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Challenges of Intrapreneurial Incubators & Accelerators


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This presentation was held at the Corporate Incubation and Acceleration Summit in Berlin 2017 to illustrate how an innovation ecosystem can look like using an intrapreneurship approach.

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Challenges of Intrapreneurial Incubators & Accelerators

  1. 1. DB Systel GmbH | Matthias Patz | Berlin | 07.02.2017 Challenges of Intrapreneurial Incubators & Accelerators
  2. 2. What are we talking about today? 2 INTRAPRENEURSHIP is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization. Intrapreneurship is known as the practice of a corporate management style that integrates risk-taking and innovation approaches, as well as the reward and motivational techniques, that are more traditionally thought of as being the province of entrepreneurship. (Wikipedia) INTRAPRENEURS are "dreamers who do. Those who take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind, within a business“ (Pinchot) They are employees within a large corporation who take direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk-taking and innovation. (The American Heritage Dictionary) DB Systel GmbH | Matthias Patz | 07.02.2017
  3. 3. Intrapreneurs need to break out of a structured environment and engage in networks • Acts in an open environment • Most entrepreneurs work full time and are fully dedicated to their idea • Entrepreneur envisions a company from start to finish • Works for self-fullfilment and being his own boss but at his own risks • Acts in corporate boundaries (hierachy & processes) • Has a job description and a supervisor and folllows the goal of the organization • An intrapreneur has a broader vision for an established company. • Has the comfort of knowing that failure does not have a personal cost since the organization absorbs losses arising from failure 3 DB Systel GmbH | Matthias Patz | 07.02.2017
  4. 4. Why do we forster intrapreneurship and why should you care? INTRAPRENEURS ... ... are the „secret weapon“ of the business world and have a positive impact on organizational growth and profitability ... foster renewal from within and master the digital transformation by focusing on innovation and creativity. ... drive cultural change and a majority of millenials are embracing the intrapreneurial style of work. 4 DB Systel GmbH | Matthias Patz | 07.02.2017
  5. 5. Our approach is to create an ecosystem for intrapreneurs similar to those of entrepreneurs 5 Incubation Acceleration Venturing DB Systel GmbH | Matthias Patz | 07.02.2017 ?Get your own business unit • 400 employees have been trained in creativity and innovation techniques • 70 ideas generated in the last year • 50 managers have been educated about inrapreneurship • 29 ideas have been presented at last pitch event • 5 teams working in the current batch on topics of AI, AR / VR, IoT and drones
  6. 6. Challenges of Intrapreneurial activities can be grouped into three domains 6 Corporate Immune System Reward System Methodological Knowhow DB Systel GmbH | Matthias Patz | 07.02.2017
  7. 7. The two phases and three domains span six fields of action to implement intrapreneurial activities 7 Incubation Acceleration Corporate Immune System • Educate management about the need for entreprenerual attitude • Establish a physical space for lateral thinking and build communities • Be transparend and use an open call for ideas and give clear framework • Be open and involve other departmens Methodological Knowhow • Offer creativity workshops to solve business problems • Support prototypes and customer interviews • Involve mentors to help intrapreneurs • Use a guided set of workshops days secure progress Reward System • Make results of experiments and prototypes visible within the organisation and invite real customers • Give the intrapreneurs a platform to stand out • Celebrate learnings (positive and negative) DB Systel GmbH | Matthias Patz | 07.02.2017
  8. 8. Build a common understanding of entrepreneurial attitude with employees as well as managers and make it tangible 8 DB Systel GmbH | Matthias Patz | 07.02.2017 Skydeck – a physical place for events, communities & prototyping Intrapreneur-Starter-Box – „Innovation self- service“ Startup Safari – employees and managers sit in on a startup for a week Workshops using creative problem solving techniques like LegoSeriousPlay and others Incubation Acceleration
  9. 9. 9 DB Systel GmbH | Matthias Patz | 07.02.2017 Apply iterative methods like LeanStartup, Design Thinking and Customer Interviews Incubation Acceleration Don‘t let participants out of the driver seat and give them a platform to show off (Pitch, Demo Day) Build on the shoulders of others (involve HR, Legal, Sales, Ops, etc) and share the success Guide the way through structured program that fits in day-to-day work (12 days in 10 weeks) A structured series of workshops with clear outcomes limited by time & money to validate business ideas
  10. 10. Tel. 030 297-58752 Mobile: 0170 4508218 DB Systel GmbH Marktstraße 8 10317 Berlin Matthias Patz Vice President Innovation & New Ventures Thank you for your attention #SkydeckAccelerator