONUS‐2 Sub-Panel team builder bonus is also a binary pay plan and is rewarded when you Sub Panel and your team adds sub-panel centers on a panel center.set Left points Right points Bonus in USD1 400 400 40 YOU2 800 800 80 Left Right3 1600 1600 160 Group Group4 3200 3200 3205 6400 6400 6406 12800 12800 1280 2007 25600 25600 2560 2008 51200 51200 5120All Sub-Panel purchases in your team earn you reward points.Every Standard Sub Panel purchase gives you 100 reward points and everyPremium sub Panel gives you 200 reward points.P i bP l i d i tStronger group count is carried forward.Your maximum daily earning is limited to $5120 Maximum daily income from speakasia compensation plan with one panel y p p p p center could be $5520 ($400 panel team builder bonus + $5120 subpanel team builder bonus)
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  22. 22. ADVANTAGE SPEAKASIALow Start up costsNo Maintenance costsCan work from homeFriends and family can work with youCan be done in free timeIncredible earning potentialSimple compensation structure No experience required
  23. 23. How to Register• Search a Franchisee under “Purchase Subscription “or “Register” “R i ”• Deposit / Transfer the required amount eg ( $220 = `11,000, considering exchange rate of 50 in the Franchisee’s Bank Account.• Inform the Franchisee by mail giving the Deposit / Transaction details.• Obtain the relevant Subscription Code from the Franchisee. F hi• In case of any difficulty / query contact your upline.
  24. 24. Registration• Obtain the Sponsor “User Id” from the person who User Id referred you to the Business.• Keep the following details, handy – Valid Email Id ( this cannot be changed later) – Active Mobile No ( this also cannot be changed later) – Address with Pin Code Birth date Code,• Click on Register and fill in the required details carefully.• After continuing, check for the correct Left or Right position• R h k your E il Id & M bil N Recheck Email Mobile No• At this stage the Bank details can be skipped( can be updated later)…submit p ) CONGRATULATIONS!
  25. 25. Incomes• S Surveys are populated mostly every W d d l d l Wednesday.• Survey Income is accrued immediately but credited after 30 days in your Survey E –Wallet.• Networking / Referral Income is credited Daily by 12 Noon IST in your Panel E‐wallet.• Panel E‐wallet Income can be transferred to Survey E‐ Wallet but not vice versa.• Internal Transfer within the three Family IDs is possible.
  26. 26. Payment Modes• Three Modes of Payment y – E‐wallet – US$ Cheque – Cash Transfer to your Bank Account• You can encash the amount from your E‐Wallet/s by generating a Subscription Code. You earn a Bonus of $ 2.5 for every $100 used.• You can send a Cheque request, minimum $ 50, deduction of $ 2 5 towards Courier per transaction 2.5 transaction.• You can send a Cash transfer request, minimum $ 80, deduction of $ 7.5 towards Bank Charges.• Both the Cheque & Cash Transfer can be requested from your User Account, clicking on the sub menu “Send a Cash Request” under Accounts section Send Request section.
  27. 27. Payment Explanation (Example)• Suppose you requested $ 80 for Cash Transfer.• $ 80 ‐ $ 7.5 = $ 72.5, is your receivable• $ 72.5 x 50 ( fixed exchange rate ) = 3625• 3625 divided by 46 ( current exchange rate) = $ 78.8• Hence you will receive a transfer of ca $ 79 in y your Bank Account. ( instead of $ 72.5) )