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Fenix BioBio Project English Version


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AIESEC and Geaintec Phoenix Project for the Bio Bio region in Chile.

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Fenix BioBio Project English Version

  1. 1. Nuevas alas para la región
  2. 2. Objetive: help the socieconomic recovery of the Bio Bio region in the shortest possible time. How: Optimizing the management of public institutions which are clients of Geaintec Tools: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Reseach, Develpment and innovation (R&D+i). Bío Bío Phoenix Plan
  3. 3. Bio Bio Phoenix Plan Components (1): Client Plattform for information storage, vizualization and presentation. It includes 3D technology compatible with SNIT and ISO 9.001, also servers, software and hardware. More than 10.000 3D licences are available through our partners. GPS equipment with double frecuency to implement the recovery plan with a 3mm accuracy. Bío Bío Phoenix Plan Ver video
  4. 4. Bio-Bío Phoenix Plan Componets(2): The region Database will be updated following the plan Gantt chart. Bío-Bío region: 37.000 km². Technical support offered by 450 people responsible for the plattform and its usage. Geaintec is in charge of Phoenix Bio Bio plan Bío Bío Phoenix Plan
  5. 5. Design: Done by Geaintec. Costs for the Geaintec public clients: Geaintec public clients in the Bio Bío region are subsidized for 3 years. Bío Bío Phoenix Plan
  6. 6. Promotion: Projects and innitiaves development in the Bio Bío Phoenix Plan will be promoted and advertised through the AIESEC network and channels of communication. Technical Support: Through projects, students’ internships, etc. in the areas defined by the different projects that are going to be developed in the plan. Financial Support: Through the presentation of projects similar to the Bio Bio Phoenix Plan. AIESEC Support