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Information on mPay Connect Consulting


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Learn more about how mPay Connect can help your business. Who we are, What we do, Our experience, and Contact Details

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Information on mPay Connect Consulting

  1. 1. mPay ConnectConsulting Services © mPay Connect Inc. 2010, 2011, 2012. All rights reserved
  2. 2. mPay Connect Consulting Connecting the World, One Mobile Payment at a Time About mPay Connect, Inc. mPay Connect, Inc. is a consulting service which specializes in providing assistance to clients seeking to launch or leverage mobile money services globally. Our clients have included banks and mobile network operators, startups, development agencies, NGOs, and governments. mPay connect is experienced in serving clients with banked and unbanked customers. We provide advisory services in a number of functional areas including market strategy and opportunity assessment, strategic planning, vendor analysis, and implementation. We charge for our services as a retainer or by fixed fee per project. Some representative clients of mPay Connect have included 3 of the 4 top U.S. Banks, a mobile network operator in the U.S., The Inter-American Development Bank, Citigroup and SKTelecom’s Joint Venture, and The World Economic Forum. Menekse Gencer also advises a number of startups in the mobile money industry. mPay Connect has strong international expertise, advising clients in North America, Latin America, The Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and Africa. mPay Connect, Inc. is a woman-owned, small business S. Corp., incorporated in California on April 1, 2009. Our corporate headquarters are in San Francisco, CA. For more information, please contact us at: Core Services Performed by mPay Connect mPay Connect works closely with our clients to ensure the highest quality work. We apply a five-step methodology to our mobile money projects, bringing in relevant experts for various stages of the project. We serve our clients in a variety of these areas based on our client’s needs. Our core expertise is in the first three areas of the methodology, but we can work with partners to support the latter two areas as needed. Opportunity Product Strategy Go-to-Market Pilot Design and Commerical Assessment and and Business Strategy Implementation Rollout Market Strategy Case Identification of key  Value chain  Primary customer research,  Pilot Plan and  Product development trends in market analysis value proposition, and Schedule lifecycle methodology Market Opportunity  Marketing Plan marketing requirements  Architecture  Management of cross- and Sizing  Operational Plan  Internal Asset Assessment Development functional team for Market segments and  Product Roadmap  Market Needs Identification  Management of implementation customer profiling  Financial Plan and  Product Requirements Pilot including money flows Business Case  Gap Analysis  Metrics collection and distribution  Metrics Plan  Build/Buy/Acquire and analysis channels Recommendation Competitive  Strategic Positioning Assessment and SWOT  Vendor and Partner Analysis Assessment Regulatory Assessment  Deal Negotiation and Policy Toolkits Technical Appraisal Contact Us For more information, contact us at: email: website: Our headquarters are in San Francisco, CA with affiliates world-wide. Website: Contact: © mPay Connect, Inc. 2010, 2011, 2012. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. mPay Connect Consulting Connecting the World, One Mobile Payment at a Time mPay Connect’s Unique Qualifications mPay Connect provides a unique set of skills and experience to mobile financial services projects which sets our consulting services apart from our competitors. These areas include: PayPal Mobile Experience Domestic and Global Expertise Mobile Payments Experience since 2005 Wide range of Mobile Payments Categories Experience Experience serving a wide range of ecosystem players Recognized Thought Leadership in Mobile Money mPay Connect Team Menekse Gencer founded mPay Connect, a consulting service to assist financial institutions, mobile network operators, third party platforms, development agencies, and governments seeking to launch mobile financial services. Her market expertise extends from North America to emerging markets such as Bangladesh, Jamaica, and Central and Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to founding mPay Connect, Ms. Gencer led PayPal Mobile’s Business Development efforts in North America for two years during which time she closed PayPal’s first mobile network operator deal to launch PayPal Send Money on Sprint’s mobile wallet in 2007-2008. Since then, her clients have included three of the top four US Banks, a global payments network provider, mobile network operators, bKash (Bangladesh), The Inter-American Development Bank, two central banks, The World Economic Forum, The mHealth Alliance, and Global 500 Professional Services firms. She previously worked for four years with large consulting firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers. Menekse has an MBA from Wharton ‘98 and a BA in Economics from Harvard University. She was featured on the cover of Fortune Small Business Magazine for her prior startup. Menekse has 19 years of experience as a consultant and industry leader in high tech, mobile, and financial services. Some of her key publications include:  “Advancing the dialog on Mobile Finance and Mobile Health: Country Case Studies,” by Menekse Gencer and Jody Ranck for The mHealth Alliance, February 2012.  “Mobile Money: The Foundation for Food Security,” by Menekse Gencer for Innovations Journal, MIT Press, 2/2012  “Connecting the Dots in the Developing World” by Menekse Gencer for Sybase’s Mobile Commerce Guide 2011, 6/2011.  “Amplifying the Impact: Examining the Intersection of Mobile Health and Mobile Finance,” by Menekse Gencer for The World Economic Forum Davos Summit, February 2011  “The Mobile Money Movement(TM): Catalyst to Jumpstart Emerging Markets,” by Gencer for Innovations Journal, MIT Press,12/2010  “Jamaican Regulatory Overview” by Camille Busette & Menekse Gencer for The Inter-American Development Bank,2010 mPay Connect leverages a network of affiliates world-wide, as needed, to provide specific areas of expertise for projects. Website: Contact: © mPay Connect, Inc. 2010, 2011, 2012. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. mPay Connect Consulting Connecting the World, One Mobile Payment at a Time Example Case StudiesCase Study 1: PayPal Mobile Case Study 4: U.S. Mobile Operator - DevelopedLed Business Development for North America Mobile Financial Services Product Roadmap Project Overview and Scope: Menekse Gencer led Project Overview and Scope: mPay PayPal Mobile Business Development for North America Connect was hired by a U.S. Mobile Network efforts for two years with a focus on mobile person-to- Operator (MNO) to develop their mobile person payments and retail payments. financial services product roadmap predominantly around stored value,Deliverables and Results: Ms. Gencer was responsible for closing remittances, and P2P domestic transfers for their unbankeddeals that enabled PayPal to be on the first mobile operator’s wallet in customer base. The project had three phases: 1) Validate andthe U.S. in 2008. In addition, she successfully led the PayPal Mobile understand client’s assets, strategic vision, and customer needs byCheckout (PMC) pilot, which was the first generation of mPayments, segment as it related to mobile financial services; 2) Define strategicand a precursor to PayPal’s $10 billion of mobile payments vol. in 2012. options for mobile payments services; and 3) Provide a recommended product plan and roadmap.Case Study 2: Global Payments Network Deliverables and Results: mPay Connect delivered three interimDeveloped Interoperability Framework and one final presentation as well as an excel business financial Project Overview and Scope: mPay Connect model. The final presentation consisted of the recommended Consulting assisted the client which sought to create mobile financial services high level concept, customer experience an interoperable mobile money payment network to illustration by segment and use case by payment type, a product connect domestic closed loop mobile money roadmap, and a drill down of the elements of the product concept systems for APMEA and LAC. As part of this for go-to-market sales and marketing strategy including userengagement, mPay Connect would examine market types and assess interface, vendors selected, business model arrangements,changes to franchise rules necessary to enable interoperability. pricing/rate plan, and distribution outlets for the service. Implementation of this strategy is a work-in-progress.Deliverables and Results: mPay Connect delivered the “Summary ofAnalyses and Diagnostics” which included: 1. Executive summary ofbusiness requirements project including goals, objectives, and plans; 2. Case Study 5: Global BankIdentification of existing client frameworks and capabilities; Developed Product Design of B2B Mobile PaymentsIdentification of gaps between target end state and existing Project Overview and Scope: For a global bank,frameworks; and 3. Proposed prioritization of markets and use cases. mPay Connect created the high level product designThe client is currently implementing these frameworks. of a business-to-business mobile payments system to be used world-wide for its global Fortune 100 brands seeking to eliminate cash in the supply chain.Case Study 3: Global Services Company mPay Connect managed a global client team in four offices during this engagement. During this engagement, mPay Connect led theDeveloped Global Mobile Payments Strategy team’s efforts in identifying customer needs, defining high level Project Overview and Scope: mPay Connect was hired product requirements, and designing the solution. mPay Connect to develop the global mobile money strategy for a delivered customer flows, options for user interface technologies, Fortune 500 Company. The engagement involved six and pros/cons of each approach. offices globally. Deliverables and Results: mPay Connect delivered an in-depthDeliverables and Results: mPay Connect provided six deliverables for presentation illustrating six scenarios/story boards for design ofthe engagement including five slide presentations and one excel business-to-business global system with detailed user flows basedspreadsheet financial model. These deliverables included: A high level on technology supported, nature of relationship with mobilestrategic view of mobile payments globally with deep analysis on an network operators, and other identified requirements. Based onacquisition target for mobile remittances; a description of strategic prioritized requirements criteria, mPay Connect recommended aoptions for Client’s TSM build/buy/partner strategy with initial course of action.recommendations and next steps to finalize strategy; a high leveloverview of NFC and strategic recommendations; a Financial ExcelSpreadsheet Model and presentation for Product Management around Case Study 6 bKash - Developed Business Plan forNFC and TSM retail and ticketing; and an illustration of types of Mobile Money Startup in Bangladeshbusiness models and value chains for mobile payments. These Project Overview and Scope: mPay Connect wasstrategic recommendations are now being used as the basis for hired to create the business plan and financial planacquisition decisions, partnerships, product planning, and sales. for bKash startup in Bangladesh. Deliverables and Results: mPay Connect delivered the business plan. The startup was awarded its eMoney license and $10 million in financing, launched in 2011 and closed their largest mobile network deal in 2012, extending their reach to 50 million potential mobileClient References Available Upon Request financial services users. Website: Contact: © mPay Connect, Inc. 2010, 2011, 2012. All rights reserved.