Mobile Payments in Retail: U.S. by mPay Connect 11/2011


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This presentation was given at the Advanced Payments Summit in Washington DC on 11/2011 by mPay Connect. The subject of the presentation is an Analysis of Different Retail Mobile Payments Business Models in the US

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Mobile Payments in Retail: U.S. by mPay Connect 11/2011

  1. 1. mPaymPay Connect Connect, Inc. Analysis of different retail mobile paymentsbusiness models and identifying the right approach for the U.S. market Presented by Menekse Gencer, CEO of mPay Connect, Consulting Services for Mobile Money November 29, 2011 ©mPay Connect, Inc. 1
  2. 2. About mPay Connect, Inc.Consulting services for mobile payments mPay Connect• ex-PayPal Mobile Executive • First carrier deal with PayPal to launch PayPal Send Money with Sprint • PayPal Mobile Checkout • First NFC-based retail strategy• Representative Clients in the Private Sector: • 3 of the 4 largest banks in the U.S. • Global payment network • US mobile network operator • bKash: Bangladesh, subsidiary of BRAC (launched services on 7/25/2011) • Fortune 500 professional services firm • Advise 6 startups that serve customers in emerging markets globally including in Kenya and India• Development Banks, Agencies, and Government: • The World Economic Forum • Inter-American Development Bank • United Nations Foundation: The mHealth Alliance ©mPay Connect, Inc. 2
  3. 3. Emerging disrupters and incumbents battlethe mobile payments market in the U.S. mPay Connect Market Segmentation Incomm, BlackHawk Unbanked Western Union GreenDot Segments Youth Customer Twitter Facebook ? Apple ISIS Amazon ? Banked Google PayPal Square ACH Providers Banks Amex, MC, Visa Other Industries P2P Bill Pay Online Commerce Retail (Social, Mobile) Payments Categories ©mPay Connect, Inc. ©mPay Connect, Inc. 3
  4. 4. Retail: Open Loop vs. Closed Loop Incumbent vs. Disrupter? Who will win? mPay Connect Type of Payment Rail Support Open Loop Network ISIS Wallet Visa Wallet Google WalletBattle between the Battle between the banks and the device Low Control over NFC Chip High closed loop manufacturers and networks mobile operators Merchant Wallet Apple PayPal Wallet (?) Retail Closed Loop Network ©mPay Connect, Inc. 4
  5. 5. Retail mobile payments opportunities: Battle of theMobile Wallets and who controls Loyalty, Promotions,and Coupons mPay Connect Interactive Mobile Payments Device Transactions Revenues Customer Increased Account Advertising Data Revenues Advertising, Promotions, Loyalty Revenues Behavioral, Location, Note: Starbucks hits 20 million and Search mobile payments in 2011, fueled by Info loyalty programs ©mPay Connect, Inc. 5
  6. 6. Critical success factors mPay Connect Customers Merchants • Value Proposition? • Value Proposition? • How will the provider get customers? • How will the provider get merchants?  Partnerships with Issuers? Large  Use existing rails/acquired merchants? account base? Business Case Distribution Operations • Does the provider have the right • How will the payment be distributed? assets to support business case? NFC? Bar Code? Other? • Build, Buy, or Partner to get there? • Ecosystem players lined up? Considered a complimentary or competitive? ©mPay Connect, Inc. 6
  7. 7. Questions? mPay Connect For more information, contact us at: ©mPay Connect, Inc. 7